Thursday, February 27, 2014

Retreat for the Stagecoach Gallery 2014

This is a gorgeous place for the retreat!!!
Trails to walk
Nature to watch
Peaceful and Inspirational
Chris Cernetisch
teaching a Pastel painting workshop
Bonnie Brahms
teaching a Watercolor painting workshop
Chad Phillips
teaching a Photography workshop
Mary S Hunt
teaching Traditional glass staining workshop
We are fortunate that the Lodge is but 3 miles south of town!  Close enough to travel back and forth for dining and exploring the town during breaks (that is IF you want to leave). 
If you choose to stay at the hotels or bed and breakfast establishments they are just 3 miles back to town!
(Limited opportunity to lodge at River Hills Lodge is available)

Most likely you will supply up and stay close to the retreat, a fabulous kitchen is available for use, so as to not miss any of the BONUS activities.
In town, there is a fully stocked grocery store available.

July 25 is the first day of class, a Friday
Some will have traveled in on Thursday to be in place for the early start of class day one.

That, Friday evening, the Stagecoach is going to host a meet and greet with a little wine and some meat cheese and crackers.
Everyone joining the retreat, for 1 day or all 3, are WELCOME and encouraged to attend.

We will light the fire pit (if no fire restrictions are in force) and mingle and get to know your neighbor and the instructors, talk about your first days experience.

July 26th day two on Saturday, around the fire-pit will be more of the same mingling.  There are plenty of storage places and cold boxes, to store snacks and to cool off your beverage of choice.

A BONUS is planned for Saturday evening~night photography!!!
Everyone attending the retreat is encouraged to partake this event.

Other BONUSES are being planned, but we haven't made final cuts and decisions regarding them yet.
As we make the plans we will update the blog and stagecoach gallery page, or leave them as surprises!

We are purposely keeping the classes small
So that the highest quality of instruction is passed to the participating students. 

With a limited number of seats for each instructor, the classes are filling quickly.

When signing up for your desired class, will be a non-refundable deposit of 50%. 
This deposit will hold your seat until April 15, 2014.

At this time, May 15, 2014 is expected the remaining portion of the class fee. 
Failure to remit the remaining portion, forfeits the seat for class and that chance then passes to the first person on the wait list.

After May 15, IF there are seats remaining, sign up will require an in full payment.

Any questions you have about this retreat, signing up, getting supply lists where applicable, direct to

Gallery ~phone line 605-337-2308
CC is accepted

Brochures are now available.

Thank you for considering attending the Stagecoach Gallery Retreat July 25, 26, 27, 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Fourth Workshop Class's Information

Chad Phillips
July 25, 26, 27 2014
$135 per day or all 3 days for $375

Think outside the lens!

This is the awaited for workshop from Chad Phillips.
Your chance to pick his brain,
get hands on instruction for those burning questions,
figure out just where you might be straying ...
and not be getting the shot you thought you should be getting!
Learn fresh and correctly from the start.

Go RAW!!!!
This is the feature, the place in the camera everything happens. 
This is the setting that is a bit intimidating...
BUT won't be after day 2!!

Get started or a bit of help, using a program the professionals use when editing the shots.

LOTS of hands on direction using what you regularly use for a camera.

Chad is a informative kind of guy,
a geeky techno guru of sorts
and he LOVES to share what he knows!

He is the perfect individual to take technical instruction from.
Patient, funny, thorough!
If he doesn't know the just right answer for your particular dilemma, he will get that answer for the both of you pretty quick.

This is the mini Photography workshop that is going to help you get more familiar with your camera.
Become more confident fiddling around with those dials, and not feel like you are going to break the thing!
Gain a bit more abstraction when looking at what you want to capture.
And bring it all together on the computer!

As you can see this is a JAM PACKED weekend!

Saturday evening is a BONUS for everyone at the retreat, bring your cameras, Chad is going to open up about night photography. 
This is more than the nighttime switch on the features dial!!

