Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reverse Lampshading Process...

I like the shape of a crystal lampshade, so I purchase them, which this is...lets walk through the process of reverse painting with glass on glass in traditional techniques for museum quality. Using a special mix of paint with fine ground glass and an added amount of flux so the kiln can embed these elixirs at a lower temperature keeping my shades shape, we begin with what is called the line drawing. This is painted on the inside of the shade in the reverse pattern of your intended drawing.

I am showing just 2 sides of the shade. The fist one is a pioneer family in front of their sod house...the second image is on the trail setting up camp for supper...
this becomes the first kiln firing..
Next I totally black matte the inside of the shade.
This shows the inside totally black...then with scrub brushes and picks I gently remove the matted paint to give details to the images.
This takes hours depending on how much detail you wish to portray...I am keeping it simple since the images are not going to have a lot of designs on clothes and that sort of thing they used homespun fabrics and basic basic living utensils

The letters Yous view are portraying a homestead certified ticket which would give the homesteader their location to stop...also a portion of journal recording the you can see how the scrubbed areas respond to the matte being removed...this is the same portion above "on the trail stopping for supper"

and the pioneer family in front of their sod house...
tomorrow this fires in the kiln and sets the matte process into the is color!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Last of the Christmas orders...done

these are the last 2 commissions that were to be done for Christmas! the 2 small bevel panels were shipped out today...and will arrive Thursday...close!

then the grandma platters...the first set we chose glass that plainly wanted to misbehave...which had me nervous over the whole project..what if the next glass does this too..(it can happen)

so client came and reselected a different sheet for these granny and Nana platters
the children's hands were traced and then i made a stencil of their hands

first i used frits and powders but the purple and pink colors that were to represent the girls were to close to the base composition of the substrate glass
so i ended up having to use enamels..which still set the tone of the color..even tho the bottom plate looks as if both of the pairs of hands are purple
the bigger hands are pink..just where i took the picture absorbed the true colors
these are lead free enamels

the irregular edge lends to a unique arty appeal that says i ordered this just for you
i think you are special!

done in time for Christmas gifting...

how is that list doing there for you??

ho ho ho...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Favorite Piece

What was my favorite piece of artwork....
that would be this piece
done in acrylics
I don't do portaits as much as I used to and Hannah's piece was a limbering exercise...

enjoy the weekend

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reverse Painted Shade Traditional

"Wave Of Conflict" is a traditionally reverse painted lampshade. (in lit state)
I did this one back in the 90's and it won an award at the Museum show I had it entered. Back in Va.
I am showing you this to prepare you for the next few postings that you can follow along for how I get to the finished product.

First of all, I use finely ground grass with mineral and ores mixed to a texture that is like paint.
With a brush I lay the design onto the inside of the shade.
(think reverse of how you traditionally might paint a picture)
this much is fired in the kiln...for painting a crystal such as this shade I have to use low-firing mixtures..technically more flux is added...the temps I am taking this to are no higher than 1100 or my crystal will cave on me.
(yes it happened)

Next step is I matte the inside of the shade...A black "paint" is mixed up then put totally over the inside of the shade
everything gets covered up...then I slowly brush the matte away with special stippling brushes that will lend the texture and subtle shading to my images
after MANY hours of brush away step...the shade gets fired again.

Then each color I decide to use on the images and backgrounds get scheduled as each color matures at a different temperature. So highest temps first and so on...

The lampshade you will watch grow is about the homesteaders moving west. This shade is designated for a museum showing in OK with the Chisolm Trail can see the link over to the right of this post.
Check it out some mighty fine artist are part of this group.

The show is in March I have some work to be doing and fast...Right after Christmas I leave for Texas...and this needs to be done...or I have to drive my ownself down and back..and I am not much on this chore...
I am opting for being DONE!

More explanations will be given for each step as we follow the Homesteaders
along their trail to being a reverse shade...

