Monday, December 29, 2008

Starting Early...

I am beginning a couple of days early for the CEDC (Creative Every Day Challenge) 2009. Being 'creative' does not need to be paper, pencil, glue and paint. Arting might be taking a cup of tea break a little further...laying the napkin, cookie ON a plate..seated at a table..working in the garden..write a letter! My point here is the art of being creative is everywhere...and anyone can be creative. Read more about the notion on the challenge button there to the right...

So, my 'creative' today is making a seat cover mend for Craig's truck seat cover. The side had worn and frayed you can see I took the extra steps to make the repair barely noticeable..I am impressed how it turned out.
It DID help I happened to have some material that was the same...not faded but the same
I finished off the seams and followed along the edge seam so it would flow nice when he places it back on the seat...I even sewed straight...not that I can't but, trust me I am plenty lazy where it comes to sewing anymore.

Then I baked a cake from scratch! I baked 4 last week and I thought he had this out of his system, unfortunately he didn't and wanted another one...unfortunate because I eat it too!
I do not NEED any more decoration on me!
It is an old family recipe and it actually turned out to be one of the best ones I have ever made...and I have been making this recipe for many..many years!
We ice each layer that way it seems like more cakes...each layer has the top frosting too..yummy!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cooler duty..Fergies

Perhaps only someone who has experienced having to clean and organize the cooler in a restaruant can appreciate my cooler duty today.

Here is the cooler before I began, it might be hard to notice but there isn't any organization anymore, spills, and left messes that occur when busy for too many weeks happen.

This isn't a huge cooler and I am cramped up in the farthest corner I can get to take the pictures.
I removed everything and scrubbed the racks and washed the ceiling and walls
then re-organized and rotated the stock.
The floor needs painting but it was scrubbed too. I began at 10 a.m. and 5 hours later emerged this...and I wish you could see it in its true state...this hides most of its glory.

Everyone ooeeed and ahheed appropriately...then I came home and took a nap!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Your horoscope for December 27, 2008


"Dive deep into yourself today, Mary. Bring more of your own spirit into your physical. Take small sips from each flower you land on. Realize however that if you stay focused on one flower for just a little bit longer, you can extract an even juicier gulp from that bud. Go deeper today, instead of just floating about on the surface. You will be richly rewarded by what you discover. A slight off-the-cuff comment can lead to an amazing conversation. "

I find horoscopes amazingly on target sometimes.
Let me tell you what is happening with Mary these days.
I am reading "The Artists Way" by Julia Cameron (GET this book!!)

She has exercises to help a person get into themselves and learn what direction they might want to explore. Excellent book...and it is helping me a lot.
Leading me to having conversations with the owner's of The Creamery, the gallery in town where I work, about initiating an art learning center within the Creamery for teaching art.
This could be a nice addition to town!
Last night at Fergie's (the other establishment I work as waitress) a conversation I had with a daughter of an artist in town, who I plan to try to entice to come and teach with the art center...indicates that the artist in question is excited about the the persuasion might be an easy conquest. :)

The other book I am studying is "Energy Medicine for Women" this book gives exercises that are massages for where acupuncture needles would go and in a sequence that aligns the energy of the body so the body runs smoother.
(Aides in pain management, injury healing, disease)
I am still just getting into this book but, I think it is amazing too.
Bringing my physical into my spiritual!

The horoscope gives me the message that in my wanting to get a deeper sense of myself and figure out where to go next...I am making the effort at the right time and the discoveries might come for me and be clearer..since the alignment of the planets are sending me this message.

One can only hope!

I think things are shaping up for some changes though both physical, spiritual...and personal (career).

I am a BIG believer in Horoscope, Faeries, Ghosts or Spirits...Supernatural ...the unexplained...that can be explained if you just open your mind...

Do you believe?

Friday, December 26, 2008

The gift of an award...

The Marie AntionetteReal Person Award

Sharon @ awarded me this prestigious award this morning. My challenge is to place it on my blog! I think I might have succeeded in the placement, but probably not a link to the award place.

