Sunday, September 30, 2007


Updating my website isn't going so well.

There seems to be internal bugs or something.
My guru is also trying to "teach" me how to upload my changes, that isn't going so smooth either.

My focus is creating, and it is really hard for me to sit down and work on this computer stuff. I don't see how come it can't be as easy as this format is in blogging.

My goal is to have this updated site version operating so I can show class information at least by the spring...Ann has a different goal, she is thinking within a few weeks...well originally days. There was no way I can attack this process in days, so weeks it is.

The time just flies!
Already we are ending September.

A interesting thread on one of the art groups I read in Yahoo is talking about original work. I believe within the same thread, or maybe not, is a reference to artists coming into themselves at the 50ish age.
How a gathering of application and technique is "practiced" and honed to skill up to this point and then the imaginations and working fly.

Not in these words of course but that is the gist of what I get out of the reading.

I totally agree that around 50 people come into themselves and in having a better understanding of self are able to put forth a more creative uninhibited expression. The artwork reflects a quality of passion and imagination that wasn't reflected in the artwork prior.

I believe it takes this long to get to this place.

Patience is very important when creating. By this time, patience has been practiced enough that it has a perfection of its own and is utilized within the creative vibe.

Anyway, I think this was a good discussion and should be analyzed within, meditated on, and executed.

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