Sunday, November 18, 2007


I am feeling especially fortunate lately.

My work is selling in the galleries faster than I can make the pieces.

I went for a meeting to talk about church windows.
What could be done, helping the group make selections for designs and overall unity for theme. 8 windows comprise the surround of the chapel.
There is a lovely unit over the alter.
Has flourishes in the corners and touches throughout the design around a center that could have been a medallion but didn't have anything painted there. The 8 windows, it was decided would have the mimic of the design from the alter window and surround the room with the center of the 8 windows to have painted depictions from the bible in a timeline around the room.
This much was decided today, that and that I will be doing them!!!

I got the job!

Over the next couple of weeks I will draft the overall design and color it somewhat so they can get a feel for the finished unit.
And have samples of glass sent that might match what is in the alter unit.

From there I draft the scenes that I will be painting for the centers of their choice of bible story.

This is excellent for Janet, who will be apprenticing the job.
She is very excited to be involved and will learn so much.

She will for sure be good at grinding the glass edges by the time we are completing the 8th unit!
More to come on this topic for sure.

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