Wednesday, March 31, 2010

REMember her! LOng Long time ago i did her sketch for Suzi Blu's Goddess and Poet class...i LOve on line classes! I get behind (really far behind) and the class is right there waiting for me to pick the project back up again. a project already planned out (thank you very much) no thinking up my own practice piece, or learning about new product...there all ready!
Well with this sketch she is now ready to add pencil and the beginning of the inks background.

Here color pencils have been started for the tone of her face and ink for the background abstract can be hair or a headdress.

THEN...this was a hard step for me BUT...I worked through it and actually in person it makes a really huge difference in texture.

Adding paste to the suzi added lots more than i did...

The modeling paste (which i didn't have so I used some really thick gesso) has been redone to show a face again and more ink has been added.

She is finished my 'background' had to become a headdress...and appropriately she looks as if she is crying 9she is supposed to!)

thanks for looking...

keep going two more posts were added tonight to show glass pieces i have been working on the last few weeks...
cast glass boxes...with a tutorial about how they come about.


Part 2 Casting glass Boxes

A trio of the finished boxes...glazes applied and fire polished.
Nice heavy presence. No dog tail should swipe this off the table..I am not saying it can't happen some doggies have quite the mega force tail happening, but under "normal" tail circumstances, this should work out fine on the coffee table. But,
They are PeRfEct to place your jewelry in for keeping during the night on your bedside table or on the vanity.

This is the kidney shaped box..I see plum...The glass I chose worked up for a mosaic look, I can produce solid looks as well with any or not decoration.

Next you see the 'heart' shaped box open there is a sweet well inside. and this box measures approximately 4 1/2 x 3 inches

This is the round shape and it is approximately 3 inches diameter.

And the elliptical from part 1 is approximately 5 1/2 x 3. See the pretty drips from the glass stains. I could have easily painted any design, but I felt it competed with the mosaic look I had originally created.

Part 1 Casting Glass Boxes

Lets go through the making of these cute boxes! They are SOLID thick cast glass. The lids sit on the base. Picture one shows the glass has been chopped into frit (most of the time I hand chop my frit and sift to the size I am working with...I am old school)

The mold fuse in the kiln until all the glass is melted into liquid state!

Then after anneal is cooled down they come out of the mold, and look like this. They get a good grinding.

After they are cleaned up they go back into the kiln for fire polishing...but I added some vitreous stain dribbled down the sides to decorate them a little further.
Vitreous stain is fine crushed glass mixture thinned to work as is glass being fused to glass.

Prt two you most likely read already so you saw the final results.
Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The glare from the overhead light makes this piece of glass appear irridized, but it is flat black.
A better picture shows in the listing on etsy
If you know anyone that works with glass you might want to pass the information forward.
I have TONS of glass and can create a custom box for their particular use.
Scrap glass is wonderful for small projects, such as box making, jewelry parts, experiments...
to use in fused work...if you already work with glass, of course this is familiar to you..but if you are just beginning! and have found out how expensive glass is even for a small 7x7 sheet, you can appreciate the scrap box source.

These sales begin at 10.00 dollars on ebay bidding links...none i saw had nice chunky pieces as I can offer.
But I have the small stuff too.

Help me out if you will and forward me to anyone who you think can benefit of my offer...remember I will customize the color selection, and if a large piece of glass is desired I have that too.

Thank you