Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I am still creating work for Cindy's gallery.

The plates....in the previous post.... evaporated in the kiln, I forgot they were in there.
(I tend to get sidetracked)
So, I began them again.
Only I liked them not pumpkins, shaded they more look like, a gourd or maybe a light pumpkin. I did a set of 4, perfect for salads or soup...That is where I am there, a day behind because of the oops.

Thursday is my planned day to trip up to Mitchell and deliver the work I get done. By then she will probably think I got sidetracked and forgot all about this weekends event thing happening.

In addition to my studio work, and working at the gallery in Platte, I tend a hunting lodge kennel, it is nearby. With hunting season beginning, I am there a LOT.
Dogs, dogs, and MORE dogs...because We also have a kennel full of ...DOGS
Do we see a pattern here...
And I am here to let you know, dogs need a LOT of tending to.

I will be bbbusssy for a few months.

The weather has changed and it is fall now...crisp, beautiful, lovely weather...even if it rains, we terribly still need moisture. Although, I fear my worst nightmare of horrible snow storms and great amounts of that stuff gathering are going to befall US this year. The signs are there according to the elders of the township...I hope they are wrong, but it is bound to eventually become my experience. So far, during the 8 years I have been here, (according to the elders) the winters have been mild.


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