Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2 W 4 1/2 S

This is where I am with the painting 2 W 4 1/2 S...

Here is the last updated version...I smoothed out the 'bulls eye' effect around 'Platte' and brightened it up some. Added texture. I am not sure if it is finished yet...for one thing the picture has a little glare to it. Eventually i hope to be done with this one!
you can click on the picture and bring them up to see them better...thank you for looking.

Snow Doggies

Blizzarding today! In the one picture you can see the snow and the winds are blowing. Here Baby (in the front) Snowflake (middle) and Roach are helping clear the snow out of their kennels.

They love to play in the snow...I tried to capture some pictures of that but I wasn't successful...maybe tomorrow.
This is part of the kennels then you see off the driveway joining the road...you can't see across the road the snow is thick.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Update on Window Restoration Project

Progress is surely being made with this unit.

But let us follow through the process:
First let me say that the artisan of yesterday, who ever he was, he did a fine job of cutting this glass.
He didn't have the nice pivotal easy handled cutter we can use today.
Nor did he have an electric grinder for smoothing the edges. His was a file for smoothing the edge, lots of hand work!
His only choice for holding the glass together was the lead method.
Two choices today.
The lead method: by which strips of channeled lead are stretched to make rigid, then soldered at the meeting points once wrapped around the glass, and cemented.
The copper-foil method introduced through Louis Tiffany, which has been greatly modified and improved since introduction! The foil, now with adhesive on the back, wraps around each piece of glass, then is soldered into place. Lots of steps are eliminated, plus for me it is a lot easier to reinforce. I use a flat metal that slips in between the glass, giving the total unit added strength.
All this now explained.
After I trued up the pieces of glass, they were cleaned of their cement deposits, then foiling begins.
Just as you imagine the foil is wrapped around the glass then smoothed with a fid (straight stick) so it is adhered well.
The whole unit ready to solder

These are the tools that I used to cut or break the glass to fit and then foil.
These are the tools I traded to begin soldering. The solder iron, its rheostat, flux, and solder. Now I begin soldering the unit together. Reinforcing it for strength at the same time.


I have been honored to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award, recognized through http://alteredbooklover.blogspot.com/ thank you!

OK Kreativ Blogger nominees, here is what you need to do:
1. Snag the logo and place it on your blog.
2. Link to the person who sent the award to you. That would be me (http://www.maryshunt.blogspot.com/ )
3. Name seven things about yourself people might find interesting.
4. Nominate seven Kreativ Bloggers.
5. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate.
6. Leaves a message on the blog of each of your nominees.
Naming 'just' 7 artisans is always so difficult for me. I visit and follow and learn of so many incredible creative people.
Here goes:
Mary has creations to watch grow on her blog just FULL of imagination.
She is always experimenting and worth the visit!
Anne explains and explains every little detail in her card making, and her experiments with paint.
She has a most informative place.
grrl has the wittiest postings, her thoughts are honestly right out there for everyone to read. Weather you agree or not she is well worth the read!
Kathryn is the moderator for soul journaling a group who formed after the inspiring challenge Sarah Whitmire began last year, which has taken off into a total realm on itself.
She offers inspiration to continue the soul quest through detailed prompts that make a person think into their self or appreciate as they should and offers projects that help make that journal a beautiful piece of art.
Diane has been recently ill, however her blog is not to be dismissed! She has a plethora postings to work through with inspiration there for the plucking.
Diane has a lot different things happening in her blog worth looking through for all kinds of inspiration.
Sharon can spin a story. Currently she has been telling the viewer about her sleuthing out the family details of the past. She has found out so much and the story is unfolded on her blog.
Check it out!
Ruby is the youngest among those I follow, and should not be dismissed for youth. She has fabulous energy and composition boasts upon her blog.
Everyone has inspiration abound! Most of the bloggers I follow have already received this prestigious award. I tried to identify blogs without this patch. If I missed it and you don't want to play again I understand.
I have to mention 8...visit this awesome blog
her work is just fabulous!!! talk about inspiring...
Alright...7 things...you might not know..oh !find interesting! (well I am not sure I AM interesting)but here ya go:
1. I have worked in calving barns helping deliver and take care of young calves. (did this for the past 7 years, before moving to SD I didn't think about cows, how they lived, where they came from...they were just supper!)
2. I am a waitress
3. I train dogs
4. 26 years I worked as a 'waterwoman' heh heh ..those on the east coast will know the reference....I was in the seafood harvest business
5. I have never ridden a horse
6. I do not like snow! and I don't particularly think it is pretty! even though it is calming to look at and makes you feel peaceful
7. I LOVE the smell of rain
I am not sure what these things might tell a person about me...but there you have it. Go forth to the blogs I offered and enjoy!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Next painting in series

This is the progress for #2 in the SD series of old homesteads. 2 W 4 1/2 S. (reads from Platte 2 miles west then 4 1/2 miles south and find this homestead.

This is how far I have gotten today.

Scroll down 2 posts to see the beginning.

I have learned from doing two collages in a row and doing them differently. That I prefer getting background color on first then placing my elements and drawings or letters what have you ...and add layers over that. This has been hard for me to be adding layers to and around and on top of the places I want to disappear and come forward.
I am sure I just need practice, but it looks to me that having a start on the background would be an easier way to travel through the process. According to my resources they have this method as the examples..placing the elements then adding the color.
Have you found the process that works best or is there such a formula?

