Thursday, December 13, 2007


Me and my friend the wind blew over to Mitchell today.

Went to The Prairie Breeze Gallery to take Cindy some pieces of glass I worked up, cause she asked me too!
LOVE that!

Seems like anytime I go there it is windy as all get out. It can be calm for weeks, months probably years! but just as soon as it is time for me to go, the wind will force a puff...just for me.

I don't suppose I would know how to drive the distance not clutching the steering wheel to make sure I don't blow into the other lane, or the ditch.

Cindy was having an incredible day of sales, I hope her marathon continued after I left.
I will find out tomorrow, she had called, but I missed it and when I rang back ...she must have still been celebrating and didn't pick up.
I hope she called to say she sold some of my stuff too.

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