Thursday, December 6, 2007


Saint Anthony had his hand re-placed in the sketch to bring the lily details into the glass panels measurment allowance.
St. James is so dark around the image they gave me of him. I left a trace of where his hair might be, so Fr. Bill can give me the direction he wants to have shown on the final sketch.
This is a different job than from the previous post showing the alter unit, job two

These are the sketches that I am taking to Fr. Bill in Chamberlain.
Once these are finalized and approved then I begin the process of staining the portrait, using the Old Masters techniques for stained glass. This technique uses crushed glass pigments and flux, that is fired into the glass substrate, permanently becoming a new sheet of glass. High temperatures of 1400 degrees F. achieved using a kiln, fuses the mixture into the substrate. The permanent fusing process is centuries old.

The process is interesting to watch. As a skilled technician, I use special brushes and brush strokes in the process to give the "drawing" depth.
Once I begin, I will takes progress photos and describe what is going on.

This is the first stage.
The sketch will be used extensively, so I must have all the details correct.

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Kathi Bell said...

Beautiful, Mar....just beautiful! Hope they can get to the point of proceeding before you get so popular, they won't be able to afford you :-)