Thursday, October 25, 2007


Saturday evening I ate some pizza, an item that is not on my diet, but I love love love pizza.
It was yummy.
Later in the evening I experienced that normal burn I sometimes get, ate a Rolaids.
This time that remedy wasn't working.

Everything I tried, that worked before, wasn't.
I became sicker and sicker. Okay let's just throw up and get this over with...I did...I just know better is around the corner. NOT!!

I became sicker and sicker. I am now thinking it is appendicitis and time to visit the ER. Craig takes me to our small town Hospital, that isn't equipped for surgery, so I am ambulanced to the next larger town and they examine me.

After the battery of test, ex ray, blood withdrawal...and that is considerable. They decide Gall Bladder, and it isn't pretty.

Seems I have had this problem many years and ignored that "official" treatment was needed, I can't believe they don't recognize Rolaids as treatment!

So I am prepped for surgery...where I meet the anethesist (I am having issues with the spelling of this word), whom is quite "chunky" and he has the nerve to call me "obese" in front of me no less.
I did politely, correct him 2 times as a matter of fact, PLUMP would be the correct term. !

But, I was a good patient getting all the tubes inserted and plugs where they go, and surgery proceeds.

They tell Craig, and I find out today show HIM pictures, of the scenario.
I have yet seen any pictures.

The Gallbladder was totally fried, hasn't been "in" service for a LONG time. He had to repair the duct that goes into the GI tract, and I am now mending well.
I was released last night and I am happily HOME!

Back to that anethesist...I must have been harboring a few resentments for him, apparently when I was coming out of anethseia, I decked him.
I am not a violent person, in fact I am rather sweet...not that I couldn't hold my own IF I needed to...A-hem.
Sorry m'dear.

Anyhow, I have to add his drug of choice to my "don't give Mary" list.

I have to say, even though I am sore from the invasion to my body, I feel so much better!

Okay, moral...don't ignore the symptoms...they only get worse. After addressing the issue, you will feel better.
Even if your issue is incurable, the 'treat the symptom' fashion will help gestate the disease on an easier level to help with the body comfort zone.

Find a decent Dr. and GO!

I am feeling rather slow after all this, and it is touch and go with the swap deadline thing (the skinny book swap). I am sorta afraid of Belinda, amd I don't want to disappoint her, the group or myself, and I firmly believe in honoring a commitment.

I am going to give it my all to get the skinny pages finished, I am very close to done.
THEN, if I really need any extra time it will only be 2 days max, and I can't see her not extending me 2 days, being as I think surgery is kinda a valid 'excuse'...we will see.

Most likely I will BE done ON time and the worrying about the deadline will become mute.
Usually I over worry a deadline and am done on time, I am sure this will be no different.

But, still she is scary. (In a good way, she makes the individual be responsible,and stimulates the creative level, actually, I believe her to be an excellent instructor) !

so, onward ho...

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