Looking at the pictures side by side you can see the progress I made today...I am making progress.
The pieces at the top are hay bales, the town map, the homestead and a barbed wire fence. I need to add the directions.

This was earlier today...

Sarah's Ongoing Class

Sometimes the pleasure of a class is being reminded of processes forgotten, as is the case in Sarah Whitmires ongoing on line class... Advanced Techniques of Soul Journaling.
This is the result of our first lesson, altering photo's.

In this picture is a fused piece I did for a wedding present. A water fountain...evoking tranquility.

This is an ancient picture of my nieces Jessica and Jamie...see the clock...time goes by quickly!
I won't go into the process, as this is Sarah's class and I don't want to divulge her lesson plans.
This class is full, but I encourage you to watch for future classes...she gives TONS of information for each lesson week....she is worth her fee!
Sarah Whitmire..for those unfamiliar is located on the Caspiana blog...she is over on my blog roll.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


The Ten of Chalices card suggests that my power today lies in completion. I celebrate and am grateful for captured moments of simple perfection. Satisfying my hearts desire connects me by example to love, beauty, pleasure, and happiness in those around me and gives me confidence to take it to the next level. "We made it." Unconditional love makes a family and home is where the heart is, so at last, I am never alone. I am empowered by gratitude and my gift is emotional fulfillment.

Uncanny! Today is our 29th anniversary. The Tarot card had that above to say!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Next Collage Started

I began the next collage in the Homestead SD series.
The homestead in this picture is a little large.
You can see the additions made as the farm prospered.
This painting is better planned than the last one I hope it goes together easier and faster.
I enlarged a portion of map with the Platte area.
It shows Rt 44..that is taken W of town.
I will put an road going south that will lead to the rest of the directions and the title of the painting...2 mi W 5 mi S...I think it will be 5 miles I need to travel it to make sure.
The fence I am going to put in the foreground of this painting will be a post and barbed wire model. In my mind the fences tie it together as a element for my series.
The homestead painting on the canvas you see i am taking from a photograph I took of the place.
Using permanent ink I have drawn the likeness and used several washes to get this much to date.
Stay tuned

Restoration Update

These pictures might look the same but, there is different phases involved and I hope if you click on and enlarge the image you might see the difference.

The first picture shows all the pieces pulled apart from the old lead and most of the cement removed. There are 2 pieces i need to rummage through the extras pile to see if I can come up with a match.
This second picture shows the difference between cleaned pieces and then the grungy particle cement pieces...can you see the difference ?
On the bottom row look at the purple piece then the gold triangle and the next purple piece...you should see a difference in the shine versus no shine.

This shows the textured side and you can see the cement that has to be picked out of the grooves. The black pieces on the napkin is the cement that gets removed.
This picture is showing the panel from a different view with a close up of the peak..looking down the panel from the peak down the center there is an elongated triangle piece then the first small purple triangle. From the elongated triangle to the peak has yet been cleaned. I am moving along good even though it looks like I have a lot yet to do.
If you look at the peak pieces I would like you to notice how well the craftsman cut and then chipped away to curve the purple Fleur De Lea...he didn't have a motorized grinder like today to grind away that shape...he was a good craftsman!

The next update will show the panel ready to solder.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Okay I am back

I laid the picture back onto the table and this photo shows the color a lot better...

I added a little more color to a few areas...and this is what I think is finished!

"Rt 50 N"

I replaced an earlier rendition of the painting
it was so washed out
this one has a bit of glare to it
but the colors are truer.
Thank you for all the emails already telling me you like the piece...(y'all are FASSST!)
it means a great deal to me and I appreciate that you take the time to let me know you like or don't like and why!

Current Progress

Here is five additional days of adding to this painting. Yesterday I just couldn't get it adjusted at all. I don't like how my letters ended up on this painting BUT

I do have a better plan for the next one!
My colors are lot richer than the picture shows
Pretty much I think I wanted to get rid of the letters so I kept adding the gesso in dry brush...just kept swiping it on.
First I did try adding a little color around them that didn't send me so i added more texture
i like the texture but still don't (didn't) like those letters...
but the letters ARE needed as a description to where to find this house
which IS the theme and subject of the painting...
what a dilemma...
Mostly because I refuse to let myself just 'go' with painting in collage style.
I think i loosened up a LOT! considering.
What would you have done to it?
Thanks...you can click the image to enlarge.
as I look at the project it isn't that bad actually...i do think i am going to go back within some of the areas and maybe add more color...
there might be another picture coming of this project...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Painting Progress

Not much to report.
Here is the progress on my collage painting.
In a post down you can see where I left off.
Layers of paint have been added next will be the directions from town to get there. I am hoping this will be well received for people who like to take pieces of SD home with them.
I have more to add I am not "there" with it yet.
I came back to describe what I have so far...
I wasn't so far a long as I remembered in the other post.
The house is a house off route 50 to Chamberlain.
I LOVE old houses and barns and I photograph them all the time.
My intentions originally were to just frame them and try to sell them as a memento of a visitors visit. But I am liking the collage painting look better.
Next will go the directions "from Platte 10 miles west on HWY 44 then RTE 50 N just south of Chamberlain there is the house...I think this might make a nice series as well..for the collector, or the living ancestor of that particular Homestead...who identifies and wants to have the painting to remember the site by.
Anyway, this is where I am.