I name 7 other artists to give this award to. I always find this a daunting task, HOW to I name 'just' 7 people.

I am going to try to remember artist who I may have not seen this award given on their blog. Everyone should have the award... I only KNOW real people! Might not have 'met' them, but that is just a technicality.

Anne Gaal check out her website too, as she is an excellent photographer

Annie Littlewolf



grrl for that really different perspective....

Linda you MUST check out her challenge site as well..


Thank you for my award ms Sharon!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Barn Living

Welcome to the barn where we live in South Dakota. Originally Craig built the barn to use as his barn but, we would live in the center while we built a house on the hill in front of the barn. I moved out to SD in September 1999. As we were making house plans, the weather did its fall thing and began doing its winter thing...SNOW!

We have a kennel full of dogs that reside on the east side of the barn. Middle of the night checking on puppies, old, or sick/injured dogs requires just walking through a door while living in the barn but, trekking 50 yards or more if we build a house on the hill.
Since I am the one kennel checking, I decided to knock the roll out doors and put in windows and we will call the space plumb fine.

So, that is what we did.
If you click to enlarge the pictures you will see more of the details of the room. The quilts for instance I pieced and quilted...the painted lampshade on the side board of the dining room table I reverse painted using traditional methods (crushed glass and kiln not hobby paint and oven). The dog paintings I did...and any glass objects I did. The gorgeous painting over the fireplace, a lovely lady painted in pastel a local creek, Chris Cernitisch.

The fish were caught out of North Carolina...the various critter mounts came from Montana, Wyoming, SD...and Virginia.
That is all i can think to point out.


This is the bathroom where the 2 towels hang is the shower. Back in the foreground corner is the kitchen sink and the washer and dryer.

Standing at the kennel door as well as the entrance into my studio looking south through the building you see first the "dining room" that moves through the "living room" front door and then porch. The loft above is my "office" where I am sitting at the computer with a large plate window overlooking the "hill where the house was going and the creek where I watch deers move through.

Here is the kitchen. This center island is where I put most of the pots and pans. Through the door is the west side that I didn't go and take pictures of, but where we added 2 guest rooms and bathrooms.

This is the "living room" the fireplace was where a roll up door was. There is a door on the right behind the rocker chair to the front "porch".

Standing at the 'front door' is the view through. The door at the far back on the right goes to the kennels. Keep straight into my studio. The divider screen is glass. I made flat panels with centers that were fused medallions. Had a metal frame made for it. It is a 3 sectional.
The floors are concrete, with electric heat mats inside the cement. Toasty on your feet.
The door at the top of the loft over the kitchen is the master bedroom, originally the office to the barn.
Hope you enjoyed the tour.
The next tour will take you through the before reorganizing the studio to a new floor plan. Stay tuned.
IF I did this right the pictures will enlarge
this is a test!
Hope the Holiday was a pleasant visit with everyone and all are healthy and happy. Next is the new year!
Thanks for stopping in.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Repeat Performance

Thank you everyone for such praise of my glass boxes, and your interest in the details. I am not sure why the pictures failed to enlarge in the memory box post. I am posting just the final box in this post so it might show you the details. There isn't much to see on a box this small. I am not sure how these pictures turned out...they may be a little blurry and the boxes have been picked up so this is all I have. Thank you for wanting to see them.
If it shows up for you to actually see...the corners have a star sculpted from the solder. 4 stars.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fergies Christmas

A place I work is Fergies Pub and Barrister a restaurant in town. She decorates to the season or mood. Here we are decked out for Christmas. With the lights dimmed it is a winter wonderland.
well I had more pictures but it won't let me load them...

Merry Christmas

My Color

You Are Teal Green
You are a one of a kind, original person. There's no one even close to being like you.Expressive and creative, you have a knack for making the impossible possible.While you are a bit offbeat, you don't scare people away with your quirks.Your warm personality nicely counteracts and strange habits you may have.

went to Anne Gaal Creative blog and took the color test...I am Teal Green and the above is the test..

check her blog out to take the fun test..