Day 1 - Friday
  • Forget what you know, open your minds eye
  • Camera Gear basics
    • Camera functions
    • Lenses

    • Tripod functions
    • Flash Cards
    • Camera Modes
  • What makes an image
    • Subjet
    • Composition
    • Rule of thirds
    • Lighting

      After hours inspiration by the fire

Day 2 - Saturday
  • Choosing how to shoot your camera
    • RAW vs. jpg
  • Choosing tripod or handheld
  • Look for what speaks to you
  • Is it worth your time?
  • Foreground and background
  • Head out and photograph
    • Watch Chad compose image
    • Using what you learned
    • Get it right in the camera!
    • What direction to shoot
    • Seeing the light
    • Now it’s your turn
  • After Dark - Photographing the stars
    • Photographing stars and landscapes

Day 3 - Sunday
  • Save and backup your images
    • Then back up again
  • Importing photos with Adobe Lightroom
  • Learn why to use Lightroom
  • Using Lightroom to correct and adjust your images
    • white balance
    • color balance
    • fixing the image
    • exporting your images
  • Learn Photoshop basics
    • Photoshop layers
    • Adjustments
    • When not to use it
    • HDR basics
    • Saving your images to work on later
Come and join us this weekend choosing from 4 distinctive workshops with 4 instructors recognized in their fields.
Become inspired, learn to think outside of what you might normally want to do.
Gain new technical confidence.
Meet new people who can become comrades for a lifetime of shared expression.
Be part of The Stagecoach Gallery Retreat 2014 July 25, 26, 27 2014
For more information about the
Photography class with Chad Phillips
Watercolor with Bonnie Brahms ,
Pastel with Chris Cernetisch or
the traditional glass staining techniques with Mary Hunt
contact Mary e-mail
or phone 605-337-2308
We look forward to sharing with you.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Bonnie Brahms
Watercolor Workshop
FULL 3 days of intense watercolor applications
$135 per day or ALL 3 DAYS for $375.00
Bonnie Brahms is offering a watercolor workshop, at the Stagecoach Gallery Retreat, July 25, 26, 27 2014.

Have you always wanted to work in watercolor but just weren't exactly sure how to begin?

Did you realize you stretch the paper, much like canvas, so the substrate remains taut while you work wet over it?
What kind of paper is used? Hot or Cold press...all these decisions!

Bonnie is going to help you make better sense of the choices and understand why you choose hot or cold pressed paper,  what the grams weights refer to...and that is just for starters!

Day 1
is ALL about the materials used when proceeding in watercolor application.
preparing the paper, choosing the paint and which brushes work the best.

The day's exercise will be understanding value. (this is a HUGE part of any painting process) She will be focusing on the gray scale.
Then working from the chart you create, a small painting will emerge using what you learned from the day.

Day 2
is about unleashing color!

The power color initiates and the mood the color effects.
She will speak of Hue, Local color, Shade, Temperature, Tint, Tone and Value.
Learn to mix color and see the color through transparency, grainy or opaque. 
How to make a chart and grid from the mix.  And watch how pigments move differently with the water.

Using a limited palette, learn how to mix and execute a small study to understand color, reflected light, and local color.
Learn to understand the rules of contrast. 
Light next to dark, warm next to cool, intense pure color next to dull, hue next to hue, wet areas, blends against dry crisp areas.

There is a LOT of study day 2!

Day 3
Making a sketch book journal.

Keeping notes is HUGE in experimentation, working through studies, making plans to execute a painting. 
References are one of the most important aspects.
Especially when you get involved in mixing your own paints.

Bonnie is going to cover note writing, keeping your list of ideas and creative projects, (become a bit organized in processes)
Doodle, sketch and draw...on location!

She will go through her methods and what she uses and help you come up with a workable plan.

Creating a travel workshop...what is best to carry and keeping it at a minimum.

She is going to help you find your subject and learn methods that help minimize the overwhelming grand view.
To get started on your painting.

Then, you are going on location!
Pulling all the lessons together and become more confident in executing your watercolor painting.

This is a JAM packed workshop.  You won't want to miss.  IF you have wanted to work in watercolors but, are just not figuring out what is what, where to start, what to use...THIS is your answer. 

Want to work through some exercises and become refreshed in watercolor, reconnect with the canvas, resonate with nature, free up your inner spirit.
This is the retreat to attend!

Come Join us July 25, 26, 27 2014. Take class with 4 distinct instructors working in their recognized fields.

