Tuesday, December 25, 2007


It is snooowing big time.

I was talking to momma, in VA, and thanking her for thinking of me sending such a generous gift fund for supplies...She is a big fan of my art. when it began to snow. Just about the time Jen called to say the children were up.
Off to present time.

Everyone had a nice morning and enjoyed their presents.

I received the best present of all though.

A gorgeous shawl presented from Jr and Jen(my good daughter) that Jen had knitted.
This is so very much appreciated and I will enjoy this so much.
I do not know where she found the time to knit it for me. With 2 small children and beginning her accounting business.
Plus, I do not know HOW she hid it from me!

Love it!!
and her....

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

It is Christmas eve.

This is the time that we enjoy spending time with friends and family.
Although that should take place all year.

It is a time for cleaning up our act and making the new year plans for resolution.
Although we should stay focused all the year.

It is a time for giving thanks and appreciation for all we have and remember those special to us.
Although we should be appreciative all through the year.

I think it is time for everyone to take notice and get back to the basics of enjoying family and making them the focus of life.

I noticed this season how so many people coming into the gallery were glum and bah humbuggy.
Feeling so pressured to be giving the "right" gift. Feeling rushed and exhausted.
To exhausted to go to the Christmas pageant at school and watch the children perform for us. Begrudgingly getting the tree and feeling resentful to have to decorate it.

I am saddened that people have forgotten to enjoy their lives.

I can recognize the symptoms.

I have been just like them in my not so distant past self.
And it is struggle to move past the rut of being this kind of despondent, grouchy, gnarly person that no one wants to be around.
Especially when we are supposed to be rejoicing and giving thanks and being appreciative.

Times are rough and I think it is only going to be getting rougher.
We (as a nation, a population, whatever...) need to make what is available satisfying.
Make it work, even if it isn't so grand and posh.
Learn to enjoy each other, not things.

I sound as if I live in a fantasy world, this will never happen. Well I know it won't never happen for everyone.

Only for the smart ones.

Have a safe season.
Best to all in the New Year.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


A client (whom shall not be named in case I spoil the surprise) bought 3 gift certificates to ArtCamp!!!!!

How exciting that they are selling.

2 of the recipients she wasn't sure they would want class.

There is the beauty of gift certificates from Emerald Artworks...the denomination can go towards artwork too.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

ATC size

I have gotten to know and enjoy the stories of Cindy, my Gallery buddy from Mitchell. In another life and definitely another world, she gave tours. Her touring ground were the swamps and watering holes of the Florida alligators.

Floridians pretty much do not fear an alligator. I am not from Florida, I am from Virginia. I respect an alligator.

Living and working with the alligator Cindy befriended the beasts. On off time she and her girl pals would get the raft and cooler and hang out with the critters. Chillin and enjoying the musics beat, talking to the alligator.

The most foreboding alligator of the pack in the day was "Pappa". He would snort and huff and everyone pretty much gave him his due, but Cindy.

Our girl would tell him what for and hold her ground, and sip her beer or margarita and call him down to reckon with the little spitfire slip of female...and win.

Pappa, would give her the berth and she would chill down and relax.

Being out of the "meadows" of the salt ponds and currently residing up here among the cows and pheasants she gives us a glimpse of days gone by, wistfully sighing on the memory.

I did this card for her in honor of her favorite story to tell. I didn't eliminate the glare very well from the hand reaching for her glass, you can see Pappa up to the top of the piece.
I NEED to get back to "doing" art...here is the beginning to that effort.

tis the season...

here is our Christmas tree. During the snow it looked really pretty with the lights blinking their colors.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Me and my friend the wind blew over to Mitchell today.

Went to The Prairie Breeze Gallery to take Cindy some pieces of glass I worked up, cause she asked me too!
LOVE that!

Seems like anytime I go there it is windy as all get out. It can be calm for weeks, months probably years! but just as soon as it is time for me to go, the wind will force a puff...just for me.

I don't suppose I would know how to drive the distance not clutching the steering wheel to make sure I don't blow into the other lane, or the ditch.

Cindy was having an incredible day of sales, I hope her marathon continued after I left.
I will find out tomorrow, she had called, but I missed it and when I rang back ...she must have still been celebrating and didn't pick up.
I hope she called to say she sold some of my stuff too.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


My granddaughter Hannah is loving kitties, but she can't have an inside cat.

She refers to the outside cat, the friendly one that comes up on the porch, as sooo cute.

She says soooo cute when she likes something...a LOT

I spied this kitty and thought she might like him for Christmas.

He has been overseeing the sketching jobs in the studio.


Saint Anthony had his hand re-placed in the sketch to bring the lily details into the glass panels measurment allowance.
St. James is so dark around the image they gave me of him. I left a trace of where his hair might be, so Fr. Bill can give me the direction he wants to have shown on the final sketch.
This is a different job than from the previous post showing the alter unit, job two

These are the sketches that I am taking to Fr. Bill in Chamberlain.
Once these are finalized and approved then I begin the process of staining the portrait, using the Old Masters techniques for stained glass. This technique uses crushed glass pigments and flux, that is fired into the glass substrate, permanently becoming a new sheet of glass. High temperatures of 1400 degrees F. achieved using a kiln, fuses the mixture into the substrate. The permanent fusing process is centuries old.

The process is interesting to watch. As a skilled technician, I use special brushes and brush strokes in the process to give the "drawing" depth.
Once I begin, I will takes progress photos and describe what is going on.

This is the first stage.
The sketch will be used extensively, so I must have all the details correct.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Yesterday December 1 arrived SNOW! It has begun, the cycle of shovel shovel and more shovel.

Friday I met with a lady who would like me to do the portraits of two of the patrons in the panels being created for her church.
I won't be fabricating the panels, an artist from Custer has the task.

She asked if I can replicate the style...no problem.

So yesterday I sketched 1 of the 2 men. Today I will do the second fella and call her to set up the appointment with Father Bill. Fr. Bill has the final say of the artist to paint the portraits.
I'll post these later.