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Memory Box

The description to follow is for just one style of a memory box.
Clicking on the picture will enlarge to see details.
Well it seems this feature isn't working! sorry they won't enlarge.

Memory boxes are used for so many kinds of memories.
To hold the first rose...or tickets of that memorable date...a box with the family crest...or a bible box with any meaningful passage stained on the lid....or the ashes of a loved one.

This box houses the ashes of a loved one. [This is a sealed box]
My client is gifting her siblings with a box, made of 1 inch bevels and the solder is decorated ( a process that uses the heat of the iron to move the solder into a design) The final picture of the decorated solder doesn't show very you will just have to see it in person.

Step one gather the materials and build the basic box.
Then everything gets cleaned up and the inside is acid washed. Then cleaned well again and the ashes are added.
I am getting the hang of this picture adding thing. This shows the tops sealed. (ashes receive a sealed box.) Boxes may also be made with a hinged top. Not this time.

Then the finished box decorated and polished. No picture I take shows the details well. This cube can be hung by the added loop. In a window or any space where you want to share your memory.

Memories deserve a special place to be kept. A beautiful glass box is a sparkly place to keep your special memory.
Thank you for your interest in the description of the concept and process.

Cabinet Doors

I had two whole days for studio time!

I finished these cabinet doors.

The inserts were fairly generic.
Clear center with a stamped falling leaf pattern obscured blur. The edges were bevels separated by green variegated glass. Pretty doors of oak. A good selection for a cabinet door it will show what you want behind the door yet you don't have to have perfect order. Here is a picture of the door being constructed...then the lady holding the panel up for me.

She tossed them into the back seat! shocked me!!! I would have thought a little more tenderness would be given.
I hope they made it home unscathed.

I did these pictures so that when you click on them or at the least the door itself, it will become large.
You can get a close up of the soldering...if it does notice that I use a brown is like an antiqued copper when it is polished up.
Pretty with oak.

thanks for looking.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Different Picture

Here is the full size picture of the spread in my journal from the previous post. I learned that I put it up full size and then when a person clicks the thumbnail they will see whatever it is they want from a full size image.

In case someone else is not familiar with the you are.

The full size image is re-sized to fit the thumbnail automatically. So now I know and will from this point have the image so a super large picture might be clicked up.

Thanks for asking to see it larger so I went ahead and learned this!

thanks for looking too.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

An ART Day!

I was scheduled for NO jobs outside the studio today. Last night as I was getting home from 1 job.. Chelsey calls from the other job asking me to work!... :( I said I would. She was trying to recruit Kayla for the shift, so it was still a hope in the air that I wouldn't have to go in. YAY Kayla!!!! /\/\ She will.
So I don't have to stop activity in the studio to get ready to go into job 2.
I spent the day happily arting

I soldered side 2 of panel 2 today so I am almost finished the cabinet doors with the unheard of rounded corners!...except for the round corners a fairly basic cabinet door job.

I did a journal spread to reflect what I am gaining from the 3 week challenge. Doing the exercises in the book The Artist Way, by Julia Cameron. This is an excellent tool. Help anyone in any media to get themselves going onto some kind of path.

My spread is digging into the cobwebs of my mind and digging for the path that I might like to see taken. A seed is planted and as it mulls and grows there comes the 'time' when it might be right to see it to the my mind I see the potential for a art learning center. It is still in the growing stage...which is why spiders are hanging around. If it happens I see it will be a magical place
where people will come and learn artworks for their joy.
I am adding a post script
Linda asks if I am just going to teach glass at this center?
I am hoping to lure a local potter to instruct, and a local pastelest.
Between the three of us we can encourage a broad range of mediums.
Paper, canvas, metal, clay, glass. Oil. arcylic, pastel, pencil, watercolor and a mix of the range.
The learning center will maybe be located in town, as opposed to any one persons studio. Making it a more neutral location.
In my opinion, I think this might make a more desirable work space.
Teaching in respective studio areas is an option for private lessons, or small groups. I think with a learning center the teachers will have a better chance to let the public know they are willing to teach.
Giving the public a central place to go searching for their desired lessons.

