Friday, March 9, 2018


When we arrived home from Texas, back into South Dakota, a blizzard was on the horizon!

The blizzard was pretty and intense!

In all actuality there was not a LOT of snow.
About 5 inches. 

BUT, the blowing snow made for some fairly huge mounds of gathered snow.
Like here at the gate that we close at night, but open in the day for the creatures to run in the sectioned off trees.

As you see there was a little blockage.

Today is about 4 days since the blizzard was finished.
As I walk out to the hiking trees there is quite a bit of ice, from snow melting.

And a lot of snow has melted but, there is still quite a bit in places.

The critters enjoy the snow.  They played snow games and rolled in the snow and ate the snow.
Only Baby, our 15 year old Lab, had some issues walking in the snow.

In a few weeks the Gallery will re-open!

April 15th is the re-opening Open House!!!  Be sure to come in and visit with Brenda DeHaan of Rockin Crystals.  She is informative about the stones and creative with them as jewelry!

Visit:  to view the start of the events this season. 
Plan to attend!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

The New Logo

Sometimes I am really challenged with these programs.
I noticed something I wanted to fix from when I had earlier created this post.  When I went to fix it, I deleted the post.
So, you get to see this posted out again.

Before I asked if you thought this was a memorable logo?

I have designed this logo to become a stamp to mark bags and any papers leaving the gallery.

The website is marked on it and I hope you visit there if you haven’t .
It is not finished but, I have made quite a bit of progress with it!
While you are there, please sign up for the future newsletter, just enter your email when in the site.

Thank you for all your support! And visiting today.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

More Pictures from Sunday's Outing

Found at the older site, the one shown the last post
is this marker dating 1940
There were other markings as well but, I couldn't make them out.
Across the path from this old house was a HUGE grainery
Along the path we were visited by the Buffalo.  Rescued and in a multi fenced compound.
They are very well taken care of.

On a different section of this ranch is this old establishment!
I LOVE the window shapes

Excursions that provide old estates and animals are the best Photo opportunities EVER!
Thank you for visiting!
Check out the new website and the changes I made today!
Can you see what has been added?

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Going On A Outing!

We are headed out today.

We visited the very far back side of an old ranch.
We are currently in Texas.

And found the old homestead, built of stone.  There was even a cellar!

and an outside oven!

I will continue our excursion in the next post!

On the way home we encountered a young kitty...a BOBCAT kitty!
She is sitting in our path on our road.

She sat and sat and sat.. She is so young she couldn't figure out what we were then,

She scampered off.

I saw lots of critters on this outing!!!

More later.

Thank you for visiting.
Be sure to check out the new website and please sign up for the future newsletter :)

Friday, February 23, 2018

New Website

Please visit:

I have not been ignoring my blog, exactly.  All of my energy has been going to researching HOW to build a website.
Yes I have had websites.
ALL built by someone else, making them nearly impossible for me to update.

We all know the importance of a website.

Finally, I found a company that had a template with easy to navigate methods to use and build the site.
I also think, that the image viewing has better optic resolution than most site host builders.

I am happy with the start I have on building an informative website.
One that will change often and grow as the galllery grows.

The Stagecoach Gallery offers classes and workshops, and throughout the site is informative examples, to help a person choose the event that resonates with them best.
And/or gain ideas how to build a activity to suite a group or their individual special desires.

Pages are in progress about the artwork that is found inside the gallery walls.
With information about the artist. Be sure to visit these pages.
We are proud to present each artist and admire each genre and style!

It is time to unveil my most recent efffort.
Please visit:
Sign up for the future news letter, please!

Thank you so much for taking the time to look!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Itch is Growing

As I show the progression of the Buffalo Scratch in acrylics.  You will see a slight difference.  Unless you look at them side by side.

Here is where I am at the moment.  Layering thin layers so that the depth grows.  It takes awhile to achieve where I want to take this buffalo but, the patience will be worth the effort in the end.

the beginning


adding more
by adding thin layers the depth grows gradually.
I need to mention as well, I am using a limited palette.
In the art camp retreat next summer we will explore limited palette and mixing paints!
Middle of June,  As soon as I have secured a Lodge to hold the event we will talk in depth.
Is there an interest in coming to beautiful South Dakota for a workshop in painting?
Let me know!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Get set....

I am getting caught up!

Even I find that hard to believe. 
I published my first on-line class. 
That whole process was quite the learning experience.
Building The Scene For Better Paintings is soon going to be re-launched as self-paced.

I am working on another on-line class that involves improving soldering skills.
The projects are making soldered charms, affixing the loop and making a wand.
The skills we go over are basic to using solder, flux, and soldering tools. 
With a slight introduction to decorating projects using solder and iron with the rheostat.
Soon to be launched!!

Stay tuned!

Also in the think tank is another art camp/retreat next June 2017.  A 5 day experience working with acrylics, charcoals, and other fun art tools.  Aimed for growing your range and confidence!

Stay tuned for more information about this!

In the mean time this is the beginning of The Scratching Post...Mixed media 4 ft. tall x 24 inches wide.

Come watch the progression for this project.

So far the layout has sketched in with charcoal and has been started using acrylics.  The painting is developing on a wood substrate covered with plaster.

Plaster gives the piece added texture to begin the project from.  Leave the texture the level it is or grow it to thicker textures throughout the process.
Textures gives added dimension and helps the story of the subject matter.