The other church in Wagner, where we are replicating the alter unit around the room with medallion centers. The sample glass arrived.
I think these will harmonize just fine.

So I need to find out if everyone on the church committees involved in financing and so forth, are in agreement that I proceed onward with this project.

The window man will have a lot of impact on their decision.

Sketches later.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Church Unit Over Alter

This is the unit over the alter that is going to dictate the other 8 windows.
The amber-brown border, the cream border that also flows into the Fleur-De-Li's, the lime, and the blue border will be used in all 8 windows for unity.
The centers are going to have the same surround as how the center is shown in this picture, without the top element. Only there is going to be painted medallions, where 8 different scenes of the bible will be stained and enameled.
The techniques for staining and enameling the glass that I use are the 'masters old world' techniques that are fired into the glass using a kiln.
The "paints" are finely crushed glass chips that have fluxes and minerals and ores added for pigment.
As the flux burns out the chips and minerals of color fuse into the glass.
The glass used in this old panel were Chicago Artglass and this manufacturer is no longer producing.
The closest match I will be using, if the sheets I ordered for samples are a harmonious match, are Kokomo and Youghegeny.
Unless you work in glass these companies aren't going to mean anything to you.
At the present time I am measuring out for the measurements of the given windows, their borders to determine how much glass is going to be used from these manufacturers and try to get a idea of cost, so I can give the church their estimate.
More later.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I am feeling especially fortunate lately.

My work is selling in the galleries faster than I can make the pieces.

I went for a meeting to talk about church windows.
What could be done, helping the group make selections for designs and overall unity for theme. 8 windows comprise the surround of the chapel.
There is a lovely unit over the alter.
Has flourishes in the corners and touches throughout the design around a center that could have been a medallion but didn't have anything painted there. The 8 windows, it was decided would have the mimic of the design from the alter window and surround the room with the center of the 8 windows to have painted depictions from the bible in a timeline around the room.
This much was decided today, that and that I will be doing them!!!

I got the job!

Over the next couple of weeks I will draft the overall design and color it somewhat so they can get a feel for the finished unit.
And have samples of glass sent that might match what is in the alter unit.

From there I draft the scenes that I will be painting for the centers of their choice of bible story.

This is excellent for Janet, who will be apprenticing the job.
She is very excited to be involved and will learn so much.

She will for sure be good at grinding the glass edges by the time we are completing the 8th unit!
More to come on this topic for sure.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


These ornaments are beautiful. If a person thinks... oh just squirting some paint into the ornament and you get these fabulous results.

Think again!

There is more to thisthan meets the eye.

1. Squirt the paint into the ornament. A couple of different colors, somewhat separated.
(A good quality glass ornament will give you the best results)
(The better the quality of paint line you use will determine the hue of the colorful results. I used Golden and they are expensive!)

2. Tip the ornament side to side, to get the paint going then place it back into a cradle.
(The box it came in is perfect)

3. Turn the ornament every 20-30 minutes or so...and keep that up until it has the swirled effect you want.
Babysitting the ornament is the time consuming part.

4. Take an old paper towel center and place it into the garbage, then turn the ornament upside down onto the center opening and let the excess paint drip out.

5. Then I placed the ornament into a ceramic dish, but I had another dish ready with a paper towel.

With a heat gun or hair dryer, work the heat over the ornament. Do not get carried away heating the ornament. If you get the glass too hot it will crack or break, and if you get the paint too hot it will separate from the glass.
This is a gentle heating process and takes a lot of time.

After each heat cycle place the ornament open end to the paper towel, and let the heated paint drip out until the ornament is cool, then place it back onto the paper towel center in the garbage, and let rest there awhile.

Repeat this process until it isn't dripping any more.

It still is not dry, It needs to rest awhile, while you do other ornaments...come back to doing the process on the done ornaments until you think they ARE dry.
(This process is not quick, but the results are stunning.)
I hope you enjoy the effects as much as I do.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Hathor is the Goddess of Taurus.

I chose her for the skinny book page because I am Taurus.

The Sun is her planet.

She has the face and ears of a cow.

She carries a Si strum, musical instrument, at the bottom of the handle is the Ankh symbol, where this symbol begins.

She predates the Egyptian era.

Her sacred colors are Malachite and Lapis blue.

Like Venus, she is all about Love and those emotions. She has strong ties with governing creativity and strength.

She is patient, but has her limits.

I had bigger plans for my page however, the hospital stay limited what I could do with her. So she left me like this in her single draft stage.

Her gown is green for the Malachite influence. It is sheer as a Goddess is not shy about her "body". I think that even though she has a 'cow' influence governing her her face, she is still of our image.

Her crown is gold and holds the horns of the Bull, with the planet Sun atop. The cobras symbolize her strength.

She isn't "finished", but I like what I did under the circumstances. I hope the recipients like her just the same.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


My plan was to next post the picture of the piece I sent for the skinny pages swap. Goddess Hathor. I am so behind.

All my galleries want pieces for the Holiday season.
Being in the hospital has really been a drag.
I finally go in 3 days!!! to get this last tube out, which I will not miss a bit.

Next Sunday I meet with a church committee wanting windows.
If that goes well I might have a nice job for the winter.
Wish me luck there.

I am also writing a grant to help a woman (Janet) apprentice for learning everything glass.
I hope we get that grant, it will take her a good ways into her education, as glass is a very expensive medium to work with.
If I get the church job that will be so perfect for her to work on and she will learn so much.

So much happens around here I couldn't even begin to put it all down we are a busy bunch.

Poor little Snorty, my newest puppy to the flock, a black Labrador. The sweetest natured little thing...she was walking with Craig around the North edge of the field and went just through the fence edge and someone had set a trap (illegally), her paw got it, not terrible bad but bad enough. She is limping heavy today. I am not amused.
John, one of Craig's friends is going to try and find the culprit.
Not that anything will be done about him but, he might will know WE know all about his little no no...and will we or won't we report him.

