Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Itch is Growing

As I show the progression of the Buffalo Scratch in acrylics.  You will see a slight difference.  Unless you look at them side by side.

Here is where I am at the moment.  Layering thin layers so that the depth grows.  It takes awhile to achieve where I want to take this buffalo but, the patience will be worth the effort in the end.

the beginning


adding more
by adding thin layers the depth grows gradually.
I need to mention as well, I am using a limited palette.
In the art camp retreat next summer we will explore limited palette and mixing paints!
Middle of June,  As soon as I have secured a Lodge to hold the event we will talk in depth.
Is there an interest in coming to beautiful South Dakota for a workshop in painting?
Let me know!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Get set....

I am getting caught up!

Even I find that hard to believe. 
I published my first on-line class. 
That whole process was quite the learning experience.
Building The Scene For Better Paintings is soon going to be re-launched as self-paced.

I am working on another on-line class that involves improving soldering skills.
The projects are making soldered charms, affixing the loop and making a wand.
The skills we go over are basic to using solder, flux, and soldering tools. 
With a slight introduction to decorating projects using solder and iron with the rheostat.
Soon to be launched!!

Stay tuned!

Also in the think tank is another art camp/retreat next June 2017.  A 5 day experience working with acrylics, charcoals, and other fun art tools.  Aimed for growing your range and confidence!

Stay tuned for more information about this!

In the mean time this is the beginning of The Scratching Post...Mixed media 4 ft. tall x 24 inches wide.

Come watch the progression for this project.

So far the layout has sketched in with charcoal and has been started using acrylics.  The painting is developing on a wood substrate covered with plaster.

Plaster gives the piece added texture to begin the project from.  Leave the texture the level it is or grow it to thicker textures throughout the process.
Textures gives added dimension and helps the story of the subject matter.

Follow along!  I have a lot to inform you about!!
Thank you for visiting ♥