Saturday, June 23, 2007


For those who have read The Secret, this project relates to "my" focus.
The suggestion to place your great desires and dreams in prominent places,
prompted this project.
The collage consist of elements that are my focus, for meditation.
Torn elements
Gouache watercolor
on watercolor paper
Valued critique from Sue off the arttechniques group
Thank you for bringing this to my attention
[I would say, from the photo I am seeing anyway, is that there are no darks. It's all light and medium values. Also, I'm not sure where your focal point is - is it "small ads" or "more"? That's where my eye goes the most easily. One way is the put your darkest dark next to your lightest light at or near your focal point, other ways are to use complementary colors or to make the focal point more "important" in some way.Some things to think about anyway. Edgar Whitney says "where's the bride" - in other words, whatis the main thing you want to say?Thanks for listening,Sue]

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