Next post I AM posting Hathor. And her story of course.
Anyone getting her page, I didn't write much on the back because my hand had the IV hookup inserted in such a fashion that writing was painful.
I could do some painting, not much, so I am glad the pages painting for the most part were done before I had the visit to the hospital.

I am proud that I had mine mailed ON TIME.

So...see ya

Friday, November 2, 2007


I had my final IV antibiotic today.

My hand is so happy to be rid of that needle apparatus. Hopefully it killed everything it was supposed to.

After my nap I will put the finishes to Hathor and post her. I notice I get visitors but not many people say hello....I am thinking they just want the pictures.

A hello would be nice.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Today was the deadline to mail out the skinny pages for the swapping to begin.

Mine are mailed.

Dianna (the Creamery Gallery owner) and I discussed the happenings for the book signing the Friday after Thanksgiving. I hope this has a nice turnout.

The lady is local to Platte, and she and her husband refurbished an old working farm to the 1800's period.
They have special activities like "tea's" and other social kind of programs for educating and the interested. Now if I can remember her name....
Yeah I will learn it before the event, I am professional that way.

Tomorrow is the final IV day... I can hardly wait to have my hand back. :-)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


My Skinny Book swap pages are completed!

When I get home tonight, after work, then after my IV...I will spray them to seal them
then tomorrow I can pack them up and OFF they GO!

I doubt I will be doing another swap anytime soon, they are time consuming!

I need to focus on preparing and completing new work to present at the Dacotah Prairie Museum in August.

Paper Transformed by Julia Andrus arrived yesterday. Really good book for technique and inspiring for student ideas.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I am certain that I will be on time with the Goddess swap pages.
I am glad.

Making commitments are important to fulfill as described.
I know I have a "good" excuse for either an extension, or some kind of compensation, however the rules requested that there be no exceptions, so I have NO excuses.
In the "real" world there are never exceptions to deadlines.
This is a policy that should be followed in every aspect of "doing".

These exercises are good for many reasons.
They help keep the creative juices going and trying new techniques are encouraged.
To me, they help train the up coming young artist to prepare themselves for deadlines.
I think that part of the exercise is the key component.

These may not be the reasons at all for having these swaps, other than to get an idea of what people might do.

At any rate, I will be on time.

I am not sure if we are supposed to wait to post our project to the blog, until they have been mailed off to the new recipient.

Be looking...she has turned out nice.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Alright, I know I am droning on about the latest health issue but, I keep having additional issue's that make it impossible for me to move onward.
Friday morning I spoke to my surgeons nurse about the hives and itching and swelling issues involved in the drug reaction category.
Having had these reactions several times past in my long life, I knew what I was dealing with.

I took the usual remedy, and the reaction become under control but, we needed to deal with deciding which drug was the culprit.
Since the pain drug he had prescribed listed the exact reactions we went with that drug to drop.

We didn't add another pain drug, I have a strong tolerance to pain so we left it to my mind control practice to deal with that. If any more problems arose then phone the ER # and ask for the Dr on call from their firm, he wasn't my surgeon but he was going to be apprised to the situation.

Friday night I began experiencing a stronger version of the reactions and I was worried that the next step, if I couldn't get it all under control, was a visit to the ER only at this time I wouldn't be able to talk.
So, I phoned my report in to the nurse in the ER so should I need to call the DR later someone had an account of my evening. She was quite short with me and I find her unprofessional mannerisms quite offensive, for which I do plan to report to 'my' original Dr.
So, after laying awake all night to make sure I didn't fall asleep and stop breathing, I phoned the ER again to get hooked up to the Dr on call.

He phones back, we decide that I shouldn't take the antibiotic, and that his only choice now, since the original surgeons choice of antibiotic was such a strong one, was to place me on an antibiotic for which I would need to receive by transfuse in the hospital, everyday, for 7 days! OH JOY.
So that is where I am in my recovery post.
Going to the ER in town at the least, to receive my antibiotic, that kills everything nearly he informed me... so i should be good and clean when this is over with.

Update on my skinny pages, they are coming along well. There probably won't be much embellishment to them, just be mostly a painted page.
I hope whoever receives them might enjoy them just the same.
I re-read the rules and I am unclear if I am to have the pages TO Belinda by 11/1 or MAILED by 11/1?
I am going with mailed out by 11/1 cause I can make that.

well paint would be dry enough to move onward so out to the studio I go for 1 hour then, the hospital. yiipppeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Saturday evening I ate some pizza, an item that is not on my diet, but I love love love pizza.
It was yummy.
Later in the evening I experienced that normal burn I sometimes get, ate a Rolaids.
This time that remedy wasn't working.

Everything I tried, that worked before, wasn't.
I became sicker and sicker. Okay let's just throw up and get this over with...I did...I just know better is around the corner. NOT!!

I became sicker and sicker. I am now thinking it is appendicitis and time to visit the ER. Craig takes me to our small town Hospital, that isn't equipped for surgery, so I am ambulanced to the next larger town and they examine me.

After the battery of test, ex ray, blood withdrawal...and that is considerable. They decide Gall Bladder, and it isn't pretty.

Seems I have had this problem many years and ignored that "official" treatment was needed, I can't believe they don't recognize Rolaids as treatment!

So I am prepped for surgery...where I meet the anethesist (I am having issues with the spelling of this word), whom is quite "chunky" and he has the nerve to call me "obese" in front of me no less.
I did politely, correct him 2 times as a matter of fact, PLUMP would be the correct term. !

But, I was a good patient getting all the tubes inserted and plugs where they go, and surgery proceeds.

They tell Craig, and I find out today show HIM pictures, of the scenario.
I have yet seen any pictures.

The Gallbladder was totally fried, hasn't been "in" service for a LONG time. He had to repair the duct that goes into the GI tract, and I am now mending well.
I was released last night and I am happily HOME!

