Sunday, October 7, 2007

NO TIME precious!

I have not had any time to work in the studio.

I have a job working at a lodge kennel. For those who don't know kennel work is time consuming.
A lot needs to be addressed to keep it up and adequately sanitized.
Dogs need a lot of attention.
These are hunting dogs, and the season is here so, most of them hunt regular enough that I am not required to give run time, which is another timely process.
We have 3 puppies that need to be worked with to teach them their lessons for manners and begin their learning for their hunting skills.

I have been trying to get all the extra duties caught up since come Tuesday the husband will be gone! and it works out that I have 3 days in a row at the gallery, then off. Coinciding with Craig's departure, leaving 4 FOUR WHOLE days of quality studio time. Which if I have caught myself up with the kennel upkeep's,
will give me but basic duties at the kennel
leaving huge blocks of time for the studio.

I have 3 ongoing commission paintings all due at the same time!
this huge block of time I am anticipating, should move me along greatly with these task.

Commission 1 is a night rough sea, due for a Christmas present., I have started this piece.
Commission 2 is for 2 mailboxes, 1 of a ladies logo
1 of a Mermaid
Commission 3 a portrait, done in collage style.
Commission 4 2 readied journals..These take longer than a person might think to get done.

Plus the 12 pages of the Goddess, for the arts swap.

In addition, I need to get Holiday pieces to my Galleries who represent my work.

Busy time.

Hunters arrive 3rd weekend of October and it WILL be crazy then.
I cook the midday meal, then head to the gallery in town for an afternoon shift.
Ms. Dianne is going to work up a schedule to work around my midday duties.
Thank you Ms Dianne!

I won't forget pictures this time.

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