Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Hathor is the Goddess of Taurus.

I chose her for the skinny book page because I am Taurus.

The Sun is her planet.

She has the face and ears of a cow.

She carries a Si strum, musical instrument, at the bottom of the handle is the Ankh symbol, where this symbol begins.

She predates the Egyptian era.

Her sacred colors are Malachite and Lapis blue.

Like Venus, she is all about Love and those emotions. She has strong ties with governing creativity and strength.

She is patient, but has her limits.

I had bigger plans for my page however, the hospital stay limited what I could do with her. So she left me like this in her single draft stage.

Her gown is green for the Malachite influence. It is sheer as a Goddess is not shy about her "body". I think that even though she has a 'cow' influence governing her her face, she is still of our image.

Her crown is gold and holds the horns of the Bull, with the planet Sun atop. The cobras symbolize her strength.

She isn't "finished", but I like what I did under the circumstances. I hope the recipients like her just the same.

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