Sunday, September 2, 2007


Sunday without Craig around (the husband) as he is in Texas, is rather slow. He keeps things hopping.
It turned off very hot again today.
After morning dog chores for here (we have 14, English Setters and English Labradors) and the lodge kennels (another place I work, River Hills Lodge...I work in the kennels tending the hunting dogs mostly).
I didn't want to go out much more after that.
Which is just as well, I needed to set up the studio for the lessons tomorrow.
Then I thought I better practice the lesson so I would "look" smooth and have an example. Of course THEN I had to RE-clean the studio.

A call came from my sister in VA. Mom, after just recuperating from hip surgery, fell AGAIN! and broke the bone (thigh) on the same side. So now she has to have surgery again. With all the same worries.

I just finished up kennel chores. I let them wait tonight so the heat would simmer down a little.

And that is the exciting day.

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