Have a great week!...and thank you for coming by!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

AEDM day 30

I wanted to show you these frames. They are a Polystyrene composit sold at
this is 1 of 9 styles, called the Metro. Some have mattes as well, I ordered the 11 x 14 for me this is a super price for a really nice looking frame..very sleek and contemporary. Also I mounted the painting to a piece of mixed media composition board I painted to compliment the painting...Keeping a nice light weight framed piece. I hope you like my find :)

then Sunday we put the lights on the out front tree..the extent of my decoration requirements

It was warm Sunday but snowing yesterday. I had to wait for it to be almost dark to get a decent picture.

Happy original handmade artwork and crafts from your favorite support your friends and family and not the ready made from wal-mart (and the like)...the gift is better appreciated for a lifetime of admiration...just keep this in mind when you make the decision to purchase your gifts this year and to come...
birthdays/anniversaries/holidays of all kinds and ...special thank yous too!

this is the last day for AEDM the tree is my participation...but I am back in the swing of posting more keep coming back often.

Thank you for coming by!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

AEDM 27-28

This is my final for Julie and Chris's Texture Town class...this was a bit more of a challenge than the last one and this time i am putting in the photo we were given.

here is the photo and my beginning

I have started with some color

putting those braket things in...
and pretty much I am done...

this class is all about texture and how to replicate it..learn MORE about the Golden can only grow in these classes...

thank you for coming by!
have a good week!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

AEDM 25-26

Happy day after thanksgiving!
nothing I have is done enough to post about...I began a commission of a larger canvas with the sea nettles theme...and I have begun my final showdown exam for textures with Julie and Chris-texture town

We spent the evening at sons JR's...Hannah 5 and autistic had created on her own this book (she gifted me) totally her idea to bind it with the paperclips!!! I am an impressed grandma

a few of the pages follow...

here is the little artist!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AEDM day 22-23

this is my first of two exams to enter into texture town
offered by Chris cozen and Julie prichard
and you can find the information at
(oh and i passed :>) )
any way this is an intense amount of medium used to create the texture part of the painting
so it took around 48 hours to dry...then my process began to replicate a wall that was given to replicate in the lesson
it had old iron scroll work at the top then grime and rust down the stucco wall
or an interpretation of the old wall.
i have new found interest with stencils..but only a few in my possession to choose from
they are widely used in these processes and offer a great amount of relief to the overall look you might be going after in the painting.
so the stencil at the top of my painting is my
interpretation of scrolled iron work
this painting i like...i would buy this hues that may not be coming across in the picture
of umber tones which i love..and even though i am not a contemporary fan...i like the contemporary feel to this piece...or maybe i am converting
i came a LONG way from the first lesson offered in this class...
i have been "professionally" painting for over 30 years...(in a more traditional style)
if a seasoned professional can gain from Julie and Chris's classes don't you think the novice would...
thank you for looking and enjoy the day
Happy Thanksgiving too
we have a lot to be thankful for!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

AEDM day 20-21

I have been diligently working on projects but I don't have anything complete to

Here is the first piece I entered in a show that I used staining techniques...She has over 40 firings to achieve the charcoal look I was aiming for
and I was honored to receive best in show for her...more than 30 years ago!
Mata Hari

She is my own drawing from a freeze frame off the tape I ordered from the history channel "Mata Hari"

Next is the beginning for the next painting which is so heavily textured it is still in drying mode

and I have also still been cleaning the years of grime and paint away from the bevel glass in this restoration, which part is ready for the solder
panel 1 of two...

enjoy the day!
and thank you for stopping in...

go art ppl

Friday, November 19, 2010

AEDM day 19

the bi-plane is finished if you look at yesterday you can see the subtle difference
mainly in the sundog
I mounted it to this composite sheet of mixed media board
and I may, after the medium dries,
add something to it if it doesn't dry clear enough to not look a mess
if it does then it is done and ready to frame
hope the day went well for you!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

AEDM day 18

this is as far as i have gotten today with this painting

a crop dusting bi-plane i captured when he was spraying our fields
at dusk

a cool sundog came up and i am painting it in

here we are beginning the painting this morning

layers and layers later and more to go..

here is the original photo

the painting is on canvas 8.5 x 11.5

Monday, November 15, 2010

AEDM day 14 and 15

First let me tell you about the weather today...sunny and is a picture of it hailing! WRONG weather people ...again.

