Monday, March 31, 2014

One of the Patterns to Choose at Retreat

Retreat Workshop
Staining Glass In the Traditional Technique
Mary Hunt
July 25,26,27 2014
Through Stagecoach Gallery
One of the patterns that will given as a choice for staining design, is the dragonfly.

Beginning with the basic line drawing on the left.  The transfer is made to the glass on the right.
Enhanced with details...the picture above shows details before highlight removal.

In this image the highlights are there.  This piece is now ready to fire in the kiln.

The student may or may not know how to finish such a piece.  To make it a panel to hang, or any other finished project.  I can be hired to finish your pieces so you have a viable show piece.

Won't this make a delightful box lid.

Read further into the blog for information about the 3 other retreat workshops.

Chad Phillips come learn all about YOUR camera!!!
Chris Cernetisch always wanted to get a handle on pastel painting!????
Bonnie Brahms stumped about how to begin the water approach in watercolor???

THIS IS an AWESOME retreat provided where these retreats just do not occur...come take advantage of these talents!


the classes are being kept small so each student gains the MOST from this experience and classes are already not wait too long, and wish you hadn't.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sample One The Shell Final Steps to Fire

Staining Glass Workshop
July 25,26,27 2014
Mary Hunt
3 FULL day workshop
In Platte SD
Lets look at the rest of the steps to get to this point, ready to fire in the kiln.

Yesterdays post left us matted.  With scrub brushes (stiff bristled brushes) a scrape tip and a soft brush to remove dust without disturbing the image, I remove matt to highlight the piece.

Then flood the surround with paint.  How do I keep the piece neat and the paint from running all over the place...???
You learn all that in class!

This is the first example that we tackle in class.  Everyone is going to begin with this project.  We will break for lunch.  Then, you choose from the patterns your next project.

The Bunny example will done next...

I am ready to fire this piece but the kiln is not full so after I have all the samples in the kiln we will unveil them all in the kiln opening...patience please...

Any questions about this class,

Bonnie Brahms watercolor class
Chris Cernetisch Pastel class
Chad Phillips photography class

Call Mary at the Stagecoach 605-337-2308
or email @

or ask for a brochure

have a great day!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Prepare to Begin to Paint

What YOU will learn in this workshop
Staining Glass in Traditional Method
with Mary Hunt
in Platte SD
July 25,26,27 2014

The paint formula is wet...not mixed yet.  Notice the lumpy texture.  You might not with the untrained experience but, you WILL after the first morning.  By the 3rd day you are going to be very experienced in working your paint.

I worked the paint, mixing and grinding smoothing the texture...all making the mound worthy to use.
Notice my test there on the palette to gauge if it is smooth enough to matt the substrate.
I deem it ready.

The substrate has been prepared and matted...the trace is ready to begin...need to load the brush and test.

In this snap the brush has been loaded and I tested the paint to determine if it flowed well, was dark enough to suit my needs..trace needs to be rather dark.  If it is light with the first pass you can go over it again until the lines are what you need.

This project will be matted and softened a few more times then, the shading begins.  Unfortunately my camera battery has played out for the day.

The examples of the softening mats will be seen on other examples to be used as references in class.

Stay tuned.

Consider coming to the workshop.  For this class, or
Pastel Painting with Chris Cernetisch
Watercolor Painting with Bonnie Brahms
Photography with Chad Phillips

Any questions contact Mary at the Stagecoach gallery 605-337-2308

Thank you and have a great day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Step 1

Glass Staining Class
July 25, 26, 27 2014
in Platte South Dakota

I am preparing to begin developing the samples that I will use during the glass staining class July 25, 26, 27.

Step one is to gather the necessary tools that are used to mix the paints and apply them, substrates, patterns and glass stains.

Set everything up and I am ready to begin.

The light-box is an important piece of equipment.
The back lighting illuminates the pattern making the transfer of the trace lines accurate.

The glass mixing palette is necessary because the stains that are used contain glass chips.  The glass palette doesn't disintegrate as the "paints" are mixed.

Palette knife for mixing and brushes for applying the stains.

And in today's world  we use prepared packages of stain in a powder.  Binders are used within the mix to keep the "paint" on the glass.

This pattern the shell, will be the first project and everyone will do this. 

So, lets get ready to mix the stain and begin painting.

Check back to watch the progress. 

For information about this class ~ Glass staining
Photography ~ with Chad Phillips ~
Paste painting ~ with Chris Cernetish ~
Water painting ~ with Bonnie Brahms~

email Mary~ or phone the Stagecoach Gallery 605-337-2308

Thank you

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mermaid Lore

Atargatis was in love with a human shepherd but accidentally killed him.  Out of guilt, the goddess flung herself into the ocean hoping to become a fish.  But her beauty was so great, that she never could fully become a fish.  Instead she became half goddess, half fish, with a tail below the waist and human body above the waist.   (excerpt from Sea-thos)

She is shown as her original sketch then with tail texture added, using plaster (additionally a stiff medium can be substituted for texturing)

The tail shows a lot of layers, and her fins have been added.

more color layers have been applied and jelly fish have shown up.

In this direction I am hoping to show tail details.

Maybe you can see the shimmering this way?

