Saturday, September 1, 2007

To Get Creative

I visit a LOT of blogs. I am astounded to see SO much creativity. A lot of inspiration seems to come from these different sites that challenge. So I am compiling a list.

My new goal and focus is to PARTICIPATE more in challenges. I often just run out of time. And periodically I actually get commissions, but we will see where I go with my new found inspired self.

I really enjoy reading every ones thoughts and daily trials their artistic endeavors...and in general I just feel like I had a visit with the individual. So, I want to try to be more reflective of me. How my day is or a thought. (I have them on occasion, generally forgetting it immediately). What I am experimenting you, my visitor, might learn about me. Not just see a piece I fling up occasionally. This is my second personal challenge.

I will begin in the next entry...we don't want to get too carried away right off.

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