Bonnie Brahms watercolor
Chris Cernetisch pastel painting
Chad Phillips photography
Mary Hunt traditional glass staining

Direct questions and sign up to:
Mary email-
phone- 605-337-2308
At the Stagecoach Gallery Platte, SD

The retreat is being held at River Hills Lodge East
located 3 miles south of town
limited space for accommodations are available, inquire if you are interested.
additional accommodations available in town

We look forward to seeing you there!

thank you for looking!

Friday, February 21, 2014

A Photography Workshop

Chad Phillips
Instructing Photography workshop
Chad hasn't given me his official outline however, I feel a need to give you a heads-up for this workshop. 
There has already been a HUGE amount of interest in this particular workshop. 
Chad has been intending to give a workshop here for a couple of years but, due to his extremely limited time schedule, hasn't been able to.
I am fortunate to be able to nail him down to this weekend.
His followers (and there are many) have been anticipating this for a long time, so be warned...this slot will fill FAST!
Have you struggled to get the best use from YOUR camera? 
Not the newest and greatest. 
Not the ones only the most professional professionals use. 
YOUR camera.
Settings, composition, lighting, when to flash when not to, these points and MORE will be discussed.
Capturing elements of nature.
Night sky.

Chad is a most sought after artist for skills he represents through the lens. 
He has become the go to man for corporations needing Video representation for their websites, and commercials!
He represents many vistas; Company, Rock Star, Magazine and Individual helping them perfect their voice, through imagery, encapsulated from the lens.

A generous individual who will be sharing in his accumulation of knowledge on a subject, that while appears achievable, is not on many levels.

This is your chance to pick the brain and get 3 days, THREE WHOLE DAYS, spent with Chad working with your camera.

Plan to join us July 25, 26, 27 2014  Stagecoach Retreat.  Where 4 workshops will ensue.

Chad Phillips photography
Bonnie Brahms watercolor
Chris Cernetisch  pastels
Mary Hunt traditional staining with glass

Contact Mary @

or drop by the Stagecoach Gallery in Platte, SD

We are writing the brochure and still determining outlines.  Get on the list for contact when these agendas have been met.

Have a great day!



Wednesday, February 19, 2014

As You Drive Up...The Retreat..

As I wait for Bonnie and Chad to finish getting me their outline for their classes.  I thought I would show you where the retreat July 25, 26, 27th is being held. 

This is a beautiful place.  Imagine it lush and green and the grasses in the fields grown.  The trees green.  You need to look into the future, this picture is taken today in the middle of the winter!.

Come summer, the fields will have some growth from their planted crop.  You might gaze out and see the deer feeding, at the very least the pheasants.  There are wooded trails, a huge pond all kinds of features that will be perfect for sketching and painting.

The inside of the lodge is gorgeous.  By day the living space will hold a class, probably Chads photography class, since his medium is the least messy.
The other classes are located in one of the other 2 buildings.

A communal kitchen is available for use, but there will not be any served meals.  Town is but 3 miles away and there many delicious eating establishments and a full stocked grocery store.

8 bedrooms, sharing 2 beds and a bathroom, each room.  The first 16 people interested in staying AT the lodge must be willing to share the room, or pay double.  Additionally there are 2 hotels in town and several BandB's.  This information will be forthcoming.

In the evening plan to kick back and resonate the day with the fellow participants around the fire-pit.
You can bring along your favorite evening beverage and store them in the bar area just off the fire-pit.

Come fully prepared for a stimulating yet relaxing weekend surrounded by nature, comrades that will begin friendships, imparting wonderful skills and knowledge.

Come to The Stagecoach Retreat
July 25, 26, 27 2014
contact:  Mary email-
to join
Chad Phillips photography
Chris Cernetish pastel painting
Mary Hunt staining the glass
Bonnie Brahms watercolors
We look forward to seeing you here!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Speaking of Classes!