Back to that anethesist...I must have been harboring a few resentments for him, apparently when I was coming out of anethseia, I decked him.
I am not a violent person, in fact I am rather sweet...not that I couldn't hold my own IF I needed to...A-hem.
Sorry m'dear.

Anyhow, I have to add his drug of choice to my "don't give Mary" list.

I have to say, even though I am sore from the invasion to my body, I feel so much better!

Okay, moral...don't ignore the symptoms...they only get worse. After addressing the issue, you will feel better.
Even if your issue is incurable, the 'treat the symptom' fashion will help gestate the disease on an easier level to help with the body comfort zone.

Find a decent Dr. and GO!

I am feeling rather slow after all this, and it is touch and go with the swap deadline thing (the skinny book swap). I am sorta afraid of Belinda, amd I don't want to disappoint her, the group or myself, and I firmly believe in honoring a commitment.

I am going to give it my all to get the skinny pages finished, I am very close to done.
THEN, if I really need any extra time it will only be 2 days max, and I can't see her not extending me 2 days, being as I think surgery is kinda a valid 'excuse'...we will see.

Most likely I will BE done ON time and the worrying about the deadline will become mute.
Usually I over worry a deadline and am done on time, I am sure this will be no different.

But, still she is scary. (In a good way, she makes the individual be responsible,and stimulates the creative level, actually, I believe her to be an excellent instructor) !

so, onward ho...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


of box 1
Depicts the logo of a woman who has incorporated it into everything about "her". Stationary, invitations, plates, plastic ware...everything! for many years.
She rescued her first Needle nose Whippet, 'Hagar' 30 or more years ago and has since rescued many Greyhounds. Currently she has 2 Needle nosed Whippets and a Chocolate Labrador as house guests, depicted on the mailbox.
I am sure this is stretching but, I rather hope either Susan or BB will leave a comment about the box on this blog.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


It is but a challenge day to day.

Looking for ways to creatively stretch the dollar or looking for ways to get into the studio and create.
Then there is always someone around the corner to upset the motion of things, and present...an "issue".
Usually they are sneaky. Too gutless to draw face to face.

Let's discuss our idiot ex-dentist still practicing in town.
She gets all bothered because she cannot replicate the apparatus that Craig uses in his mouth, therapy for TMJ, that she broke.
Craig gave her ample tries to achieve the task but, she failed.
So, Craig walked out.
She lost his files and then accused him of stealing them!
Stupidly we just blew her off. (learn from others mistakes)

A year and half!!! later she has a warrant out for Craig's arrest petty theft! of the lost file.

This has been laying at the court house for a year!!! like they do not know where he lives to apprehend him and drag him into custody.
He only finds out about this charge when he goes to renew a license and there is the charge on the books...this is not right, but it is what it is.
For which next Tuesday he has to go to court and plead his innocence.
Notice I say plead, because how do you "prove" such a charge?

Now this woman not only roams the streets, practices medicine but, she gets to vote as well.
I just can not believe what our country has fallen to become.

So, we creatively try to juggle the path of our day to day challenges.

I am running low on creative juices.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Time...so precious!

I have not had any time to work in the studio.

I have a job working at a lodge kennel. For those who don't know kennel work is time consuming.
A lot needs to be addressed to keep it up and adequately sanitized.
Dogs need a lot of attention.
These are hunting dogs, and the season is here so, most of them hunt regular enough that I am not required to give run time, which is another timely process.
We have 3 puppies that need to be worked with to teach them their lessons for manners and begin their learning for their hunting skills.

I have been trying to get all the extra duties caught up since come Tuesday the husband will be gone! and it works out that I have 3 days in a row at the gallery, then off. Coinciding with Craig's departure, leaving 4 FOUR WHOLE days of quality studio time. Which if I have caught myself up with the kennel upkeep's,
will give me but basic duties at the kennel
leaving huge blocks of time for the studio.

I have 3 ongoing commission paintings all due at the same time!
this huge block of time I am anticipating, should move me along greatly with these task.

Commission 1 is a night rough sea, due for a Christmas present., I have started this piece.
Commission 2 is for 2 mailboxes, 1 of a ladies logo
1 of a Mermaid
Commission 3 a portrait, done in collage style.
Commission 4 2 readied journals..These take longer than a person might think to get done.

Plus the 12 pages of the Goddess, for the arts swap.

In addition, I need to get Holiday pieces to my Galleries who represent my work.

Busy time.

Hunters arrive 3rd weekend of October and it WILL be crazy then.
I cook the midday meal, then head to the gallery in town for an afternoon shift.
Ms. Dianne is going to work up a schedule to work around my midday duties.
Thank you Ms Dianne!

I won't forget pictures this time.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Updating my website isn't going so well.

There seems to be internal bugs or something.
My guru is also trying to "teach" me how to upload my changes, that isn't going so smooth either.

My focus is creating, and it is really hard for me to sit down and work on this computer stuff. I don't see how come it can't be as easy as this format is in blogging.

My goal is to have this updated site version operating so I can show class information at least by the spring...Ann has a different goal, she is thinking within a few weeks...well originally days. There was no way I can attack this process in days, so weeks it is.

The time just flies!
Already we are ending September.

A interesting thread on one of the art groups I read in Yahoo is talking about original work. I believe within the same thread, or maybe not, is a reference to artists coming into themselves at the 50ish age.
How a gathering of application and technique is "practiced" and honed to skill up to this point and then the imaginations and working fly.

Not in these words of course but that is the gist of what I get out of the reading.

I totally agree that around 50 people come into themselves and in having a better understanding of self are able to put forth a more creative uninhibited expression. The artwork reflects a quality of passion and imagination that wasn't reflected in the artwork prior.

I believe it takes this long to get to this place.

Patience is very important when creating. By this time, patience has been practiced enough that it has a perfection of its own and is utilized within the creative vibe.

Anyway, I think this was a good discussion and should be analyzed within, meditated on, and executed.

