Friday, August 17, 2007

Paper Mache/Assemblage

I have been working up bowls recently using a revisited technique, Paper Mache. I am so glad I revisited this procedure. In addition to its low costs, the possibilities are endless for the creating process. Know this though, it is not a fast process. Each layer needs to dry completely. One bowl in particular we shall chat about. It is approximately 20 inches diameter. After the initial shape was formed of paper mache process, I used plaster to continue its layering to give it a stronger weight and what I felt a stronger presence for my plan. In the center of the bowl I set in a box (made of paper mache) to be referred to as the "coffin". Yesterday the sculpting gel finally arrived. I plan to use this to build the platform around the coffin so it looks like it is coming up from the 'ground'. I may have pillars, to lend to that 'resting' feeling, not sure yet. In the mix will be skeleton heads. I found an old set of ice tongs and a small mushroom made of marble. These items will become the hands holding an eye and rest within the coffin. Crawling over the sides will be a skeleton corpse, but he hasn't arrived yet, I expect him any day now. I found a set of really old wooden casters, to represent a rolling gurney, they are the feet of the bowl. Using cheesecloth, because of its gauzy texture, I layered the inside and out to help lend to a creepy eerie texture. mmmmmmmmuaaaaaaaaaawha stay tuned, pictures will be uploaded soon.

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