Instructor: Chris Cernetisch
$135 per day or $375 all 3 days
Pastel is one of the 4 classes during the Art Retreat July 25, 26, 27th 2014. 
Chris has provided me with a rough outline of her plans for her class.
Her plan is to provide 3 separate days of different approaches for this Pastel medium. 
Take one day, two days, or combine everything and grasp a HUGE bang experience putting it all together for all 3 days.
Chris is a powerful instructor, and a master of Pastel painting.
I have been given instruction from her and she doesn't 'simply instruct'  she imparts knowledge.  Years of trials and happy outcomes. 
The products that are fabulous and the products to try at a later time.
I have had the pleasure to watch her paint. 
Just watching her paint is so mesmerizing AND instructional!
The skill!! that oozes from her so easily. 
Her confidence is infectious! 
Watching her demonstrations alone, are forth coming with heaps of technical application.
She shares so much throughout the demonstrations.
As I list her given outline, do not read the list and think, well I am already good with that much...perhaps...perhaps not.
Know this, Chris covers a LOT of area and products...the one day alone will bring you forward in your Pastel studies, if not just remind you of the materials out there that you may have wanted to try, and concur that perhaps you might not waste the monies on that particular product just now...and move forward to something different on your list.
Again, covered in the ONE!
We encourage you to consider this retreat if you have always wanted to try soft pastels but have no idea how to begin. 
If you have dabbled with the soft Pastels but were disappointed.
To brush up on skills gone rusty.
This is the class and instructor for that!
Gaze upon the above picture... look at the MOVEMENT Chris achieves.  Though my photo can't begin to bring forth the depth engaged in her painting nor the colors that make the painting a frozen moment in time...look at how mighty the painting still comes through!
Chris is a powerhouse of a painter.
You can not help but come away from her class full of inspiration and excitement and want to run back to your place and engage in all the technical 'knowledge tools' Chris will provide you.
So, Look over this list and decide will I take 1, 2 or all 3 days.
Day 1- A thorough discussion of different brands of Pastels, papers and other tools and supplies, plus ways to apply the Pastel to paper.
Day 2- Learn how to choose the paper, lessons on color and value, using these ideas to create an under painting ready for a finished piece.
(the lessons for color and value transcend to every medium)
Day 3- Putting it all together!  We will work on a painting or 3! using the new skills.
There is a provided list of materials the student will be responsible to bring, available upon reservation.
A brochure is being written that covers tuition, lodging, and the lodge the retreat is being held.  For information, and to be placed on the mailing list. 
Contact: The Stagecoach Gallery (in Platte SD)
email: Mary @
July 25, 26, 27 2014
Don't miss out on this retreat in the center of the West.  Were the Lodge is set on gorgeous grounds conducive to inspirational walks where you may want to set up and paint, or photograph while you relax in natures abundance of~peace.
Join a set of instructors:
Chris Cernetisch ~
Bonnie Brahms~
Chad Phillips~
Mary Hunt~
Staining Glass Traditional Method
Come away from the retreat refreshed and full of renewed inspiration and gobs of knowledge.
Have a great day!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

PARRRTTYYYY First of the Season!

Let's share the party experience!

First of all there is no experience required.  No pre-requisites.  The ONLY requirement, is you want to have a good time and maybe, just maybe be open to a whole new avenue of habit.

These ladies have never picked up a brush before. 

Never dabbled in paint. 

Never did they think they would come away from the experience with a painting, a really good painting!

They are working the brushes and have a great time teasing each other, but they did a really good job!!
They are learning how to work in acrylic.


They accomplished this project in just 2 hours, that is a give or take magic time...

This is just one class offered at the come on by and see what other options have already become listed, or have a plan customized to you! or your group.
A lot of new this year!

Platte, SD

Lets have a round of applause for these ladies they did a fabulous job!

Thank you for being brave and overcoming your fears about painting...:)

Have a great day!

Saturday, February 15, 2014


This morning I removed the Valentines Day decorations from the front window. 
Now the glass is all empty. 
I am not much into getting into placing EVERY kind of holiday up in those windows...
I am NOT about holidays anyway. 

I am about expression.

Teaching others how to express themselves and perhaps learn to be creative.
Passing along the insights already expressed, with the abundance of wonderful artistic expression throughout the Gallery. 

Or by giving them personal instruction through the many class offerings.

It is not about the holidays but more about personal growth.

Sometimes I wish I had gone with my original plan to name the place "Stuff". 
I think that titling the place with "Gallery" scares the people.
They think everything in here is off limits expensive.
When they FINALLY do come through that door, they discover how affordable these artists have kept their prices.
Because...they realize this isn't New York City.
An actual comment...
"I tried and tried to NOT come in here...(sigh)....because I KNEW, I was going to LOVE this place..."

