Sunday, September 16, 2007

Next Projects.. coming along

I am commissioned to paint a night sky with a roughish sea and the tail of a whale in that sea.
It is coming along nicely.

On the yahoo arttechniques group I am signed in for a skinny book swap, the title heading of "women/goddess". My choice is the goddess for Taurus. Since I am a Taurus.

I have 4 of my 12 pages backsides painted with 2 of the colors for her. Lapis and Malachite. Her sacred color is turquoise, and I will use that color for one of her symbols on the backside. Then begin her paintings. All the pages must be originals and the same. She is of Egyptian descent, so she will have an Egyptian woman look. The rest will be a mystery yet.

Christmas is coming and I will begin pieces for the galleries representing me for the season.
I have a lot happening...and mixed into the studio equation is 'work' I don't get a lot of time...and I have to make it all count, I am not allowed to

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