Saturday, November 17, 2007


These ornaments are beautiful. If a person thinks... oh just squirting some paint into the ornament and you get these fabulous results.

Think again!

There is more to thisthan meets the eye.

1. Squirt the paint into the ornament. A couple of different colors, somewhat separated.
(A good quality glass ornament will give you the best results)
(The better the quality of paint line you use will determine the hue of the colorful results. I used Golden and they are expensive!)

2. Tip the ornament side to side, to get the paint going then place it back into a cradle.
(The box it came in is perfect)

3. Turn the ornament every 20-30 minutes or so...and keep that up until it has the swirled effect you want.
Babysitting the ornament is the time consuming part.

4. Take an old paper towel center and place it into the garbage, then turn the ornament upside down onto the center opening and let the excess paint drip out.

5. Then I placed the ornament into a ceramic dish, but I had another dish ready with a paper towel.

With a heat gun or hair dryer, work the heat over the ornament. Do not get carried away heating the ornament. If you get the glass too hot it will crack or break, and if you get the paint too hot it will separate from the glass.
This is a gentle heating process and takes a lot of time.

After each heat cycle place the ornament open end to the paper towel, and let the heated paint drip out until the ornament is cool, then place it back onto the paper towel center in the garbage, and let rest there awhile.

Repeat this process until it isn't dripping any more.

It still is not dry, It needs to rest awhile, while you do other ornaments...come back to doing the process on the done ornaments until you think they ARE dry.
(This process is not quick, but the results are stunning.)
I hope you enjoy the effects as much as I do.


AscenderRisesAbove said...

interesting. is there a particular kind of paint to use? looks like spray paints?

Mary S Hunt said...

nope not spray paints.
uesed acrylics
read the entry