Linda asked to see the piece large...i don't know what I am doing wrong to not make the page enlarge...until I figure such an equation out this is it.
I haven't even figured out how to place my newest awards, which I AM thankful to receive, up on the blog...I have a lot yet to learn about this electronic phenomenon...but, I am having fun doing it!
Thanks for looking.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

check in time

I have been really bad about posting anything. I
have had a terrible cold.

Answering e-mails and going to work has been taxing enough on me.
I am feeling some better though.

We celebrated with a gathering thursday.

JR cooked the turkey...deep fried...AWESOME!!
I need to fix the pictures of Hannah and Charlie, and Triston..
Hannah had her first recital this week!
Hannah has a level of Autism that allows her the ability to be able to go to a school program, and eventually we hope to work her through where she leads a life that all of us take for granted, called 'normal'.
For her, crowds and loud noises make her extremely nervous.
Last year a crowd would have brought her to tears.
This year, she was able to cope and she stayed ON stage!
She didn't recite her line, but that she continued to participate in the program is a HUGE advance for our little Hannah.
I have a picture to upload of her night.
Charlie is just a little under 2 but he would have gladly helped everyone with their lines he was ready! I have a picture of him too...and a current picture of Triston their older brother...Steven didn't join us this week..he is the eldest.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Finally I did a few bookmarks for a soul journal trade I signed up for. They go in the mail this morning.

This picture it is hard to see the details of the deep sea laying under the paint of the 2 pieces on the right.
I chose a "deep sea" kind of theme to represent the depth of our souls...

Might be hard for the recipient to find the details too...I may have gotten a little to dark.

I see them tho


but Christy..they are on the way!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Running On Empty

Yesterday was the first day in over 2 weeks I didn't have to report to either job.
I desperately need to be in the studio working on finishing commissions as well as put together the prospectus for the NEW commission.
Yesterday I slept all day and all night. I probably would have slept this morning too except I worked at the creamery.
What a slug!!

It just so happens we have impending horrible weather...BLIZZARD warnings up. The winds began to really howl around 1:00 pm.
(I don't think we are going to get but the side view of this storm maybe 4 or 5 inches NOT the feet everyone else is getting)

Since I only had 1 customer stroll through and it was cold as heck in there, I closed the store at 1.
My plan to attack the studio or at least cook something for us to snack on while the weather was icky. I fell asleep AGAIN...I think I have sleeping sickness.

After my "nap" I did manage to run the dogs, feed them, and I just made a stew for tomorrow.
So, I don't have to cook tomorrow except maybe pop a pan of biscuits in...
but it is a STUDIO day!

I must get my soul journal sisters bookmarks out! they are just about ready so, tomorrow I should finish them, and mail off when I go to work.

Work on the cabinet doors for a ladies kitchen...
then tomorrow night I work at Fergies. Guaranteed to be busy...
so we shall let the games begin again.

Next visit I hope to have some finished pictures to show and tell...including our this weeks prompt from soul journaling...
everyone who has finished theirs looks fabulous!!!!

Onward Journey HO!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Web of Gratitude

This weeks soul journal lesson is the "Web of..." 'Love' is the original prompt. Like a few of my other soul sister's, I changed the lesson to "Gratitude".

I have a lot to be grateful for this week!

Fergies, where I waitress, that had the fire back in September, opened for business again.
We have had a terrific week, which means I made nice tips.

Craig has been having a good week!

My MOST exciting news...I have been given the opportunity to create "Jesus Blessing the Children" in Stained Glass.

I met with the church group Thursday, they are going to be a great group to work with. The commission is for a 7 ft x 7ft. install.

So we shall watch the progression of this project, probably over the next 6-10 months, depending on how fast my crate of glass will get here, and how many portraits we decide to place within the drawing.

I am thankful for what I have been given this week...well every week actually...
I have to say I am very blessed.

Vampi's New Caretaker...

Let's finish up the blog party business...
I put all the weeks visitors for all the postings...from this past week into a bowl and ..

Magpie's Envy..Dianne will be Vampi's new caretaker.

