Sunday, December 2, 2007


Yesterday December 1 arrived SNOW! It has begun, the cycle of shovel shovel and more shovel.

Friday I met with a lady who would like me to do the portraits of two of the patrons in the panels being created for her church.
I won't be fabricating the panels, an artist from Custer has the task.

She asked if I can replicate the problem.

So yesterday I sketched 1 of the 2 men. Today I will do the second fella and call her to set up the appointment with Father Bill. Fr. Bill has the final say of the artist to paint the portraits.
I'll post these later.

The other church in Wagner, where we are replicating the alter unit around the room with medallion centers. The sample glass arrived.
I think these will harmonize just fine.

So I need to find out if everyone on the church committees involved in financing and so forth, are in agreement that I proceed onward with this project.

The window man will have a lot of impact on their decision.

Sketches later.

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