Sunday, October 28, 2007


Alright, I know I am droning on about the latest health issue but, I keep having additional issue's that make it impossible for me to move onward.
Friday morning I spoke to my surgeons nurse about the hives and itching and swelling issues involved in the drug reaction category.
Having had these reactions several times past in my long life, I knew what I was dealing with.

I took the usual remedy, and the reaction become under control but, we needed to deal with deciding which drug was the culprit.
Since the pain drug he had prescribed listed the exact reactions we went with that drug to drop.

We didn't add another pain drug, I have a strong tolerance to pain so we left it to my mind control practice to deal with that. If any more problems arose then phone the ER # and ask for the Dr on call from their firm, he wasn't my surgeon but he was going to be apprised to the situation.

Friday night I began experiencing a stronger version of the reactions and I was worried that the next step, if I couldn't get it all under control, was a visit to the ER only at this time I wouldn't be able to talk.
So, I phoned my report in to the nurse in the ER so should I need to call the DR later someone had an account of my evening. She was quite short with me and I find her unprofessional mannerisms quite offensive, for which I do plan to report to 'my' original Dr.
So, after laying awake all night to make sure I didn't fall asleep and stop breathing, I phoned the ER again to get hooked up to the Dr on call.

He phones back, we decide that I shouldn't take the antibiotic, and that his only choice now, since the original surgeons choice of antibiotic was such a strong one, was to place me on an antibiotic for which I would need to receive by transfuse in the hospital, everyday, for 7 days! OH JOY.
So that is where I am in my recovery post.
Going to the ER in town at the least, to receive my antibiotic, that kills everything nearly he informed me... so i should be good and clean when this is over with.

Update on my skinny pages, they are coming along well. There probably won't be much embellishment to them, just be mostly a painted page.
I hope whoever receives them might enjoy them just the same.
I re-read the rules and I am unclear if I am to have the pages TO Belinda by 11/1 or MAILED by 11/1?
I am going with mailed out by 11/1 cause I can make that.

well paint would be dry enough to move onward so out to the studio I go for 1 hour then, the hospital. yiipppeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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