Never give out the location of her resting place...and keep a little sustenance on hand and she will be ever grateful...she has been working on her magic skills, so I hope she will bring you some kind of luck! Being a fledgling is a trying time for a vampire.
I hope you enjoy her as much I did creating her.

Thank you everyone who visited my party, I had a great time!

Thank you Kathryn, for hosting such a wonderful experience! my first blog party ever.
I am looking forward to more!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Arte Y Pico Award

"Arte y Pico" is phrase that roughly translates in English to:
"The Maximum. Wow. The best art. Over the top."

The "rules" for the Arte y Pico award are:
1. If you are an award winner, show the award, the name of the person who gave it to you, and link back to his or her blog.
2. Pick 5 blogs you think deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and for contributing to the blogging community.
3. List the author's name and link to his or her blog.
4. Leave a message on the blogs of those you've selected.
5. Link back to the original Arte y Pico blog, so all will know the origin of the award.

I received this fantastic award from Gaal Creative
Anne is a fantastic Photographer...just one of her many talents!
( I don't know the secret for high lighting a name and the link is in
her link IS

and from there you should go see her website that offers some of her fabulous photos for viewing and sale.

All the artwork I see is so fantastic! They all deserve an award to recognize them...!!
I tried to pick those who haven't received this the least the last time I went to see their blog.
here goes:

1. Linda...
2. Dianne...Magpies Envy
3. Jane...Sepia and Glitter
4. Lay... Me Scrap

Don't ask why some of the copy/paste from my site, (that is supposed to house their shortcuts), showed the name or the entire address...and I am totally hoping when I publish this, they link on click...

Everyone I have on blogroll I visit as they update their blog...EVERYONE of them is a fabulous artist!!!
and ALL deserve the award, however many of them have been given this award already...and I want to pass the joy around for someone who might not have been recognized takes for ever to work around to every artist on these groups and I am meeting them as fast as I can! over the last 2 years.

There is sooooo much talent out there and soooo many inspiring, wonderful, sharing artists who blog their projects and give technical instructions and share! their world with everyone.

Visiting a blog to me, is like visiting a good friend...I have been invited to share a common part of our lives together.
I find it is so amazing that I can touch so many to such far away places and not leave my home.

I have so much enjoyed getting to know everyone and picking 5 to recognize was very hard...I want to pick them ALL!

Please start with the 5 listed then peruse the others on the blog roll list, I am sure you will enjoy each visit as much as I do.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who follows my blog..leaves me comments and encourages me or gives me feedback and advice. All the interaction is special to me, so...

Thank You.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is't she Cool!

I went to the Tarot Sign determinator..I like what they say I am...obviously or I wouldn't have put it on my blog!
Isn't she cool though!

Go take the test and see what you might be...go on...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Partttying ON...

Thank you everyone for such a fabulous time...all this visiting is wearing me out...i am past 1000 so I tire rather easy...all of my visitors have left me such wonderful memories...lets meet Vampi she has finally arrived I have been waiting for her all day...oh sure she sleeps during the day..

she is excited to meet you with out further ado...

I will take all my visitors names and pull one from a box...then i will e them and you may take vampi into your care.
Thank you Kathryn for such a fun time you hosted the bestest party!
Hugs to all


eeehhhheeeeehhheeehh (BEST witch cackle)

glad you stopped in mmmmmyyy prreettty....
I dressed for the occasion...come in ...I just love visitors..

sometimes I get a little hungry but you are okay tonight
I have already feasted...come in and have a little brew
a little later this evening we will see our mystery guest....she stopped in a little earlier this week
(scroll to a previous post you will catch her peeking)
she will come by for a visit can you guess who she is?
Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Special Mail

Happy surprise in the mail today!

Anne, whom I met on line..sent me a super nice mail surprise.

A card she made...and I think that is just the nicest thing! For someone to take the time, their
time and make something just for me...she also tried her hand with an ATC..her first and she sent it to me!

When I received the envelope, of course I recognized the name and opening the envelope I just smiled...what a nice end to a regular day..

