Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

It is Christmas eve.

This is the time that we enjoy spending time with friends and family.
Although that should take place all year.

It is a time for cleaning up our act and making the new year plans for resolution.
Although we should stay focused all the year.

It is a time for giving thanks and appreciation for all we have and remember those special to us.
Although we should be appreciative all through the year.

I think it is time for everyone to take notice and get back to the basics of enjoying family and making them the focus of life.

I noticed this season how so many people coming into the gallery were glum and bah humbuggy.
Feeling so pressured to be giving the "right" gift. Feeling rushed and exhausted.
To exhausted to go to the Christmas pageant at school and watch the children perform for us. Begrudgingly getting the tree and feeling resentful to have to decorate it.

I am saddened that people have forgotten to enjoy their lives.

I can recognize the symptoms.

I have been just like them in my not so distant past self.
And it is struggle to move past the rut of being this kind of despondent, grouchy, gnarly person that no one wants to be around.
Especially when we are supposed to be rejoicing and giving thanks and being appreciative.

Times are rough and I think it is only going to be getting rougher.
We (as a nation, a population, whatever...) need to make what is available satisfying.
Make it work, even if it isn't so grand and posh.
Learn to enjoy each other, not things.

I sound as if I live in a fantasy world, this will never happen. Well I know it won't never happen for everyone.

Only for the smart ones.

Have a safe season.
Best to all in the New Year.

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