Wednesday, October 10, 2007


It is but a challenge day to day.

Looking for ways to creatively stretch the dollar or looking for ways to get into the studio and create.
Then there is always someone around the corner to upset the motion of things, and "issue".
Usually they are sneaky. Too gutless to draw face to face.

Let's discuss our idiot ex-dentist still practicing in town.
She gets all bothered because she cannot replicate the apparatus that Craig uses in his mouth, therapy for TMJ, that she broke.
Craig gave her ample tries to achieve the task but, she failed.
So, Craig walked out.
She lost his files and then accused him of stealing them!
Stupidly we just blew her off. (learn from others mistakes)

A year and half!!! later she has a warrant out for Craig's arrest petty theft! of the lost file.

This has been laying at the court house for a year!!! like they do not know where he lives to apprehend him and drag him into custody.
He only finds out about this charge when he goes to renew a license and there is the charge on the books...this is not right, but it is what it is.
For which next Tuesday he has to go to court and plead his innocence.
Notice I say plead, because how do you "prove" such a charge?

Now this woman not only roams the streets, practices medicine but, she gets to vote as well.
I just can not believe what our country has fallen to become.

So, we creatively try to juggle the path of our day to day challenges.

I am running low on creative juices.

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izabella said...

oh my gosh!! I can't believe what I am reading!! That is ab~soul~utely insane~ Well you & I definately have that in common, dr's dentists they really are not on my favorite list!

Will be interested in hearing what need to countersue, or find a lawyer that would take this on...that is absurd she would try to do that!