Thursday, May 28, 2009

Layer Love Lesson3

Lesson 3 from Julie's Layer Love seminar took a lot of drying in between times. I think I got too dark...again. She called for a hot pink for contrast
that I didn't have
so I improvised with a purple...mmmhh I don't think it did it a lot of good.
We were after an old world page. I hit it on texture, I am not sure you can see but it is there. I can use it just the same and I enjoyed the process. The next lesson if I achieve the look, will be gray...
This lesson I did on the acrylic paper again, which I am liking a bit more, I definitely like the size.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Dakotah Prairie Museum in Aberdeen, SD's curator, just got off the phone with me, with an invite to participate in a workshop they sponsor through a really cool place. The Grainery, located in rural Groton, SD.

The invitation extends to 4 artist to put forth a workshop to all of the invited high school artists for, a 2 day event.
What an HONOR!!

At the end of the event is a judged art show with the high school art work... they are given an experience of a "professional" show level event.

The workshops are to hopefully inspire the budding young artists to explore mediums they haven't been exposed to, such as 'glass'.

My workshops are only given an hour long so, I will be more of a lecture seminar experience than a hands on shop...and that was
next April I am going to Groton!

Since i have never been, this should be something!!
Barring snow of course.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lesson Two

Top picture is the final outcome of the exercise.
The other image is a barley there glimpse of an image added as ephemera.
Lots of scratches throughout the MANY layers of paints and washes.
Great exercise.

This is done on gesso cardboard recycled from a box, (ie. pizza box, cookie box, cereal box...)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Layer Lesson One

The red page...and it is RED! I achieved lots of layers, lots of scratches...that I am not sure you can see but, they are there. Not sure I did the lesson according to plan...but I did gain some confidence in the I achieved some of what i am after in the class... Julie is a terrific instructor, so don't let my results leave you with different opinion!

Believe it or not this is the same project different photo view.

Finished Sample

Here is the finished sample of the kaleidoscope. The standing example shows the layers possible for decorating. the laying example is the one for the class I will teach the children. A simple flat sleeve made from construction paper or something similar they can decorate easily.
I can't remember all the questions that have been asked of me for this project.
It is all constructed of paper, and plastic, no glass. Child safe!
I am teaching the construction so IF they choose they can adapt the lesson to stronger materials...brass tubing and mirrors for example, and construct a "true scope".
This one will work though.
The class will be given through the local library.
I am not sure about the cost yet.
I think $15.00 is a fair price per person though. It will be a 2 day class approximately 3 hours each session.
They supply the paper tube...I will provide the rest.
So, IF this sells...I will have a picture up of the projects they complete.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Promo For Children's Class

I am building a cardboard kaleidoscope called a uses only mirrors and nothing at the end but the view to bounce around the inside.

Here is a close up view of the isn't much but you get the 'picture'.

This is a children's class far the basic structure is built..I plan to decorate in just 1 version there are too many ways to go into.
Basically my plan is to do an altered technique on the outside.
The construction itself is using a paper towel center plastic sheeting on white cardboard for the mirrors
and plastic wrap for ends..lots of masking tape to hold it all together.
Right now I have heavy glue over the masked endings to seal it all up fairly well and tomorrow I will begin altering.
Everything is kid safe...but will be adult gorgeous.
This much has taken me 2, this much is a 3 hour version of the class.
I figure a week of class, 2 hours each visit.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Class...

There is a new class beginning...Layer Love...a video promo is seen over on my side bar (with permission)
it might take a moment to load
because I could NOT get it to be part of my post!
However, I wanted to have it shown to all who visit
so they know about this interesting lady, Julia Prichard, teaching about her style of layering techniques...
she has a smattering of samples in the video as well as on her blog

I hope you go visit and see what all the excitement is about!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lesson Done

If you scroll down to the last post you will see what the page looked like last week.
There is a bit of change...I think.
I am after a old Tuscany or stuccoed look. The page is rather rough...which is what I wanted so I achieved that.
Then, I didn't really want a lot happening with the page...keeping it simple.
So we don't 'miss' our opportunities.

In the other post you will see the door open...I had it shown here in this post, but I lost it and I am just too tired to mess with the electronics...
The transfer was interesting, using laminate paper, the images and finishing off with gold leaf...I used the real gold leaf but it called for the spray or pen.

I have steps at the bottom of my door...that picture was in here too, but disappeared...leading up to the door of "Opportunities".

All in all I had a great time with Sarah's class...worthy class to take!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Working on Last Lesson

Beginning with a rather cool transferring technique using laminate sheets the images...we made a collage then sealed the back with gold leaf. Other's used gold leaf pen...I couldn't find mine (no surprise) so I gold-leafed..for real. The small piece shows the back.

Part of the steps involved are cutting doors in our pages. The collage will peek through and the final doors will have closures...if I can find mine. these might not

Testing the peek through look.

My surface is finally looking like I want...I am after a old stucco kind of Italian villa look. I am not done, but I think I am getting there. This is what I worked on the last couple of days when I had a few minutes in-between jobs...which I am headed to now...have a great weekend!