Friday, September 28, 2007


I wish I had remembered to take pictures of the pieces I took to the Prairie Breeze Gallery yesterday.
Cindy was very pleased...if the proprietor is happy then I am ecstatic!

I did a set of salad or server plates that seemed to be the favorite. I painted a spider web on all 4 plates then shaded them so they could resemble squash coloring or light pumpkin. They did turn out nice.
She wants some more of the salad plates...not that design so much, but she liked the salad plate offering.

Took several candle vases...and that was about all I had the time to create.
They did arrive in time for the festival she is involved with and she was pleased for that effort.

We went to lunch at Cafe Teresa, a most delicious experience every time!...if you (the reader) live around the area of Mitchell, SD...or plan to travel through...GO you will not be disappointed.

Her menu continually changes. Everything I have tried has been absolutely terrific. Even a seemingly ordinary chef salad...Teresa makes it...OH MY ...it is the BEST salad ..ever.
I love delivering to Cindy...I always go hungry too.

The bowl with the 4 poster coffin "The Trap" is viewing at the Prairie Breeze for awhile.
There is a play opening called Dracula! How appropriate is that!
She liked that the bowl showed my creative side...yeah, we pretty much don't think it will sell.
You just never know though.

So, I am continuing in this work mode...and back to the studio I go.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I am still creating work for Cindy's gallery.

The plates....in the previous post.... evaporated in the kiln, I forgot they were in there.
(I tend to get sidetracked)
So, I began them again.
Only I liked them not pumpkins, shaded they more look like, a gourd or maybe a light pumpkin. I did a set of 4, perfect for salads or soup...That is where I am there, a day behind because of the oops.

Thursday is my planned day to trip up to Mitchell and deliver the work I get done. By then she will probably think I got sidetracked and forgot all about this weekends event thing happening.

In addition to my studio work, and working at the gallery in Platte, I tend a hunting lodge kennel, it is nearby. With hunting season beginning, I am there a LOT.
Dogs, dogs, and MORE dogs...because We also have a kennel full of ...DOGS
Do we see a pattern here...
And I am here to let you know, dogs need a LOT of tending to.

I will be bbbusssy for a few months.

The weather has changed and it is fall now...crisp, beautiful, lovely weather...even if it rains, we terribly still need moisture. Although, I fear my worst nightmare of horrible snow storms and great amounts of that stuff gathering are going to befall US this year. The signs are there according to the elders of the township...I hope they are wrong, but it is bound to eventually become my experience. So far, during the 8 years I have been here, (according to the elders) the winters have been mild.


Monday, September 24, 2007


Friday concluded an amazing week of sales.

Cindy, from the Prairie Breeze Gallery, managed to sell 3 pieces in 1 week, just awesome!
As she concluded the call to let me know yet another piece went away and she needs MORE!..hello...I love that phrase...I managed to sell 3 pieces to a lady AND she wants classes!

Seriously, those stars were all aligned in my favor last week.
Thanks be to the goddesses.

This weekend I began to make fused work for The Prairie Breeze. There is a festival this weekend and Cindy is gearing up for the season, so I am keeping with that theme.

So far I fused and sagged 2 small vases, I use them as candle vases. These I did in falling leaves colors, cathedral shades so the light can illuminate.
I just sagged 4 small plates amber tone that will be pumpkins when I am finished adding the shading..so they get fired another time.
(For those who don't know, I work with glass when I work in the kilns)

I have a gorgeous limey green...chips I previously used in the falling leaves vases. I am thinking small serving bowl, shaded as a changing leaf. That will be 2-3 firings and all I will be able to produce by Thursday.

I may be able to yet do a couple of small boxes..we will see.

I will show pictures before I take them to deliver.

I think I am finally! on the road to discovery since the move here.
Let's hope so, I don't want to have to keep cleaning these calving barns forever!


Friday, September 21, 2007


We had the seasons first cooler change sweep through this morning around 8!
When I first got up ..around 6 it was 80 degrees, then cooled off to 70 degrees by 8.

I LOVE the fall.

Love the changes, the wind, the smell of the earth getting ready to go to sleep. The whole process just amazes me. And I have the perfect spot from which to watch it all and take it all in. I will capture a picture and post it.

This weather has brought a LOT of people into the Creamery today (the gallery I work at in town).
All this talking and smiling is making me exhausted and thirsty!, of course I didn't stop for my drink this morning. Thinking i would have plenty of time to walk over and get one.

It always happens that way doesn't it.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Two pieces in ONE day!!!!
sold at Cindy's gallery
the Prairie Breeze in Mitchell SD
this morning!

That is like rare around these parts.

... so I am just notating it, I don't have anyone but y'all to tell it to.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Next Projects.. coming along

I am commissioned to paint a night sky with a roughish sea and the tail of a whale in that sea.
It is coming along nicely.

On the yahoo arttechniques group I am signed in for a skinny book swap, the title heading of "women/goddess". My choice is the goddess for Taurus. Since I am a Taurus.

I have 4 of my 12 pages backsides painted with 2 of the colors for her. Lapis and Malachite. Her sacred color is turquoise, and I will use that color for one of her symbols on the backside. Then begin her paintings. All the pages must be originals and the same. She is of Egyptian descent, so she will have an Egyptian woman look. The rest will be a mystery yet.

Christmas is coming and I will begin pieces for the galleries representing me for the season.
I have a lot happening...and mixed into the studio equation is 'work'...so I don't get a lot of time...and I have to make it all count, I am not allowed to ...be...tired.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Story of Bowl

The bowl does have a story related to its presence of space.

Vampires are secretive with their laying places, their lair. Being protective of their space they create layers. Each layer has a puzzle woven into a spell or code as its key.
If the code can't be figured out a trap is sprung, and the vampire succeeded in protecting himself.
Should the code be figured out then, another layer is opened configured for the intruder to have another round of delay and another chance at being trapped himself.

