Monday, January 25, 2010

Suzi class Goddess and Poet

Sketching Suzi style was a bit of a challenge for me. I tend to be a stricter formal style. While Suzi is fantasy and formal mixed. Perfect blend for mixed media for sure!
After about 3 sketches I landed one I am going to use for the final big project.
This is the shade sketch we begin with.
Oh and she gives an excellent tutorial for shade/gray scale.
This sketch is okay except for her lips are a bit fuller than I intended but she will do...
The angel class I did (an earlier post) I didn't exactly give my fullest to achieve a rendition worthy of Suzi I am trying to be more faithful in this class... :)
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


A couple of months ago, Marlon owner/boss of Fergies here in town, approached me.
I am hosting this pool tournament next month and we need awards done.

No problem...
(I sandblast and etch)

Noooo...(he states!) I want different.

Suuurrre you do ...
everyone wants unique. So what do you have in mind?

I don't want etched/blasted awards...I want ARTY looking!
(he says with a growl)

OHHHHHH now you're talking.

I wasn't sure image transfers would exactly work on glass. Slick surface of glass doesn't generally hold tooth.

But with experimentation we found it did fine..a little delicate...but Marlon was okay with it.
He likes the transparency effect the transfers backing rubbed off leaves.

So it is a collaboration born.

Marlon produced the artwork for the awards and I did the technical stuff.
(he was thrilled to be working on these things...why he doesn't actively pursue art in some fashion I haven't a clue...but that's another story)

The awards were born today....

as typical fashion in my didn't all go smooth.
The awards were in Marlons office at Fergies, being measured and fitted for their 'new look'...I had picked up the small begin their transferring process but, left the HUGE number 1 trophy there...this thing is 14 inches tall!!!

He wasn't finished fitting it to its new wardrobe...and the shelf came away from the wall
fell onto the trophy
and smashed it to smithereens!!!!

he calls me Monday

so i get another one fed expressed and it arrived this afternoon
barring any other mishaps...(and I AM guarding them!)...this last trophy the number one dude
should be finished by its deadline

I cut things close...but I think this is the closest I have come.

The top picture shows the awards in various stages of drying
and the second picture shows the transfer in progress....

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Sunday, January 10, 2010


This years word i think is going to be
i sure need it in all areas...
so practice practice practice...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Color Workshop!

Julie Prichard has another excellent class to consider...COLOR! take the confusion of mixing color/colorwheel
learn how to fix goofs...working with acrylics

check her out...I really think you will be impressed with the amount of information this woman offers as a teacher (from past class experience)
she is so encouraging
linking up with Golden expert Chris Cozen
this workshop just can't miss...

check out her promo her blog her ning for her ning members

Monday, January 4, 2010

Classes!!! classes classes...

I LOVE classes! And what better way than to take an online class...convenience, yes.
Camaraderie, yes!
Instruction...well yes!
for me
the BEST part is I get a readied project to practice with.

I don't so much need to "learn" a skill, as to practice the skills I already have. (you might feel the same way!)
No matter your level, practice is always key to staying on your game.

It is ALWAYS interesting to see a different may even learn something new there!

I am a busy person, and so are you...
planning my own enticing and i let it go and let it go
and no practicing...
nothing new...booooooring hunh!

SO many unique classes are being offered this year on line...I will tell the few I am enrolled in
or plan to take...

This is such a great way to keep motivated, be inspired, learn a new technique, or practice with old ones seen in a different approach...I encourage you to take class
be it on line or in a physical studio..

Have a great motivated inspirational beginning to your new year!

I have enrolled in
Suziblu's Goddess and poets...just began

DJ Pettits photo workshop...just began

I plan to enroll in Sharon's class ...she is Norah's blog on the right side

and Julie Prichards newest workshop!!! which sounds just awesome...

these are just a few of many many offered classes...go find one you connect to...and have a great creative spell.

In the future I plan to offer on line classes myself...I have to get all the technicalities of working programs and filming down
then get down to the lessons
maybe this summer

Would you be interested in learning to use the soldering iron more proficiently?
with projects such as box making and solder decorating..simple projects wands...
not so much learn flat panel...I think that is a course better taken with a live instructor
to catch mistakes before they become bad habits, and learn easy approaches...

the classes I will offer up will not require that you have stained glass backgrounds
just a soldering iron, solder, rheostat, and some glass

You can learn all kinds of preliminary basics through simple projects...then continue your quest, should you wish learning how to build panels, perhaps through a local artisan near you...

I DO offer the classes here, but I might be a tad far away for you to get to me...hence,
the next best thing


GOOOOO getcha one!!!