Friday, September 21, 2007


We had the seasons first cooler change sweep through this morning around 8!
When I first got up ..around 6 it was 80 degrees, then cooled off to 70 degrees by 8.

I LOVE the fall.

Love the changes, the wind, the smell of the earth getting ready to go to sleep. The whole process just amazes me. And I have the perfect spot from which to watch it all and take it all in. I will capture a picture and post it.

This weather has brought a LOT of people into the Creamery today (the gallery I work at in town).
All this talking and smiling is making me exhausted and thirsty!, of course I didn't stop for my drink this morning. Thinking i would have plenty of time to walk over and get one.

It always happens that way doesn't it.

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