Tuesday, June 19, 2018

July 14, 2018 Join in this FULL day!

An amazing information packed day!
I was once VERY intimidated using Lightroom and Photoshop.
Are you in this place?

Here is an example of a finished version of the 'Old Barn'. 
One of the planned projects for Photoshop today.
In this version, the Horses are larger and in the foreground, yet the whole perspective remains true.
We are going to become familiar with the Transform key.
This key helps enlarge or shrink proportionately with the image theme, and keeps the perspective correct.
A most useful tool when you want to change the story of the picture.
This is a second version of the 'Old Barn'.
As you can see I pushed the Horses into the background.
Changing the entire feel of the story board.
Yet it keeps to perspective.
The Transform key is the bomb!!!

This image of the horses and the next of the old barn, are what comprises the project.

This is the old barn. 
When I took the picture it was really washed out.  I didn't check the setting on my camera and I took a extremely poor image.  But, I was able to bring it back to life in Lightroom.
We are going to go over Lightroom so you can begin your Photoshop projects with the best images.

A LOT you can do in Lightroom!!  Bring the image back to life all the way through to changing the entire appeal of the image, with some pretty spiffy pre-sets.
I am going to show you where to find them and then load them.
I am amazed with Pre-sets!! Truly !!!
They are the semi-automatic foolproof shortcut, that begins the process of editing your image. 

Layering images, using brushes, FX features, blur are to name just a few of the things we cover in this class. 
This class is jam packed with a LOT of information.
We are going to work through a LOT of images and at least 2 projects. 
 Allowing time for working up your images.  Making them tell the story you imagine different, from the single image your camera shot!

I have notes from when I took classes that are going home with you as references.  If you experience a snag, do not hesitate to contact me, we can work through any issue on google chat, using screen share.
I am not just 'leaving' you to figure out what you might miss. 

Photoshop and Lightroom are super amazing tools.  !!!
I was once hugely intimidated working in them and knew just the barest of the barest to get a fair image.  Looking back, this was silly of me, the programs are so worth getting to know.  As I was, you are going to be so glad you have moved forward to using them!

I wouldn't want to miss this workshop!  The opportunity to learn in a small class.  Being able to have my questions answered.  Answered until I understood!  To me a hands on approach is a better way of learning.

This is that opportunity!

See you there! 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Next Event in Platte, SD from The Stagecoach Gallery

Open to ALL AGES!

Already popular and filling.  Don't wait too long to sign up for this one. 

Mom's are ON IT for something special to do with the fellas.

Join in the fun filled afternoon: painting a canvas and eating cake!

Take away some guided painting lessons with a canvas painting to keep and frame to remember the special time and memories you created.

Painting is a wonderful freeing experience that brings joy.
Eating cake brings joy!
Drinking ice-cream punch is just plain yummy.

Just what could be more fun?

Come on and take some time for fun, bonding, and a little learning mixed in.

www.stagecoachplatte.com/events  is one place to RSVP
call 605-337-2308 and get your questions answered right away.
email~ mshemeral@midstatesd.net

This is a space limited event.
OPEN NOW for making reservations.
Will close to reservations June 13 or when FULL
To make final preparations.

Thank you!

Monday, April 30, 2018

On May 12

The Stagecoach Gallery is hosting an event/ Father & Daughter (s) Paint Date, May 12 is the date.

This event is being held at the River Hills Lodge~East, where we will partake in partying with our special dates in a guided painting and break time will include cupcakes and punch.

The focus I had imagined when I created this event, is for fathers to have a meaningful time spent with their ladies. 
If the daughter (s) have not begun the dating thing, this is the opportunity for Dad to show their girl how a date should be approached. 
To let them see that respect is expected from their dates.

It is my hope that Dad "asks for their dates", make the event a super special day. 
Perhaps follow through with some flowers;  Brooke has a special for flowers from ~ Platte Floral ~ please call her to make arrangements. 

Then a fun special time will be spent painting.

Have you thought about something more than a movie, some quality bonding time, get to know your daughter time, have fun mingling with others, show the children how to have fun.

