Saturday, September 1, 2007

Feeling The Love

The whole day was a blur.

I was steady busy all day with people milling through at the Gallery I work in town. It has artwork from our locals and then antique shop in the back, interesting place actually. A museum is downstairs.

The heat snuck up on us again and the campers were coming into town for a stroll into A/C!
In the mist of all these gazers 2 people are interested in stained glass classes. TWO in one day! If the others on my list are still interested...we have a class.

Then, 2 people are interested in learning backgrounds and different applicable techniques for journals or cards...whatever...they arrive Monday at 11 am.
I cleaned my studio up some when I arrived home.

THEN, my son JR has a fused plaque on his deck outside. One of his buddies must really like it he phoned and ordered one for a wedding present.
This is pretty amazing to me, the young people these days do not put a whole lot of thought into a gift, or seem to even appreciate art, at least around here.

I am cruising my favorite blogs looking at their updates and cool would it be when someone adds my blogspot to their "interesting" list....and there I WAS!
That is a thrill.
Especially since I haven't really been building an interesting site.
I was feeling the love though.
Great Day!

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