This bowl signifies that several layers have been removed and another trap is yet set for the intruder to dismantle and maybe find his object of obsession, the Vampire, laid within his coffined bed, sleeping his strength gaining sleep for power.

I named the piece, "The Trap".

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Finished Project

A corner close up shows the discarded skulls...a skull is used as a candle holder and is lit.
Here is the bowl finished.

The eye.

I am having a time naming this piece.

This piece is comprised of paper mache technique molding the bowl, enhanced with plaster, gauze for texture, the colors of a cave, the "hands" holding the eye are tongs, the eye is a small marble mushroom, 4 rusty nails for the posters, and lots of molding paste.

Finished Project

Working on practicing collage, even though I haven't finished "Dachota Bison", I did a piece featuring my granddaughter 'Hannah'. The style I went for was a painting. Then I discovered the UTEE hello, I like this stuff. In person the UTEE spaces act as if they are being highlighted. This helped this piece a lot. Nothing really special about the picture except it is of Hannah and I did finish it!
She is 2 going on 3. Our "little flower", she LOVES to sing and is in fact quite dramatic about it. Her favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. A children's station gives a program called the goodnight show. A pillow star is the host...she loves this pillow. I tried to infuse all the current favorites into the piece. The background has a song sheet but it isn't showing in the picture..?
I am hearing favorable comments from my students and visitors...I shall continue to practice with one of her brothers next...get the whole family incorporated.

Monday, September 3, 2007


After 8 years I taught my first class today. I was exhausted when the 3 hours were done. I can NOT imagine having to do this for 10 hours anymore!

My students were so excited to learn some new techniques.
They began a composition knowing they could not finish, and want to return tomorrow!
I didn't expect them to want a rolling class, but it makes me feel like I gave them more than they expected.
So I did my job.

I had forgotten the appreciation gained from sharing. It was nice to re-visit that emotion.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Sunday without Craig around (the husband) as he is in Texas, is rather slow. He keeps things hopping.
It turned off very hot again today.
After morning dog chores for here (we have 14, English Setters and English Labradors) and the lodge kennels (another place I work, River Hills Lodge...I work in the kennels tending the hunting dogs mostly).
I didn't want to go out much more after that.
Which is just as well, I needed to set up the studio for the lessons tomorrow.
Then I thought I better practice the lesson so I would "look" smooth and have an example. Of course THEN I had to RE-clean the studio.

A call came from my sister in VA. Mom, after just recuperating from hip surgery, fell AGAIN! and broke the bone (thigh) on the same side. So now she has to have surgery again. With all the same worries.

I just finished up kennel chores. I let them wait tonight so the heat would simmer down a little.

And that is the exciting day.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Feeling The Love

The whole day was a blur.

I was steady busy all day with people milling through at the Gallery I work in town. It has artwork from our locals and then antique shop in the back, interesting place actually. A museum is downstairs.

The heat snuck up on us again and the campers were coming into town for a stroll into A/C!
In the mist of all these gazers 2 people are interested in stained glass classes. TWO in one day! If the others on my list are still interested...we have a class.

Then, 2 people are interested in learning backgrounds and different applicable techniques for journals or cards...whatever...they arrive Monday at 11 am.
I cleaned my studio up some when I arrived home.

THEN, my son JR has a fused plaque on his deck outside. One of his buddies must really like it he phoned and ordered one for a wedding present.
This is pretty amazing to me, the young people these days do not put a whole lot of thought into a gift, or seem to even appreciate art, at least around here.

I am cruising my favorite blogs looking at their updates and thinking...how cool would it be when someone adds my blogspot to their "interesting" list....and there I WAS!
That is a thrill.
Especially since I haven't really been building an interesting site.
I was feeling the love though.
Great Day!

To Get Creative

I visit a LOT of blogs. I am astounded to see SO much creativity. A lot of inspiration seems to come from these different sites that challenge. So I am compiling a list.

My new goal and focus is to PARTICIPATE more in challenges. I often just run out of time. And periodically I actually get commissions, but we will see where I go with my new found inspired self.

I really enjoy reading every ones thoughts and daily trials their artistic endeavors...and in general I just feel like I had a visit with the individual. So, I want to try to be more reflective of me. How my day is or a thought. (I have them on occasion, generally forgetting it immediately). What I am experimenting with..so you, my visitor, might learn about me. Not just see a piece I fling up occasionally. This is my second personal challenge.

I will begin in the next entry...we don't want to get too carried away right off.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Bowl Update

Probably thinking I have given up on this project....NOT! I set the eye in the "hand" today. After a little struggle and a small amount of the paint scraped, it is sitting pretty. Almost all of the painting has been accomplished. The steps to come are to have the skeleton climbing over the side. His head fell off so he is in a neck brace right this moment reattaching his head. The curtains to hang on the four poster are sitting in stain, antiquing them a bit..then,...they go up. After I have made the skeletons bones more aged, I think I am done. Pictures will come soon.


A new book arrived, "Living the Creative Life" Rice Freeman -Zachery. This book is good!. I think it should be in all the classrooms. Not about techniques, and I love those books too, more about getting your imagination going. Great examples to give students for projects to get their imaginations kick started. I can't put a picture like others do onto their blog but, I can direct you to www.amazon.com to go look at it for yourself. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dachotah Prairie Museum Booked

I am very excited to announce, I have been invited to return to the Dachotah Prairie Museum in Aberdeen, SD to present my work.

This invitation will include all mediums, not just glass. She wants 4 new panels to represent the glass venue. No theme. We are keeping it eclectic, with maybe small themes within the display.

This is an honor for any artist.
Being invited to show at a museum is a thrill in itself.
Being invited back is a staggering accomplishment.

I am extremely honored to be presented with this gift of acknowledgment.

If anyone reading my blog does happen to travel through Aberdeen in August of 2008, please stop in and have a look.