Follow along!  I have a lot to inform you about!!
Thank you for visiting ♥

Monday, February 1, 2016

R and R 155th Guard event Canvas Paint

January 29th I was invited to guide the family members of the 155th Guard from SD in a canvas painting during their R and R day.

There was a lot going on!
Drawings for donated items!
A massage table set up for massages!
Children care with games and movies.
Lunch had just been served when I arrived.

After we cleaned up from a delicious feast, I set up.

Our inspiration piece was to be a patriotic theme,  Combined a eagle over a flag.

a group of participants diligently working on their projects.

 Another table of ladies working on their projects!

A few of the children participated too and they have skills!
20 participants today!!!
A few of them left before I could get a finished photo but here are a few of the  finished projects.  They ALL did amazing!
Learned how relaxing the process is and learned they CAN do this!
(and she didn't think she could do this!)
I had a fantastic time encouraging and guiding this group of warriors.
Thank you for having me!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ever Changing

As an artist I am always challenging myself to grow my range.

To do this I take classes.  I go to workshops, I take on-line classes with Artists whose style I like, techniques I admire or want to know more about.

One thing artists do to grow is constantly look to change.

I have a bazillion interests.
Some I have mastered but, never to the extent that I won't still find growth.  Even in mastered genres I look to grow my range.

EVERY instructor, or fellow artists has a twist to offer.  A special something to learn.

Currently, I am exploring interesting mark making to draw a viewer into the subject I am expressing.
To help me in this interesting process I am taking an on-line course with Gillian Cox.

She is an amazing instructor whose technical applications can grow your range across the board.
Be you painter or sketcher, her skills are thrilling to watch then incorporate into your own unique approach.

I have much more practice to undergo to get softer and lose more of my image to gain a more expressive painting but, that is part of the lovely process of growing.

Here is one of my practice pieces.

A bee in flight.

Still strong in my execution but I learned so much about offering expression.

Check out Ms. Gillian Cox on Pinterest or her blog you will enjoy her work.

Thank you for coming by.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Finishing Fencepost Building Layers

Blending is a key component when painting. 
Blending well, transitions the level of the painting seamlessly.

Sometimes blending is not the technique to grab and use but, knifing the paint in is better desired.  Especially for building up the texture, depending on the subject that is being defined.

When knifing paint, typically the tool of choice is a palette knife.  Consider using a brush as well.

Using a brush will gain a spotty hit or miss application less dense than using a palette knife, with similar results.

Lets go and view this little clip that is going to gradually show how the post is build up with layers of old look, using a brush for a palette knife.

Thank you for coming in today.

This demo has been built for a paint party at the Platte Nursing Home.  A senior activity that will include the family members and anyone else who wishes to join in the fun.

Our senior participants requested a subject they could relate to and not take down seasonally.  Since most of the Seniors in Platte were involved in farm and ranching operations, many as their career business, I felt they could relate to the pasture fence post.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

More for Painting the Pasture Fence Post

Let's continue building the painting I am going to teach with the Seniors at the Nursing Home next week.
I don't show everything because I have to keep a video to 3 minutes.
You can sure have a paint party of your own though and get a lot more from an In Real Life lesson.

Moving forward, fence posts have a gazillion colors in them.  You can't pick any wrong one so, pick colors you like.  It will work.

This post is kept to greens and browns and white.
NOTHING is solid color it is all layers.

Enjoy this clip as you watch the post grow.

Thank you for looking.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lets Have a Paint Party...Okay, what do I do?

This is my THIRD attempt to bring a video into a blog post.  I HOPE I am successful with it this time!

So, you want to have a Painting Party, a wine and canvas, a girls event, a special birthday event...etc.

What do I do? 
1.)  First you contact Mary! :)
2.)  You give me the date I check the calendar. 
(IF a special day is very very important, DO NOT wait until the week before to book the event.  The chance that date is taken is high)
3.)  We discuss subject to paint.  (I get a little background about the group to get a feel for what they may like to paint)
4.)  After I ponder the subject a little bit I do a Demo to present to the initiator of the event.  They can show the group or leave that as a surprise, or use it for advertising purposes if a public event, such as a wine tasting event at a local pub.

I am going to go through a little series showing the process of a painting, one I am using as a Demo.

Video one is giving the painting a background.  I use acrylics.  For many they have never used acrylic paints.  So not only do they go home with a finished painting.  They learn a little about using unfamiliar materials.  Therefor, the party doubles as a lesson.  A sneaky happy aftermath.

I hope you enjoy my little series and follow along.

More I hope the video actually arrives this time :).  Thank you for stopping in!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Jan 1, 2016

I am going to try to be a lot better about blogging this year!  Last year I learned a lot about how to produce an on-line class you can learn about that here.
This was an extensive learning accomplishment!
I am beginning the new year with a clean studio!  My studio is rather plain when it comes to decorative features, but it houses a lot of technical supplies and those tend to inspire me.  A little tour..?..why sure!
Long view 1 encompassing the left side of the room

Long view 2 showing the right side of the room

Shows my Jewelry station that doubles as my desk

This is my journaling station

My painting station
ALL tables will become glass stations!
I began clearing out all the Christmas at the Gallery as well.
Updated views for there to follow in a few days.
I don't make resolutions.  My intentions are to make the best decisions possible at the time. 
To create MORE
and to explore more this thing called...adventure.
I am also trying to better my photography skills
a lot of practice will be witnessed here throughout the year.
Join me as I share my adventures
as we begin the new chapter