Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I am working up a composition using canvas background with ink wash. An overlay done on glass, using old world methods for staining will have the mermaides image. I am hoping for a rich depth. In picture 1 the background is begun with a wash of inks...blotted to get the start of waves. Picture 2 shows the image of the mermaide stained on glass laid over the background so I can visualize rocks. Image 3 shows the rocks added. Image 4 is the final background. I am putting image 4 on this post then 3,2,1...because it shows backwards once posted and now it will show a succession. Mermaide is in the kiln for the 3rd firing...added to her are embellishments within her hair..starfish, crab, shells...when it is cool enough to come out of the kiln, I will add her evening dress gloves... :-) should see that tomorrow.

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Dianne said...

Wow what a great artist you are each picture almost tells a story, I can't wait to see it finished..
Thanks for all the info on how you did it..