For the Dads with Daughter(s) who already date ~ this is a special time to spend with your special lady.  How often are you taking the time for some quality time spending with your ladies.
Making memories!

Here is that opportunity!

There are just a few places left for this event, grab one now!

Look on the website and see what past fun times were like,

I am looking forward to seeing you there!

June ~ is Mother & Son (s) Paint Date!!!  Maybe help teach your son how a ladies is treated.  Use these opportunities for guiding tools.

Contact me ~ Mary ~ mshemeral@midstatesd.net

Friday, April 27, 2018

Creating New THE Process!

I am going to begin by first showing a close up the eye. You will not be able to see it in the pictures, they do not translate well, you DO see it in real life.
Typically, I am advised to show just one picture at a time but, I am going to go through the whole process in creating "Wa Tatanka" (Lakota for Snow Buffalo)

A rough outline of my imagined Buffalo.  I am seeing him in the midst of a huge blizzard.  I hope in the end you think I pulled him through.

I added a few placement details with charcoal.  Sometimes I go into more detail with this step.  I plan to have so much obscured that I don't this project.

Laying in some darker areas and beginning to add a bit of the snow.  I am working in oils now and I can only work so far before I need to let the project rest.

It doesn't look like much is added.  Using a palate knife, I am beginning to add the blizzard.

Strengthening the animals features, remaining obscure.

You can see that I am darkening the one side a lot more than the other.  Remember this is a snowing blizzard the Buffalo is trapped in.  Not a lot of details will be available to anyone witnessing this in the open.

Now I am going to slowly add the blizzard, here also I have begun the eye which you can hardly see at all, which is why I showed it first for you.

Still not enough snow but the piece is pretty loaded with the paints and I let it rest several days.

Then I finish up.  This project is curing a bit before I add the varnish and frame.  Even though I will soon have it on the gallery wall for sale.  If bought from a collector who needs to have this shipped, I will need to wait a few weeks before I ship it.  If bought from a local collector, they can let it cure on their wall just the same.

I hope you enjoyed watching the process.

Look at the gallery pages on the website.  There will be additions from the artists presenting to the Stagecoach listed for all to inquire about.

Have a fabulous day!



How did the Open House go?

Open House was such a pleasant day!

The weather cooperated, so Brenda Dehaan was able to get to our event and bring all her fabulous new work!! 

She also brought copies of her new book The Craft Fair Vendor Guidebook. 
You can find her book on amazon.com
So well laid out and she gives a LOT of information helping even the professional vendor participant with tips, making the experience even better!

Sharon Huizenga, (owner and photographer for the Platte Enterprise, our local newspaper) stopped in to snag a few pictures and she kindly included our event in this weeks edition.

Above is Brenda and I posing behind her new work and the book, and then I am behind the food table.  You can see quite a bit of work that is displayed in the gallery.

We had visitors from all over including many of our town business owners, who dropped in to give their regards!  ♥

All in all a really nice day!!

Thank you, EVERYONE who took time out of their day to come in, pay their respects, visit with Brenda, say hello, and browse all the fabulous new!  You are ALL so appreciated.

Don't forget to look on the website for future events. 

Monday, April 9, 2018

Due to BAD WEATHER...Change for Open House Event


Last night Brenda DeHaan (our visiting artist), called to alert me to the newest update weather report!

Saturday..with a gazillion mile per hour winds...!!
These conditions are not spring like in the least!  
Her calendar was open to re-plan, to attend April 21.
We rescheduled the event to April 21, 2018  Beginning at 11!!!
Please change your planners to reflect our reschedule date and PLAN to attend!
It is also my Birthday, so do come in and have a piece of cake!
See you THEN!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

New Event added for August

A new event has just been added to the Stagecoach Gallery calendar.
August 18, 2018
7 pm-9 pm (approximately)
Couples Paint Date
RSVP begins June 1, 2018
through website, or contact Mary
605-337-2308/  mshemeral@midstatesd.net
Everything is included for the painting project.
Simple snacks and punch for everyone; wine if over 21
ALL ages of couples encouraged!
This is a fun event, come and join in the good times
Let's make memories!!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Stagecoach Gallery
FIRST Newsletter!
click the link to read on-line

Be sure to sign your e-mail up to receive future newsletters about all that is going on at the Gallery.
New work arriving, new artists being represented, workshops, class opportunity, guided events and so much more!!!