For One OF A Kind works,
not a replica that has most likely been ripped off from the originating source,
that then needs to be framed...

but finished, framed, and not a copy, not the same as the place around the corner, not a fad... an individual, personal, resonating that the creator helps to bring forth.

A unique YOU individual form of expression.

So the window is going to remain empty of holiday types of "advertising"...but stay FULL of the priceless fantabulous works from the originators, who are still alive!!! and hence, affordable.

Periodically, IF I am in the mood, I may 'decorate' the windows with some kind of message...maybe.

So come on by the Stagecoach Gallery...where dreams are the west.

I want to thank all the Artists who keep sending their amazing work. 
And the people who recognize them and adopt their pieces to go to their new "forever" homes.
And continue to want to learn...

Thank you for allowing me to ramble this morning :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Official...

I am a WHIMP!
The old fashioned screw driver has beaten me down!

I have been meaning to for months!, hang a hook to put my coat on...and today was the day!!!

I walked across the street to the hardware store and bought a hook...a pretty brass hook with TWO hookie things to hang stuff on.

Now where to put it out of the way but where it will stay hung...I know the door to the basement...yeah that looks great!

So I proceed to unpackage the hook get everything ready...and start screwing that sucker to the wall...I will be in business in NO time.

Plans change...

I cannot! can not get the last little bit of the screw screwed into the wood.  (JUST what KIND of wood has JR put up here, I believe part of the petrified Forest).

Okay, so until I bring in that battery operated deal, or by reading this my carpenter son miraculously appears with his, to finish this.

I opt for the super deluxe clothes hanging rig.

And yup it is a two coat day!!

Happy Valentines Day to ALL!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Retreat Class Traditional Glass Staining

Staining Glass Techniques used by the Old Masters taught by Mary Hunt
FULL 3 day workshop
class begins at 8 until...with evening participation

materials are included in this fee
the glass substrates
glass staining stains and binders
kiln firings

USE of a light box source
USE of brushes and palette knives (encourage student to bring their own)
USE of glass palette

Class will be all about staining glass in the traditional method, using crushed glass. 
Now a days you can purchase crushed glass with the proper mixture of flux and ore and whatever mineral is needed to strike the desired color (enamel) but, back a hundred years or so ago this was mixed on site.

Today with the handy prepackaged vials, we are also blessed to have the formula without lead!  Making use so much more friendly.

There is still a bit (quite a bit) of technical know how involved and this class, we will help you in this area.
With the many binders that can be used when mixing these agents for applying to glass, the many variables involved when you use such and such binder and the effect said binder will end up giving after firing the glass applied with stain offers, there is easily some confusion. 
We can help clear these questions up.

We will cover binders, we will cover correctly mixing the "paint".  The methods of applying the stain, the techniques used to enhance the stains effects for design, and kiln firing applications.  I don't go into kiln sitters.  Mostly because I don't use them.
The brushes involved and how to set up your workspace.
MUCH more.

The picture above is an example of my work, and you can see others on the website, that is not up to date, you get the idea though.

We will go over faces, how to achieve depth through matting tracing and enhancement lines.  The project will be somewhat figural but with gobs of working in shade and trace.
I am leaning to a bee...simple you think...
While achievable, still a challenge.
I am going to have a few other patterns for following available. 
There is potential to finish more than one project.

The project can be used in lots of ways when finished, incorporated into panel work or perhaps used for making a box.  The final outcome is left to the student.  This will not be part of the class.

Materials for the staining project are provided in the class fee, the use of brushes are offered, or bring your own.   
The class will encompass the 3 FULL days of the retreat, and some night work.

Firing the project in the kiln is part of the education and I encourage the participants to remain for that process, but it is not necessary they stay.
The handout goes over the process and the outcome. 
Some people might want to see the occurrence of "glossing" versus "not glossed yet" stage in the kiln. 
That is a personal decision, but the process will be provided.

The project of the 'stained glass' will be completed but not a project using the glass stained. 
The final firing may not be completed when the student is ready to leave, in which case I will mail the final results to them.

