Monday, August 31, 2009

Sketch One for... I am participating in this project hosted through Art House Coop..check it out you may want to participate! Participants are given a random generated theme. Mine is "and suddenly..." As I pondered the theme and how to depict it through my journal...(everyone is sent the same style and number of paged journal 80 pages both sides counted).
I thought since what i would do is depict South Dakota, where I live. As I live the "and suddenly..." kind of place, come most to life for me, I am beginning at the beginning. And suddenly! Craig up and moves me to pictorial South Dakota.

Traveling down the dirt road after having turned off the main road, traveling 2 miles west of the four way stop in will suddenly appear at my drive way. That suddenly appears amidst a grove a trees.

I began by gessoing the pages of the journal...these pages are rather thin, so I thought they might respond better if prepared a little. Also the page size is small 5.25x8.25, which limits your focal I will probably do a lot of 2 page spreads, plus that helps move me through the booklet ...and since these are due back to them by December 1, I need every advantage I can get for myself.
The first picture is the sketch begun.
Moving to picture 2 where I begin adding a little color. I used Derwent Inktense pencils and water to blend them.
Then the completed photo...the entrance to my drive.
Thank you for looking and stay posted...I have many more to bring out of!
Tomorrow begins Julia Prichard's Super Nova class.
Part one begins us making journals...not new to me, but I am always game for new approaches...Julia is a fun fun teacher
If I was in physical classroom experience...where we had to go wait, sign up, and HOPE there was still room in the class...I would camp out on the lawn of the administration office to make SURE I am signed up for this teachers session...and I would take everyone that she offered...twice even because you will get new information with each session...she is awesome!
check her out here..
she has little video enticements on her blog...have a look
So, I have a lot going on...check back soon

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nature's Bounty..

Momma bird has been sitting her nest for what seems like FOREVER! All the other nests hatched they learned to fly and away they went..

Isn't she cute!

Her baby has finally hatched...probably 3 or 4 days ago...that was when I noticed her feeding ...

Look close...see the little beak?

Purple sage is yet another variety...this is growing on our place..wild.

Nature is something to watch isn't it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday Bunny

Fleshed out painting..

More body to the painting...

This is what I have decided is done...I wanted an old looking piece, with crackle flakes...only my crackle didn't just crazed a little. after trying it a couple of times I gave up and just lettered the project ..aged a bit with a sepia-ish tone and I am calling it done.

On 5x7 canvas, used acrylic paints, permanent waterproof inks...and stamped for background noise.

My SIL is a bunny this I did for her kitchen or where ever she might decide it works...
I was also trying to get a feral looking bunny...bunnies are too cute to look mean I guess...he does look a little mad though.

Happy Birthday Donna!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Mission....

I am to take this old light fixture, from a church in Parkston, SD and fill the 4 lengths with colored glass.

Each side will house a different color but from basically these four colors plus the white to fill in if I run shy of the correct amount needed.

Total of 11 lights.

the area unscrews making it possible for the long piece to be placed into it should work.

I will cut 1 and make sure it can go in place...quote them the cost..
once approved I will cut the rest and grind the edges ...then the best part
THEY pick up and are going to put them all in...yay!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I think I have the top picture supposing to be in the middle
you get the idea...watching a piece morph along to a finished painting
Lots of layers going on here ...but until the end I really don't have sunny sunflowers...

I used golden acrylic products with inspiration from the sunflower photo shoot...stamps for some background noise...Bombay permanent inks..
Adding texture...

Added a phrase: You fill the world with your sunny smile and bright love...I printed the words on tissue paper and affixed that to the painting so I wouldn't mess up what I had going on...
Which brings us to the final outcome...
Angela's birthday painting...I know she won't see this she never visits my it will remain a surprise

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vintage View..

Antique windows have so much character.
This is the kitchen window at Fergie's (where I work).
Old wooden screen.
The kind that would be taken down at winter and a old wooden storm window placed up.
That is old dirt too...
This might become a background journal page.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunbathing Beauties

Aren't they beautiful! The fields are full of all varieties of sunflowers. These aren't the largest, but they were the closest I could get a decent photo of.

About another week, and they will begin turning for harvesting.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Growly Wind

I am placing this picture up large because I don't think it will open larger.
The only photo I have of it was finished crop ready for publication purposes. It went to a private owner before I could take further pictures. Since I haven't had either the time or inclination to produce anything new, I thought I would dig up something old.

This is the "Growly Wind".

Produced for a museum show I was booked in about 5 years ago.
This piece is my rendition of the elements that stuck in my mind of the Wizard of Oz. That would be why you see the monkeys and the slipper's and the wicked witch on her broom, and the wind creating its funnel cloud.

I was working in a different restaurant at the time. I was trying to create work to fill this one man show. When the wind began to blow exceptionally hard, since we were in tornado warnings that day we were all talking about them and I was referring to things from the Wizard of Oz and Ghena, (who now owns a different establishment and is my current boss) says "Mar, ya have to do that for the show...a piece called the growly wind" and that was how this came to be created.

This piece was totally made by hand including the glass. Which I replicated the recipe from the glass handbook and poured myself. All the colors were minerals and ores I researched and added.
The art on the glass is rendered in stainer's techniques as described in the post below this.

This was a technically challenging piece for me, as I am NOT a chemist. It turned out well though.

The rest of the story went like this:

Barb (the owner and boss of the then establishment I was working) and I were standing at the door watching this tree lay over as the wind picked up and she says low behind me...
"look I see a monkey...I says oh!! I see it tooo...a customer who we did not know was overhearing us...says where is a monkey...????
well we busted out laughing...
and explained which she was not amused...but
whenever I see this picture it brings this story to mind.

Today we are having horrid weather conditions ripe for tornado's so here we go...

thanks for looking