Saturday, May 31, 2008

An Exciting Email!!

Nancy, from GA, e-mailed me this morning that she was at the Homestead in De Smet So Dak! and she actually purchased a Laura Box!!
(scroll below and visit that entry)

How EXCITING is that!

Well for me it is.

Kinda like just because we haven't actually met I feel like I did through the spirit of my work.
She is a Laura Ingles Wilder researcher and teacher, and must be on one of the art groups I belong or else she wouldn't have known about my blog.

Blogging is so cool!

Creamery Open House

I am pleased to report that most of Platte showed their support
and came in to the Open House.

Chris, a master pastelist from Gregory SD,demonstrated her talent on this day.

Angelika, attending the festivities, connected right away with Chris and signed up for classes.
She will have a great time. Chris is delightful and patient.

One of the best instructors I have sat in with.
She is generous with information and encouraging.

All the key components to a fabulous experience.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

It is a gorgeous day out! After 3 really cold windy rainy days (good for our grass for seed crop), but I will take the nicer weather too.

Happy Day lady's!

Not a lot really happens around here for these kinds of occasions...but, I know a LOT of the rest of the land will do the day up. For y'all I hope it is everything you wish it to be.

I will be resting up the morning, making out a glass supply and sheet glass list to place this week. Doing my exercises!! Fusing 2 slabs of glass in the kiln. Work on the coloration for the Homestead lids...(that is still an on going project).
Then this afternoon go help Ghena with putting the restaurant back together so she can hopefully open her doors tomorrow night!!!
THE Grand Opening!

The town needs this re-vamped establishment where the insides are totally cleaned up and getting restored (really old building) the basics for now. The menu is to die for good!
We needed this change, the young energy floating around and happy excitement!!
All Good!

So, I hope that goes off successfully this week...but tomorrow would be great too.

Have a great day!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sage Green on Opposite Wall

On the N wall went the sage green color. So CLEAN is this color! No shelves will go back on this wall. Green, to me, is the best compliment for hanging artwork.

The toy replicas in wood, of artist Paul Samuelson, surround the opening into the antiques room. They are so much better showcased in this area.

The one picture shows how the meeting of the colors look over the opening wall.

This was a huge job. The walls kept growing, but I finished in 1 week!!

BE sure to go to the before pictures below!!!!

Changes are in Place

The painted walls make a HUGE difference!

Invitingly warm, clean, and of course the gold and green are money colors! So we have the yin/yang balance happening.

The S wall meets up to the Faux Log wall behind the till, and goes around the short corner to meet the sage green we put on the N wall. The green dominates the arch opening that takes the customers to the antique and collectible room.

The shelves were removed and only 1 has been brought back. I am waiting for the artists to bring in new work, to see how much wall is needed for hanging space. Until then I do not want to clutter the wall up with shelves.
The caramel color goes well with the Bag Treatment floor!

Spruceup of the Creamery Gallery

Dianne, the owner of the Creamery and I have a mission for this season. Bring in new artist. To entice the artist in, we decided to spruce up the gallery walls making this huge expansive space more welcoming and artwork friendly. Here are before pictures.
Two years ago the faux log wall was painted.
The new wall color for the south wall that will meet up to the log wall is "caramel".
The N wall is sage green and will meet the caramel at the arch door that takes customers back to the antiques and collectibles.