Thank YOU so much for brightening the day Anne!



Thanks for coming by...all Fanciful Twister's...stop by again for the soul journaler's party October 26...that is next weekend!

We are all doing something different on our blogs is a look at a few of my eventful inspirations...

Friday, October 17, 2008


Ever think about symbols, marks on the page and how a page winds around and ends.

I started my black white doodle page in kind of a grumpy mood. I had delivered my pieces to the pheasants forever chapter for the banquet tomorrow night. the next morning one of the members of the board arrived at the Creamery practically when i unlocked the door, but in actuality she waited maybe 3 minutes as I walked around the counter.

For anyone that isn't familiar with me I work with glass. The pieces ordered were for glass projects.
One project was a dog retrieving a pheasant.
Pheasants have long tails, so of course following the design as anatomically correct as possible the piece had a long glass tail. A feather, of the tail...meaning 1 piece long hanging from a HUGE area of glass the head of a dog...hence head end huge mass of glass feather end small.

Someone actually picked up this piece by the tail! Of course it broke.
She wanted to know...
what kind of glue I recommend to repair the glass.....GLUE!!!

NOT on a piece I signed...glue!

I fixed it and delivered it yesterday which is when I started my journal

It started out about the above story about how i am not pleased ...blah blah...then I doodled some...and as I colored in some of the lace I decided to think of a positive thought as each little piece is colored to get myself away from being miffed..
and i gained some ground in reversing the negative charge ( - )

I kept pushing positive (+ ) through my I wrapped the core message around the page "putting positive thoughts out into the universe and will only bring karma back that is...positive
It fit perfectly...'back' is the last word and 'positive' was the first word but the last word of that sentence for the message...did I loose you?
The symbol + means addition to... also represents the sign of the cross...a symbol for positive messaging universal in signals so strong that the message shines through for think positive thoughts...they can only lead to lots and lots (that addition thing) of good



welcome welcome come on in..pleasure to meet you!

GREAT party isn't it!!!

Vanessa knows how to throw a get together!

Thank you for dropping by
and please come back October 26th...we soul journalers are putting on the Ritz...

I will be having the drawing for guessing what the ATC character might be.....go and place your guess and browse the rest of my blog.

Since many will probably have the right guess. The entries ( no matter the guess answer) will be placed in a hat to have the final contestant drawn from there.

Other prizes are going to be please come join our party too! A list will show all the party hosts will be found here
as well as on our host site
Kathryn Antyr...
(the Halloween invitation with the crow on the button. Found to the right)

Thank you for stopping in...please let me know you were here!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blog Party Tease

October 26 Soul Journaling group is having a blog party! Celebrating Halloween.

Blog hopping is encouraged from a list that will be provided. Some blogs will offer party favors and prizes. Here is a little tease of an ATC I will be giving away this night of fun.

Mark your calendar and come to the Party!
Click on the Halloween invitation for all the information off Kathryns blog...

What do you think completes the picture?

Box 2

this is box 2 for the Pheasants Forever banquet.

The technique is decorative solder, the subject is hay bale with pheasant sitting on top.

Glass box constructed of bevels.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I made a card for Colleens birthday.....this was for card day but as usual I am late.

Colleen likes to paint using Chinese rice paper and is called something but I can't think of the proper style right this moment...of course.

here is her card...
it says
happy birthday


it might not be perfect replications of the characters...and probably being off a smidge makes it say something totally different...but that was what I was wanting to say.

Personal Lexicon Journal Page

Lexicon is the use of words. In our exercise
"Personal Lexicon" we journal words to describe our likes.

My favorite way to display glass is marrying it to metal. I LOVE furniture as accents or just laying around rusting...better made useful rusting!

Glass is malleable and watching the different shapes evolve is so much a it will turn out and what kind of use will become of the piece. One of my favorite uses for a glass vessel is to use it for candles. The glow of the flame through the glass is so pleasing. BOOKS...I am addicted to collecting them. All kinds: history books, art books, novels...and vintage magazines. The best pictures and ads come from vintage magazines.

