Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Creek Runs...

This fused glass platter started as a clear sheet of glass. Most of the colors I use are hand ground glass by me, as glass frit. Sifted to collect particle size as powder and then coarser pieces. A person can purchase ready made frit. I use that as well.
This piece has the frit added until the color saturation was the opacity I was looking for, (achieved with many kiln firings) the blue and yellow, swirled. As the slab developed it was taking on a flow.
We have gone through several years of no flowing creeks where I live, in South Dakota. When we received many inches of rain. The run off has filled the creeks.
The swirling pattern in the slab reminded me of a flowing creek.
To enhance the flow I added powdered frit to give it a little more depth.
The dragonflies wings were stamped using finely ground glass in powder form and mixing a binding agent and fluxes to the powder, creates a stain. To use as paint.
This is fired into the glass and permanent. The bodies are glass frit. Sagged into a mold to get the shaped vessel.

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Dianne said...

Hey Mary
That one worked, I love the glass plate beautiful, I LOVE glass work but the only thinkg I cna di is make mosaics with broken stained glass. Making glass is a true art.
Noe for you Walleye is fabulous great work, so it seems you can work in a lot of other mediums..
I've bookmarked you to visit again.
If you go to Trish site
She has all sorts of info on her site, lots of knowlege to learn there. A section on inks where she explains everthing.. Well have a look around her site, she is also in our group...