In this bowl you can see the coffin has been set. Since this picture was taken I have begun building the platform around the base so eventually it will look as if the coffin has risen from the dirt. I added 4 rusty nails to each corner. It is a 4 poster coffin.
In this picture you can see the wooden caster wheels. They represent the gurney of a morgue. They became the feet of the bowl. They still spin and everything.

This picture shows the ingredients that will become the eye resting in the coffin. The little heads will be embedded in the "dirt" around the coffin and decorate other places, they are small. The tongs will hold the eye. The marble mushroom is the eye.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Paper Mache/Assemblage

I have been working up bowls recently using a revisited technique, Paper Mache. I am so glad I revisited this procedure. In addition to its low costs, the possibilities are endless for the creating process. Know this though, it is not a fast process. Each layer needs to dry completely. One bowl in particular we shall chat about. It is approximately 20 inches diameter. After the initial shape was formed of paper mache process, I used plaster to continue its layering to give it a stronger weight and what I felt a stronger presence for my plan. In the center of the bowl I set in a box (made of paper mache) to be referred to as the "coffin". Yesterday the sculpting gel finally arrived. I plan to use this to build the platform around the coffin so it looks like it is coming up from the 'ground'. I may have pillars, to lend to that 'resting' feeling, not sure yet. In the mix will be skeleton heads. I found an old set of ice tongs and a small mushroom made of marble. These items will become the hands holding an eye and rest within the coffin. Crawling over the sides will be a skeleton corpse, but he hasn't arrived yet, I expect him any day now. I found a set of really old wooden casters, to represent a rolling gurney, they are the feet of the bowl. Using cheesecloth, because of its gauzy texture, I layered the inside and out to help lend to a creepy eerie texture. mmmmmmmmuaaaaaaaaaawha stay tuned, pictures will be uploaded soon.

Friday, August 10, 2007


We have been having terrible storms lately. I haven't neglected my promise to myself for journaling. The last 2 days I have spent decorating pages for journal purposes. I have also made the coffin for the bowl I am working on. When that is completed I will post it. I ordered an Ann Baldwin CD, in hopes she might help me with my problems I am having finishing and correcting my mistakes on the Buffalo project.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Great Inspiration

I finished reading all the cards in Wide Open by Randi Feuerhelm-Watts ***** stars excellent!!!! She is very encouraging and inspirational...GET JOURNALING! I am going to make sure I journal everyday ...even if I just have a brief thought to put down. She is absolutely right ...why wait? WHAT are we waiting for? Is there A perfect moment to begin? How will people remember us if we give them nothing to remember? I do believe it will help to loosen me up so, here is to day 1 journal keeping. I will post pictures periodically...I think right now I need to focus on finishing up my projects but if my time allows for a art journal entry I shall enter that way...otherwise I am going to try and be diligent and enter in my bedside journal. We all need to give concentrated effort to journaling more. Pens and brushes...onward HO.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Photo Transfer comprises a great part of this project. Some images are from historic journals, and some of my artwork copied to the printer then used as a transfer. Transferring photos is tricky and patient work. Be prepared for the image not to do what you wanted. I am getting a lot of practice (which I wanted). I need as much practice in the photography department. This isn't completed. Some of the imagery tells the tale of the disappearance of the great Bison from the Plains. Indians used Buffalo's for food, clothing, and they made their teepee's from the hide...many other uses from the buffalo kept the Indians supplied. The train and railroad brought Easterners to the Plains and a great waste of a Prime commodity. This image doesn't show the details. For instance the "eyes" of the Buffalo show the bones of their over hunted carcass. And images of their uses are given.
The plan is to use rusty barb wire for the "trail". I am building a shadowbox frame. I didn't have any acrylics (but this has been remedied) so for this composition I used oils and they are slow to dry!


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Washes and Transfers

This piece has a LOT happening in it. Not just techniques but subject matter. It needs more, but I wanted to look at it from this perspective and see what comes to me. This is done on canvas. Ink washes a couple of transfers and painting with acrylics. I am after a ghostly effect. I might be able to add some plum instead of more black and maybe that will highlight just a bit more.
We shall see....
If you would like to contribute a suggestion....:-)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Image Transfers

Practicing image transfers. They can be tricky! Moon Bathing is 2 image transfers, inks, and sponging inks.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I am working up a composition using canvas background with ink wash. An overlay done on glass, using old world methods for staining will have the mermaides image. I am hoping for a rich depth. In picture 1 ..here the background is begun with a wash of inks...blotted to get the start of waves. Picture 2 shows the image of the mermaide stained on glass laid over the background so I can visualize rocks. Image 3 shows the rocks added. Image 4 is the final background. I am putting image 4 on this post then 3,2,1...because it shows backwards once posted and now it will show a succession. Mermaide is in the kiln for the 3rd firing...added to her are embellishments within her hair..starfish, crab, shells...when it is cool enough to come out of the kiln, I will add her evening dress gloves... :-) should see that tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I had SUCCESS!!!!

An image transfer with gel medium. I am excited!

Image transfers are really soft looking. This is a full portion of the creek on our property. I did three layers of medium onto a piece of canvas, drying each layer. Then put medium on the image and placed it onto the area where the medium had dried on the canvas and brayered it on and let it mostly dry. I am not sure if it was totally dry, then carefully peeled off the photo paper and there was my image left.


Monday, June 25, 2007


Here is today's assemblage for the collagecomposition groups first exercise, to use "line". Line designates how the eye travels over the composition. I am not all warm and fuzzy over my final arrangement for the day, it is just day 1. The other half of our exercise is to travel the net pages and find collages to help us with this exercise. I did find that I do not see "line" use in all collages so, is the use of line 'always' used? The picture I am using compiles 3 of today's examples of arranging the materials I am using to create my collage. I am trying to show doors to the past help shape our future...

