Friday, November 23, 2007

Church Unit Over Alter

This is the unit over the alter that is going to dictate the other 8 windows.
The amber-brown border, the cream border that also flows into the Fleur-De-Li's, the lime, and the blue border will be used in all 8 windows for unity.
The centers are going to have the same surround as how the center is shown in this picture, without the top element. Only there is going to be painted medallions, where 8 different scenes of the bible will be stained and enameled.
The techniques for staining and enameling the glass that I use are the 'masters old world' techniques that are fired into the glass using a kiln.
The "paints" are finely crushed glass chips that have fluxes and minerals and ores added for pigment.
As the flux burns out the chips and minerals of color fuse into the glass.
The glass used in this old panel were Chicago Artglass and this manufacturer is no longer producing.
The closest match I will be using, if the sheets I ordered for samples are a harmonious match, are Kokomo and Youghegeny.
Unless you work in glass these companies aren't going to mean anything to you.
At the present time I am measuring out for the measurements of the given windows, their borders to determine how much glass is going to be used from these manufacturers and try to get a idea of cost, so I can give the church their estimate.
More later.

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