Thursday, June 24, 2010

Three posts today

This is post 3 today...the deer picture I wanted to make sure you saw her so I did that separate


scroll down
I "planted" the center under the welcome sign
what a green thumb i have!!
these are fake!!!
they sure work well tho..i don't have to water
and they hold up very nicely in the winds...I have a piece of plywood drilled for them to sit in
then i covered the board with rock...
Other than blogging and perhaps facebook...what do you do to network yourself?


I was taking pictures of the fields for Craig to send his brother...of the grasses and the crops and such
I looked over and see an orangy brown orb...I think it is a deer...maybe a baby deer...
the post below shows the is momma deer....she is laying and positively not moving..
since the fawns are at this time of year
it is very possible she has a newborn with her...
look close you can just see her ears in the tall grass

Deer Hidden in the Grass

The only way I could get this picture to post was by itself...I have no idea why when I cropped it the only way it would post originally was to the original picture...i am plainly no tech when it comes to these programs
so this post follows the post that shows what I wanted you to see....first
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Monday, June 21, 2010

When I visited Deadwood, SD one of the attractions (to me) was the cemetery. I love old cemeteries in general but here is buried Wild Bill Hickok, and Seth Bullock..who was buried WAAAAAYYYYYY at the top of the hill (and i use this term in was a mountain!) I am not even all the way up and here is the view of the path you see it winding to nowhere!

At the grave site was a lovely bench!

Then you see the marker for Seth...I took a lot of old marker pictures some with fantastic grunge on them!

Also, I discovered (well I was referred to) they have these adorable moo cards

you design as business cards!!!! and each one can have a different picture of your work...reasonable prices I thought too..

Thank you for your visit!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Old Building Backs

While in Deadwood,
I snapped up pictures to what I thought might make some nice layers for texture in photoshop.
Here are the backs of some Fancy gambling casinos..the fronts are all modernized and sparkly...
Oh they are beautiful...crystal chandeliers and gorgeous furniture...of course the gaming machines and tables
but i love the old patina better...
Are you having much success with your on-line shops?...or do you prefer the gallery boutique style for selling ?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Waterfall...Deadwood SD

Deadwood Gulch South Dakota.

Discovering gold 'em them thare hills...eventually had many digging in the same area for the same stuff, and in time, the town evolved. This was a rough tough rowdy town.
Hills skyping straight up!! look up ..and there is a little shack or a house ...a building of some kind..i do not know HOW they got their supplies there to construct anything!!

In addition to human dangers were mother nature dangers. The weather!...they put their town in the gulch, in between mountains..which when it rained...they flooded.
I am here t tell you, no way would i want to spend the winter trapped there.
All this is GORGEOUS!!

Here is a waterfall, straight off the mountainside.
I have this 'thing' for waterfalls...i love the sound they make...and they are so pretty to watch.
I took this at 7 a.m. (it gets light there at 4 a.m.!!!)
the waterfall is on the west side of this hill.

Thank you everyone who responded to my question last post...we got some great answers and I really appreciate the helpful guidance.


thanks for coming by...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Blog Question??

Here is a project Ang and I undertook while visiting with mom in VA...Ang made a special trip to come to me from Alexandria VA...Ang brought flowers and veggie plants galore and proceeded to clean moms outside beds of the old to place the new and updated moms outer sanctuary...I took an old chair and cleaned it up...painted it a color of moms choosing and when we were in town returning a few items found the perfect cushions!
So mom has her sanctuary back to go out and enjoy the outdoors.

My question for today...for you who blog, is it more proper to answer a comment within the comment section?

Usually i answer in an email directly to the visitor...but I see more that answers/thankyou's are given within the comment section.

How do you handle this?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Road is OUT!

We are by NO means experiencing horrid floods like Louisiana, Mississippi or probably Kansas...but we have a few issues. It has been raining quite a bit of inches in a day and the creeks and ponds and ditches and river is FULL..all backed up. The water is raging. Of course I have the pictures backwards but the pipe that goes under the road for Eggerton Creek (our creek) erupted on the neighbors side (pic 3).. Within an hour the water was on the road raging demolition to the top as well as the bottom the bottom is seeing a LOT more raging action than the top. Our side still has the pipe and that may help the road base.

This shows the erupted pipe with the water on top the road. Really washing. there is a road closed sign up and idiots continue on through...will it be the next one or the twentieth one to try and pass when the road caves??
the third picture shows the pipe errupting. i think the tree stuck in it might have caused the intial lift off. Rain through tuesday...!
Thanks for coming by...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New was session one

Shayla is a freshman in high school...loves to sketch and draw..but wants some help learning to mix colors and use a

we began today learning some of the basic block building stuff

i introduced her to paints and she got a feel for mixing and how to use her brush some...working up 3 backgrounds to use in the next session...on 3 different substrates.

Her blue background is on acrylic paper, the middle background is canvas, the third background is watercolor paper.
She also made a simple easy sew book but I forgot to get a picture.
I think she had a good time and i hope i didn't bombard her with too much information in the session.
I was exhausted when i was done so i do believe i imparted with a fair amount of information!
I haven't taken the pictures of my class projects from art and soul VA yet....
thanks for coming by

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Trip to VA

I went back home for a month!
Visited family, enjoyed my friends! and met an on-line friend in person!
Angela lives in the DC area operates a plant nursery and took time to come visit and help me at Mom's...she is taking a break fishing off the dock at Mom's..she is the energizer bunny...and her battery never gets low! She planted mom a garden with plants she brought with her, cleaned out the old beds and ran me around town.

Here is a sample of her gorgeous plants!

she found this plant stand in the trees and it makes the perfect showpiece on moms deck she can see it from her regular chair place...and just loves that.

This is my childhood home! I flourished sketching and fishing and just sitting on the beach!

Anne Gaal and her husband Brian drove up from NC just_to_meet_ME!
How special is that!
Two of the nicest people!!
Both are artist so we never stopped talking..then went to supper at an Italian place in Ocean was delicious we had a FABULOUS evening!!

I talk a lot about Colleen and Angie HerE they ArE!!!

Colleen and I went to Art and Soul Hampton and took 2 classes...I will talk more about them in the next post.. The box arrived today with my class samples

I need to take pictures.

We all had a glorious time helping mom and visiting her...oops I didn't add moms picture
so I will in the next post...sorry!
Thanks for dropping by and more thanks for those who have emailed me wondering where I am...and asking about my health...Y'all are so thoughtful!
More later...

It Passed Us!

The big storm passed us...and I HOPE it passed the others in its path.
You can just see the funnel forming in this picture then it slid off to the east.
The only report I heard was the storm was intense. I didn't hear about a tornado touching down.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not a good sign...

You see this group? They are Storm Chasers!
you know what they do? Chase bad storms like tornado' know where they are! parked 5 miles from my place in town waiting for the tornado' impressed am I??
Last count were 75 of these individual teams! They travel as a herd...I don't know if you know you do...