Next I am still working on photos for my moms Xmas present. I am fixing her up with one of those digital frames...since she doesn't live nearby or plan to ever visit here i thought to put lots of area photos plus of course family stuff in the frame
editing takes FOREVER!!!

Last night the birds were just flocking to the trees outside my studio..there were tons of them.

I kept trying to get closer and closer and they would move around but never fully left.

It was beginning to get dark when this picture was taken and just a few moments before the next picture was taken so you can see how fast the sun was dropping at this time of the day
like around 5 or maybe 6...probably closer to 5..
sorta time lapsed it for you.

In the next picture though you can see they were robins!
look how red they are!

I am not exactly painting but still cleaning on this panels pieces and I have been taking pictures so that is my art...
Are YOU continuing to art a day?
I have to say it is quite the challenge to art EVERY day! to do what i typically consider arting
Everything a person does in a day is art. (I think this is the challenge to realize this)
You can artfully ask a question, or answer the regular tasks...cook the meal, change the diaper
it is all a manner of art...
In my opinion, art can be the typical or non it is all good...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

AEDM day 12 and 13

yesterday we rode out and i played photographer
i love old buildings and i found a few to get pictures of this one here is an old schoolhouse resting where currently a person has a winery established near academy sd
i practiced in photoshop with adding a filter and changing the layer
this is the result
it has a painterly feel to it
i think
have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

AEDM day 11

Well today I worked more on the panel restoration even tho I didn't get all that far
instead of the same pictures as yesterday here is a face for a church window I have done for a church here in town
Christ in the Garden
I have been slow most of today
i am hoping for more energy tomorrow
thank you for coming by and for keeping up with the AEDM postings
I truly appreciate your visit and comment
happy evening

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

AEDM day 10

Began taking this panel apart, it will become 2 windows that look just like this just half that and you get the idea

someone used zinc when building this unit...a sign that the technician wasn't knowledgeable about what he was doing
the zinc was more expensive to use than lead
pulled lead had it been used would have made taking this apart today a lot easier...alas i did have years on my side
the brittleness of the zinc allowed for the piece to practically fall apart in my hand

especially with a pair of nippers

here the unit is all apart off the tray
the tray stored out of the way to return to the owner
area cleaned up and the pieces soaking

here the pieces are soaking

the next step is to true up the edges they were pretty chopped up where the builder was making them fit into the narrow zinc i suppose...and dirt etched from years of being a window unit in a house
i cleaned all the grime off and the next step of grinding the untrued edges begins

using an electric grinder
when i learned the only thing available was a
grinding stone!!!
i liked the new technology that invented the electric grinder

then here are the cleaned up pieces being laid out

to rebuild into the 2 new windows...

and that is my art filled day number 9...
i also began the next painting for lesson 8..i have my elements affixed to the canvas and they are drying...
painting tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

AEDM day 9

i am having a terrible time photographing this
the best i have been able to do is this one...but i don't think it really shows the piece how it is in person....
i think it is done

AEDM day 8

Day 8 ...was an exhausting day! I give you this gorgeous sunset though.

The day started out fine enough, we were going to go to Sioux falls a 2 hour drive each way to load up on the dog food we would need for the winter.
Then we decided to break the day into half and just go to Mitchell for the groceries and then Sioux fall the next day for the dog food.

First, since we were headed out we would take the car scheduled for a repair job onto the mechanic and have that delivery done...
simple enough task huh.

On my way out the road (a dirt road) something was buried in the dirt my tire struck it and I had a hole punched in the tire...changed it and motored onto the mechanic,
then went and ordered the tire..yes it requires a new tire!

Then we motor onto Mitchell, decide we feel good enough to tackle Sioux falls let get it out of the way...
it was 8:30 before we got home!!

a LONG day and trips like this just wear me i didn't get any further in my painting...
the doggies have their food and the pantry isn't so bare for us either
and new shoes for the car...arrive weds.

i hope the day went well for you!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

AEDM day 7

The stinging nettles are nearly finished...they have a luminescent appearance more than the picture shows.
Blend blend blend and then blend some more!
This piece is totally off course from the assignment...but that is okay the assignment didn't fit what i had in mind...
today i didn't paint as much as i should have to of finished this
but we cleaned windows and mopped floors instead
so i have a clean environment for creating...
it was a lovely day
warm to do the cleaning
so everything was easy to clean and dried well
next week that won't be the case
but oh my the flies!
i hope that the day went well for you...and you were creative in some fashion...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

AEDM day 6

Today was just beautiful outside! TOTALLY unusual for here this time of year.
That isn't the reason I didn't get very far in my painting though.