This process is not to be confused with the hobby level of painting on glass using Pebeo or like product to decorate glasses, such as the wine glasses being decorated today.
These are Traditional Techniques and museum quality methods.
(My stained glass work is collected and on permanent display in museums)

You as the student are not required to cut any glass, or be a cold working glass artist, a warm working glass artist or a hot working glass artist.
The only requirement is a desire to learn a method of application that is not easily found in the class room that happens to cover working ON glass and making that permanent.

During the down times when breaks are offered, the participants are encouraged to get out and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the Lodge we are holding the retreat in. 
Walk the trails, photograph the nature and look for the critters, photograph them.
Participate in the evening with the banter of the fellow artists and join up the sharing of the day from the other instruction being offered at this retreat, around the fire pit. 
This is an enjoyable end to the day and spiritually uplifting way to enter into slumber as we anticipate the next days events.

Fellow instructors will be:
Chad Phillips photography
Chris Cernetisch pastel
Bonnie Brahms watercolorist
Mary Hunt staining glass

Direct your questions to Mary @

These classes are currently being written and the tuition's have not been set yet. 
The Lodge will hold 16 overnighters but they need to be willing to share the room. 
Each room has a bathroom. 
A communal living room and kitchen (for all to use) 
No meals are going to be provided.
Meals can be taken through the several eateries in town, that is but 3 miles from the lodge.
A grocery store is located in town.

In addition, there are a few B&B's and 2 hotels.
This information can be provided and the brochure is being written, now nearly finished!

Consider a weekend being spiritually uplifted through art on the prairie.
Thank you for visiting today.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Journaling Practices

I journal, journal journal! Make the journal booklets, them ready made...yes ...but the main goal is to enter stuff into the journal.

I am participating in a group  this year, Documented Life Project.  Headed up by a talented group of women, 5 of them, I will list 1...Roben-Marie Smith and you can read about the information on her blog through 

We take a journal, or in my case I took an agenda/journal and I use it to incorporate scheduled practices as well as the prompts offered within the group but, I found I really like to add everyday things to the pages and that tells me and anyone looking through the book, what has been happening.

I found out right away I do a LOT more than I realized and I go places a lot more than I thought.

I used a Moleskine agenda book.  Already it had the calendar.  The pages are bit thinner than I like so I prepared pages before I used them, that helped prevent bleeding through and the like.

Here are a few spreads:

Another journal group I belong to is helping me grow personally.  "One Little Word 2014" by Ali Edwards.

I don't have pictures to offer, but she helps us to learn through one word...more.  I chose "Listen"
I am late to joining this group so I am still working on month 1 while everyone else is in month 2.
If you are interested in learning more about her and the group go to:

I also practice sketch and painting and techniques in other journals, so I keep a  lot of journals going.  A girl can't have toooo many!

Pick up a journal today and either just write, dump the day, do a little doodle...experience the freeing of the spirit.

Have a terrific Day!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I am moving forward with my intention to blog more....beginning with a simple blog post to say hello.


Life moves fast, but I will give my best to freeze frame a few things along.

Showcasing some of the gorgeous works that the creative artisans bring in and send to the Stagecoach Gallery.
bookmark, like and visit:
to find more of what isn't highlighted in this blog.

Artwork, classes, retreats ..the Stagecoach has a lot of "new" in place or in the works.

Did I mention retreat!
well yes I did...

July 24-27 2014! THIS summer the Stagecoach Gallery is hosting a fantabulous retreat!

Chad Phillips of is offering a jam packed spectacular weekend focused on photography practice and technique...
Chris Cernetisch of is offering guidance using the pastel medium
Bonnie Brahms  is offering skills involving watercolor.
Mary Hunt of is offering up skills to stain glass using traditional methods.

More is forthcoming about this weekend, as the classes are being written and the brochures are being manifested as we speak. 
Be assured that this will be a jam packed, sit and pick weekend.

Any questions, give a holler: email: or ring the gallery 605-337-2308

There will be on site lodging available for the first 16 interested, but they need to be willing to share a room. 
Additionally there is lodging in town with 2 hotels and several B&B,s a list is being compiled.
Town is 4 minutes from the Lodge where we will be offering the retreat.

The retreat doesn't have a catchy name yet...any suggestions?

This is a warm-up exercise to get myself back into a habit.  I do hope those who have followed along before will pick me up again and that many new followers will jump on.

Thank you for looking.