There is always something happening at the Gallery!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

2018 Season BEGINS!

I have been placing out new work all over the Gallery!
It has taken me a week to get all the pieces in place and dust and make ready for the new season!!
We are beginning the new season!
It is 2018!
There is a LOT planned!

Our first event is April 14 and begins at 11 am.  Brenda DeHaan will visit and bring with her crystals and gems and talk about their powerful connection.  Join us in a warm welcome, please stop by and look at all the new she alone is offering!

And take in what all our artists are presenting.  Our lovely work has fabulous price points already, with a few additional incentives.  THIS day ONLY!

Refreshments are served until 4pm.
We also have printed brochures explaining the upcoming planned events.  Which are also on the website:  www.stagecoachplatte.com  check there now for more detailed information!
Do NOT wait for signing up to the event that interests you, they are space limited and tend to fill quickly!
Plan to sign up on April 14th if not before!!!
April 1 begins the mass sign ups!
As a follower of the Stagecoach Gallery you are the individual who wants unique one ~ of a ~ kind
Come on in to help us celebrate the beginning of spring.  You are sure to not be disappointed!

Friday, March 9, 2018


When we arrived home from Texas, back into South Dakota, a blizzard was on the horizon!

The blizzard was pretty and intense!

In all actuality there was not a LOT of snow.
About 5 inches. 

BUT, the blowing snow made for some fairly huge mounds of gathered snow.
Like here at the gate that we close at night, but open in the day for the creatures to run in the sectioned off trees.

As you see there was a little blockage.

Today is about 4 days since the blizzard was finished.
As I walk out to the hiking trees there is quite a bit of ice, from snow melting.

And a lot of snow has melted but, there is still quite a bit in places.

The critters enjoy the snow.  They played snow games and rolled in the snow and ate the snow.
Only Baby, our 15 year old Lab, had some issues walking in the snow.

In a few weeks the Gallery will re-open!

April 15th is the re-opening Open House!!!  Be sure to come in and visit with Brenda DeHaan of Rockin Crystals.  She is informative about the stones and creative with them as jewelry!

Visit:  www.stagecoachplatte.com/events  to view the start of the events this season. 
Plan to attend!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

The New Logo

Sometimes I am really challenged with these programs.
I noticed something I wanted to fix from when I had earlier created this post.  When I went to fix it, I deleted the post.
So, you get to see this posted out again.

Before I asked if you thought this was a memorable logo?

I have designed this logo to become a stamp to mark bags and any papers leaving the gallery.

The website is marked on it and I hope you visit there if you haven’t .
It is not finished but, I have made quite a bit of progress with it!
While you are there, please sign up for the future newsletter, just enter your email when in the site.

Thank you for all your support! And visiting today.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

More Pictures from Sunday's Outing

Found at the older site, the one shown the last post
is this marker dating 1940
There were other markings as well but, I couldn't make them out.
Across the path from this old house was a HUGE grainery
Along the path we were visited by the Buffalo.  Rescued and in a multi fenced compound.
They are very well taken care of.

On a different section of this ranch is this old establishment!
I LOVE the window shapes

Excursions that provide old estates and animals are the best Photo opportunities EVER!
Thank you for visiting!
Check out the new website and the changes I made today!
Can you see what has been added?

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Going On A Outing!

We are headed out today.

We visited the very far back side of an old ranch.
We are currently in Texas.

And found the old homestead, built of stone.  There was even a cellar!

and an outside oven!

I will continue our excursion in the next post!

On the way home we encountered a young kitty...a BOBCAT kitty!
She is sitting in our path on our road.

She sat and sat and sat.. She is so young she couldn't figure out what we were then,

She scampered off.

I saw lots of critters on this outing!!!

More later.

Thank you for visiting.
Be sure to check out the new website and please sign up for the future newsletter :)