Friday, August 10, 2007


We have been having terrible storms lately. I haven't neglected my promise to myself for journaling. The last 2 days I have spent decorating pages for journal purposes. I have also made the coffin for the bowl I am working on. When that is completed I will post it. I ordered an Ann Baldwin CD, in hopes she might help me with my problems I am having finishing and correcting my mistakes on the Buffalo project.


Karen said...

I was in the class where Ann Baldwin made her dvd, and she is just wonderful! I think you'll love it--it'll be something you'll watch again and again.

What's 'wrong' with the Buffalo piece? I'll have to go read more!

Love your work!

Mary S Hunt said...

I was on your blog this morning!!! You have a wonderful blog!!!

for anyone wanting to see for yourself.
How nice of you to visit.

I looked at the Ann Baldwin DVD, twice, she offers a LOT!
and you were on it!~ how cool is that!