She is finished, with 2 varnish coats and ready to hang...

Mermaids are considered mischievous and forgetful, would that make them evil?

Thank you for looking today.


Friday, March 14, 2014

Learning About the Mystery of Staining Glass

Traditional Glass Staining Techniques
Mary S Hunt
July 25, 26, 27, 2014
in Platte, SD
3 day workshop
all materials provided
When admiring the glass windows in church, have you wondered how they made them? 
Have you thought about the longevity of the work? 
Have you reflected on the skills that must be involved in creating such glorious works?
Going to church as youngster I did.
When I became old enough to seek out instruction...and seek I did, staining glass instruction is not an easily found class, gaining instruction in the mysteriously cloaked techniques involved in this AGE old profession, A profession that dates back to the Egyptian Era!.  A profession that is not readily shared therefore, not much information can be found about it. 
Through seminars and workshops and tutor studies I took throughout the country, I gained the knowledge for the guarded and mysterious technical processes...and then mastered these techniques through the years.
What IS staining glass about?  Giving the glass color, design and value.
Using chips of glass,
mineral and ore (the colors come from)
flux ... the formula becomes the stain or "paint".
Applied to a glass substrate in a precise manner, when ready will then go into a kiln (or oven that accepts high heat).
The piece is taken up to 1300-1500 F until it matures.
At this point the glass melts down into the glass substrate, leaking down the color from the mineral with the residue from the binders burning off in the flux vapor. 
Leaving you a design in the newly made glass.
It is such a magical process.
This workshop is for 3 days only and includes all the materials within the fee.  The instruction begins early on Friday the 25th of July at the River Hills Lodge just south of the town of Platte.
Come and join us this weekend and learn about this magical process the ancients left us with!
Take home your own piece of the mystery.
For more information about this fantastic retreat, call the Stagecoach Gallery 605-337-2308 or email mary ~
3 additional workshop offerings this weekend are:
Pastel painting with Chris Cernetisch $135/for 1 day or $375/special discount for all three days
Watercolors with Bonnie Brahms $135/for 1 day or $375/special discount for all three days
Photography with Chad Phillips  $135/for 1 day or $375/special discount for all three days
There IS available lodging, enquire if needed.
Lots of BONUS activities in the evening around the fire-pit sharing the day...
COME on and JOIN us you KNOW you want to!

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Retreat answer a few "foggy" questions

I am going to try and explain this retreat event a little better.
The dates are July 25, 26, 27 2014.
The place is being hosted at River Hills Lodge east, by The Stagecoach Gallery.
Contact:  Mary Hunt

FOUR separate classes are going on simultaneously for 3 days. 
Only 1 class is chosen from the 4 offered.

3 of the offered classes: Photography given by Chad Phillips, , Pastel Painting given by Chris Cernetisch, , Watercolor Painting given by Bonnie Brahms,
Have been broken down into 3 days.
With the agenda being covered on those 3 days listed. (In previous post on THIS blog, or on the Stagecoach Gallery Facebook page) or call or email to have questions answered or request a brochure.

Additionally, a supplies list is given and supplied by the student.

A person taking any of those 3 offered classes has the option to take 1 or all 3 days, the price has been broken down.

Please understand though, if you are not taking all 3 days of the workshop, and you have a question about material that was covered the day you chose to not take the class, then to be fair to the students that DID pay for that day, your question will not be addressed. 

Everything in the teachers power to help you understand the material listed and more, for the day that the instructions are being offered and absorbed, will be provided.
That is not to say that a particular area covered the day before might be addressed just the same, it is a chance that will be taken by the individual choosing to attend one day.

That being said, you will benefit much more from the class by taking all 3 days offered.

Traditional Staining on Glass given by Mary Hunt, is for 3 days ONLY
NO prior glass experience is needed to accomplish this class.
ALL supplies are included in the fee. 
All the kiln firings are also included in the fee. 
ALL tool use and equipment use supplied in the fee. 

THIS is a phenomenal opportunity!

ALL 4 classes have limited seating.  We are keeping the class small so that the best attention can be given to YOU participating students. 

A heads up...the classes are filling rather quick!
I suggest to not wait making a decision or your opportunity is going to vanish.

In addition to day class, we have evening activities planned with extra bonus information and participation.  That will benefit all no matter which class you are attending.  We encourage you to participate in the "round table" activities, they are optional.

You are not required to stay at the lodge
Accommodations are available for a limited number needing lodging coming from out of the area.  OR for the student who may just want to benefit from the full throttle experience of camping AT the retreat.
There is additional lodging in town, which is but 3 miles from the retreat site.

This is an amazing opportunity to explore a medium you have wondered about.
Or, to get some expert help with a particular area of the medium you may have begun to explore. With top notch instruction from a recognized artist.

This is potential to make friends with fellow participants that will bring you closer to your particular medium as future mates to get together with and continue exploring. 
In many instances lifelong bonds develop.

This opportunity has grand gains and pluses on so many levels, from spiritual connections to technical aspiration.
We hope you choose to be a part of our Art Retreat.

Any other question please do not hesitate to ask...feel free to contact the instructor, they may be able to bring to you a better light to understanding your gains for their particular subject.

Thank you and lets talk soon.