My kiln has a special place with me. Without it I couldn't create glass in the warmer forms OR use the powdered glass for staining and enameling that fuse designs into the glass. Crates of glass ...I am fortunate to have these for use in artwork.

Pottery has a special fascination to me. Something as simple as clay, mud really, can become such beautiful works of art that have function!!! I love the colors of pottery the technical application in pottery I love collecting pottery...and one day I will learn to throw pottery too.

That is it for these pages for now...I do tend to go back and add things to my pages...and sometimes I place a new picture within the post...

I am a work in Progress...and apparently I will never be done.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pheasant Retrieve

I am not sure I am in like of this piece. One thing I think this tail is too long
I might shorten it
if for no other won't get easily broken.

It is pretty self explanatory, Labrador retrieving a glass.

I don't have a way to hang it without moving panels so I did the best I could getting the picture over a light source...but it doesn't show the birds colors well.
Maybe a better picture will emerge...
I am sure everyone is fine with the one I have :)
One little bit of information that doesn't get transferred is the textured glass I used for the dog fur. This is a very cool piece of glass. The texture is a fine raised combing and the glass is really thick to allow for the texturing and gives the streaks a finer subtleness, like fur would be...
This for the Pheasants Forever Banquet order too.


I succeeded in creating the invitation for the halloween blog party!
(this was a MAJOR accomplishment for me I am very computer limited)

you see the pretty invitation over to the there
and be taken to Kathryn's blog
where details are ongoing this week to participate in a blog party.

I have never been to one either so we can all learn together.

The next banner you see is for "free" vintage images.
Great source of imagery...go take a look.

Come back and see where the party takes us.


let's PARTY!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Collage Diva Kathryn Ayntyr
tagged me in a blog tag game. I have seen this but this is my first go.

6 random things about me:I..

1. live in a barn...yep a barn.
2. miss living on the water.
3. help my husband train dogs.
4. can cook...really really well
5. am obsessed reading anything about vampires... favorite time of year is now...

then the rules get listed
link to person who tagged you...already am
list the 6 things random about yourself
tag 6 new people
let each person know by leaving a comment
let tagger know entry is up

Anne Gaal
I think I have covered everything.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Phes #2

I finished the second piece for Pheasants forever. this pheasant hangs in the window like a suncatcher. It is larger than a suncatcher and I call them freeforms.
I don't think they show up well but, he has feet jutting off the panel
this is laying on a small lightbox so you can see the color of the glass.
You can kind of see the glass colors better between looking at both the pictures
1 shows the tail design better though and I wanted you to see that too.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Glass Pheasant

Here is the project for the week.

Glass Flying Pheasant.

Mobile style piece, the weight catches the wind and makes the wings flap.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Healing Love Page

I confess, when I first read our assignment this week, I piece of cake. I was stumped though. Really had to think and examine just how I was going to go about this page. Once I had named it, it became special, which is the point of searching our souls.

I decided to use the DelMonte symbol tag. It looks kind of like a heart badge. This lent to little badges along the edge which became symbols for badges of courage.
1. To face the past and leave it as a memory and accept it as history.
2. To seek out remedies that might not be found only as a little pill...holistic.
3. To take the excessive energy and turn it into productivity and not destruction.
4. To recognize that rest is needed not just when heal.
5. To accept the help and guidance of others but especially of those who love you.

I send Healing Love:
this message of healing love to every mind trapped in illness and depression
These are hard symptoms to acknowledge and find a remedy to alleviate the conditions and how they make you feel. Power comes from within and is met gradually (if at all) Each condition and the symptom is individual as is the treatment so, patience becomes necessary while Dr's. prod and experiment.
Usually there is not a 'cure' so the symptoms are treated while you wonder
will anything ever really help

The only image in the magazine I could find with outstretched arms was a that is my stencil image..

The shackles represent the disease
breaking the links represent the courage to explore the symptoms and receive each badge.
And to receive the love that is sent.

The hearts are the spillage of love going forth to help the illness plagued to struggle with their inner complexities and to become whole again.
I give forth the energy of healing love.