Sunday, November 11, 2007


My plan was to next post the picture of the piece I sent for the skinny pages swap. Goddess Hathor. I am so behind.

All my galleries want pieces for the Holiday season.
Being in the hospital has really been a drag.
I finally go in 3 days!!! to get this last tube out, which I will not miss a bit.

Next Sunday I meet with a church committee wanting windows.
If that goes well I might have a nice job for the winter.
Wish me luck there.

I am also writing a grant to help a woman (Janet) apprentice for learning everything glass.
I hope we get that grant, it will take her a good ways into her education, as glass is a very expensive medium to work with.
If I get the church job that will be so perfect for her to work on and she will learn so much.

So much happens around here I couldn't even begin to put it all down we are a busy bunch.

Poor little Snorty, my newest puppy to the flock, a black Labrador. The sweetest natured little thing...she was walking with Craig around the North edge of the field and went just through the fence edge and someone had set a trap (illegally), her paw got it, not terrible bad but bad enough. She is limping heavy today. I am not amused.
John, one of Craig's friends is going to try and find the culprit.
Not that anything will be done about him but, he might will know WE know all about his little no no...and will we or won't we report him.

Next post I AM posting Hathor. And her story of course.
Anyone getting her page, I didn't write much on the back because my hand had the IV hookup inserted in such a fashion that writing was painful.
I could do some painting, not much, so I am glad the pages painting for the most part were done before I had the visit to the hospital.

I am proud that I had mine mailed ON TIME.

So...see ya

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