Sunday, December 16, 2007

ATC size

I have gotten to know and enjoy the stories of Cindy, my Gallery buddy from Mitchell. In another life and definitely another world, she gave tours. Her touring ground were the swamps and watering holes of the Florida alligators.

Floridians pretty much do not fear an alligator. I am not from Florida, I am from Virginia. I respect an alligator.

Living and working with the alligator Cindy befriended the beasts. On off time she and her girl pals would get the raft and cooler and hang out with the critters. Chillin and enjoying the musics beat, talking to the alligator.

The most foreboding alligator of the pack in the day was "Pappa". He would snort and huff and everyone pretty much gave him his due, but Cindy.

Our girl would tell him what for and hold her ground, and sip her beer or margarita and call him down to reckon with the little spitfire slip of female...and win.

Pappa, would give her the berth and she would chill down and relax.

Being out of the "meadows" of the salt ponds and currently residing up here among the cows and pheasants she gives us a glimpse of days gone by, wistfully sighing on the memory.

I did this card for her in honor of her favorite story to tell. I didn't eliminate the glare very well from the hand reaching for her glass, you can see Pappa up to the top of the piece.
I NEED to get back to "doing" is the beginning to that effort.

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