I kinda experienced some issues with it and thought about ditching it...then I began fixing on I don't really want to show it until tomorrow after I might have a chance to go further on it...sooo

Here is a hankie bowl in pastel...
Same techniques as in the previous bowl. Using powders and frits and vitreous stains and enamels with the kiln heat become permanent
to the design.

The top pictures gives an idea of the height and the bottom picture shows more of the detail...I don't think i brought it to the viewers attention, as with the other bowl both sides view the same.
Each of these bowls began on clear glass.

So I hope you had a wonderful day ...
Thank you for dropping in

Friday, November 5, 2010

AEDM day 5

This picture is just terrible but my battery on the camera just died so this is the best we have for is FAR from finished
but you can see all the texture happening in there...the underwater color the jellyfish beginning to take some shape
this is as far as i can go today...
even if you aren't participating IN the challenge I hope you are having an art experience of some kind
art everyday
it is good for the soul...heals the spirit...and improves mood...
thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

AEDM day 4

This has been the kind of day where you are needed everywhere right away.
A lot going on!
So...I didn't get a whole lot done in my studio therefore, I am showing a piece I had previously made.
This bowl is in a free form hankie shape. It began clear, but with added glass frits and powders, binders and kiln fire the design makes permanent to the glass..some vitreous staining was involved and vitreous enameling both of these techniques are rendered permanent in the high heats of the kiln as well...
remember each color is a specific temperature so each color represents a kiln visit
at said time
if the strict anneal schedules aren't adhered to the project will be explode.

Then..this is the beginning stage for the next painting I am attempting in the textures class
I am stencil poor and the next lesson shows such pretty stencils...(and I am not hand cutting any today!) so I am going to do the assignment with one of the other palettes and lets see if I am getting the program
I left the background is actually white
so the jellyfish and water marks (glossy) show
these are the underlayment for the next level...
i did discover that if i dry this in front of the fireplace
it dries in half the time...

I sure hope you had a decent art day
see ya tomorrow on day 5!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

AEDM day 3

This is day three of AEDM. I was not in my studio today so I finished a sag in the kiln as my piece of art to post. The kiln can for the most part operate alone. If i had a kiln sitter i could program the kiln the schedule of ramps of heat up and it would also go through the cool and anneal stage all through the program...but
i don't have a kiln is just me...but i KNOW my kiln and how long everything takes
and i am not fearful leaving it for small periods of time.
This bowl is part of my "splat" series. I call it this because to me it looks as if a drop of molten glass dropped to the floor...splat!
The bowl measure 9 inch diameter with a 1 1/2 inch drop to the scoop of the bowl. It is a taupe color with a light gray mix and black frits...the PERFECT size bowl to serve brie...just saying..
Thanks for dropping in to see what was done today and I hope if you haven't joined in you consider doing so. Art is your will feel better for playing and creating....go on ya know ya want to..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

AEDM day 2

My art for the day is also my texture assignment for Julie and Chris's Texture Town class.
This one has tons of texture in it and actually had several days of that drying before moving into the painting part...learning a LOT in their class!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

AEDM Challenge day 1

For the challenge AEDM day 1 I finished making up these 2 journals both are from paintings from Julie and Chris's texture town assignment. The books measure 51/2 x 7 1/2
3 signatures. 30 plus pages
I added a few extra pages in case the special someone who takes these books wants to work in paint the day, they will need to glue a couple of sheets together. The paper is 50# drawing weight. Perfect for anything not wet.

I did them up in the Coptic stitch which allows a book to lay flatter than is one book open.

This is the edge of the book to show my binding for the both of them.
I did the fronts and the back of each book at the same time so they would resemble each other.
Did YOU art today???
Join in the Art Every Day Month Challenge.
Thanks for coming by...come back tomorrow to make sure I arted..:)