Monday, September 24, 2007


Friday concluded an amazing week of sales.

Cindy, from the Prairie Breeze Gallery, managed to sell 3 pieces in 1 week, just awesome!
As she concluded the call to let me know yet another piece went away and she needs MORE!..hello...I love that phrase...I managed to sell 3 pieces to a lady AND she wants classes!

Seriously, those stars were all aligned in my favor last week.
Thanks be to the goddesses.

This weekend I began to make fused work for The Prairie Breeze. There is a festival this weekend and Cindy is gearing up for the season, so I am keeping with that theme.

So far I fused and sagged 2 small vases, I use them as candle vases. These I did in falling leaves colors, cathedral shades so the light can illuminate.
I just sagged 4 small plates amber tone that will be pumpkins when I am finished adding the they get fired another time.
(For those who don't know, I work with glass when I work in the kilns)

I have a gorgeous limey green...chips I previously used in the falling leaves vases. I am thinking small serving bowl, shaded as a changing leaf. That will be 2-3 firings and all I will be able to produce by Thursday.

I may be able to yet do a couple of small boxes..we will see.

I will show pictures before I take them to deliver.

I think I am finally! on the road to discovery since the move here.
Let's hope so, I don't want to have to keep cleaning these calving barns forever!


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