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Hints at my personal history.
We harvested the hardshell clam.
Here the clam is depicted.

torn elements

Saturday, June 23, 2007


For those who have read The Secret, this project relates to "my" focus.
The suggestion to place your great desires and dreams in prominent places,
prompted this project.
The collage consist of elements that are my focus, for meditation.
Torn elements
Gouache watercolor
on watercolor paper
Valued critique from Sue off the arttechniques group
Thank you for bringing this to my attention
[I would say, from the photo I am seeing anyway, is that there are no darks. It's all light and medium values. Also, I'm not sure where your focal point is - is it "small ads" or "more"? That's where my eye goes the most easily. One way is the put your darkest dark next to your lightest light at or near your focal point, other ways are to use complementary colors or to make the focal point more "important" in some way.Some things to think about anyway. Edgar Whitney says "where's the bride" - in other words, whatis the main thing you want to say?Thanks for listening,Sue]

Thursday, June 21, 2007

word challenge

open to arguments, ideas, or change; "receptive to reason and the logic of facts"
ready or willing to receive favorably; "receptive to the proposals" [ant: unreceptive]
of a nerve fiber or impulse originating outside and passing toward the central nervous system; "sensory neurons" [syn: centripetal]
able to absorb liquid (not repellent); "the paper is ink-receptive"

The challenge was given off the group collagecomposition.

The door represents my move from VA to SD.
I am always open to discussion. There is a discussion happening in the bottom left corner
I receive stimuli from outside resources that travel through my central nervous system and end up on my studio table...all the time.
The pictures don't show well.

This was a good exercise.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Practicing composition.
I use the less is more principal,
but WANT to adopt a more can be more style.
Though, less works here.

Watercolor background.
Torn elements


As this 'picture' took shape, I couldn't help but get tickled.
Beasts conotates huge, scary creatures.
So, I HAD to put one of current pups on the card.

Snowball won the honor.

Gouache watercolors for the background.
Torn lettering.
Some stamping.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


My second attempt was to be a transfer. This did not work. So I just used the picture. Cropped the image, added torn words, then stamped it with a meaningful phrase. Aged it with alcohol inks.

Hopefully I will get this transferring image down.

I really like the old aged look of that process.


Ya know, working small doesn't mean faaassst.

I did not do the correct size for this card. I mis-remembered the sizes. I have it straight now.

But, here is my very first card. Background is gouache watercolor. Added metallic inks. Stamped and highlighted. I kept it simple.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cindy is raking in the days profits.
The rising smoke from her tent isn't from the heat!

She had a good turn out.

Craig was a HUGE help!

Without him I would have never considered this huge undertaking.

I expected him after setting up the tent and work, to disappear into Mitchell.

He stayed the WHOLE day!


As exhausted as I was from preparing for this event, I had a blast!

Mostly, I educated the masses. Many were thinking the images that are portrayed on glass, are decals!!!!


This isn't Wal-Mart people.

I explained away the process of using finely crushed glass and the kiln. They have a better understanding now.

Art Faire

An evolved art town shows the artists set up vendering their work and people milling around. The day was enjoyed by all.

Art Faire

Sunday, June 10th Cindy and Clay Gregg, owner's of Prairie Breeze Gallery in Mitchell, South Dakota hosted an Art Faire, on their farm in Letcher, South Dakota. After several weeks of strong storms, the day turned out terrific, a little 'breezy', (which means strong winds here)and a bit warm but, no rain.

Art Town was set inside the Gregg's shelter belt (tree grove). There were 25 attending artists represented of their Gallery. Live Jazz music, from a local group as backdrop for the some 200 visitors.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Mosaic Pots

6 inch pots are quick to mosaic, but not as quick as you might think. Each took about 4 hours to glue the design on, and these are not elaborate designs. Clean up takes a little less time, about 2 hours. They should make a nice addition to someones garden.

Mosaic wall plaque

This is the 3rd piece I completed grouting today. "Ride a Moonbeam" has around 6 hours in the design, and about 2 for cleanup. She didn't exactly turn out like i had in my vision but, she will do. She hangs on the wall and has a knob for hanging things on.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Stains and Enamels

Using glass stains (finely ground glass with black pigment and flux, flux burns out at the maturing temperature leaving the stain 'melted' into the glass) The dragonflies wings are stamped onto the glass, using a market rubber stamp. Then the bodies are stained with a brush. This much is kiln fired, annealed and the next step. Using enamels (again finely ground glass chips, pigment for the color and flux that burns out at a lower temperature) are added for the color on the wings. The slab is sagged into a ripple mold for the vessels shape. 4 trips to the kiln achieves this platter. Stains are permanent in glass, enamels are stable. Acids will bleach enamels color out, but not affect a stain. With care however, pictures using enamels will last centuries.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Creek Runs...

This fused glass platter started as a clear sheet of glass. Most of the colors I use are hand ground glass by me, as glass frit. Sifted to collect particle size as powder and then coarser pieces. A person can purchase ready made frit. I use that as well.
This piece has the frit added until the color saturation was the opacity I was looking for, (achieved with many kiln firings) the blue and yellow, swirled. As the slab developed it was taking on a flow.
We have gone through several years of no flowing creeks where I live, in South Dakota. When we received many inches of rain. The run off has filled the creeks.
The swirling pattern in the slab reminded me of a flowing creek.
To enhance the flow I added powdered frit to give it a little more depth.
The dragonflies wings were stamped using finely ground glass in powder form and mixing a binding agent and fluxes to the powder, creates a stain. To use as paint.
This is fired into the glass and permanent. The bodies are glass frit. Sagged into a mold to get the shaped vessel.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Canvas/Ink Assemblege

Using a sheet of canvas.
For the background I blended inks.
The fish and river rock are hot and cold pressed watercolor paper stained with ink and paints. The grass is fluffy yarn.
The color from the picture isn't near the brightness of in person.
I am pleased with this as it is the first canvas/paper compilation in many years.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New to this...

Blogging. I just made my first post as a flower. I see them on other blogs and I thought it would be a nice way to begin this blog adventure thing. I hope I am as successful posting a picture of some of my artwork. :-)

I am a

What Flower
Are You?