Saturday, October 29, 2011

Peacock finished

I actually accomplished another painting this week...which is totally I guess the dry spell is lifting...I am becoming unblocked!

I am entering week 12 of the Artist Way by Julie Cameron...I am here to tell you..her process works...
The first reading of the AW left me cold...I thought yeah right this is a bunch of baloney...she just has this set up like AA...
then I kept reading I joined a group...I made through about 3 weeks..and I do say the process up to that point was helpful...I got as far as cleaning up the crazimakers...then just thought the rest didn't really me...

Time rolls on and I am just not the most productive...not as I once was or could be...

Again a friend and I are doing this together...this time things are clicking and I have made such total progress...not to say I am CURED...but I am discovering things that have been hidden
things I have worked through...
I have done the exercises and they are very encouraging and helpful.

If I had to make a guess I would say it has been 15/20 years since I painted 2 or more paintings in 1 I am thrilled!!!!

Here is painting 2

Painted from a photo I took of a local fella's peacock I was lucky to snap of him on the fence...
it is 50x14
canvas on wood



Thursday, October 20, 2011

Buffalo Finished...

except for varnishing the buffalo I think is done..I am not sure if i like the nostril on a chilly morning...
In the morning I will see how it hits me when I come into the studio...

Now to find another board and prepare it...and see what happens for subject matter..

thanks for looking.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIP buffalo

My desire to paint is returning, and i am in a buffalo kind of mood.  I found a board I had painted long ago and repainted it a neutral tone.
Then lined in a buffalo

I wanted texture TEXTURE! so I mixed up some plaster.
and added it to the canvas.

while it dried i added some paint to the fellas face and horns..then added some more plaster.

this is how he ended for the first day..
fairly roughed in and as you can see a lot of texture...which made me happy...I had to stop since the children were arriving for mom to go to do the supper shift at the nursing home...but I had a full day...we don't want to over do it just getting back to it..:D

Monday, October 17, 2011

Well Hello...

YES it HAS been a terrible long time since I have posted anything here.  The last knowledge you may have had was i was going to open a gallery in the Town Museum and help them run the museum.   That didn't work out so well, so I bought the building I had originally looked at to buy; which is IN town and in the most perfect location.  I am currently renovating the inside and hope to be opening soon.
I have begun trying to work in my art journal everyday to get practice in and be more in tuned with the processes I like to use...I find it helps me open the channels of creativity and do some exploring not making me pull out a creation just do it.
Currently I am getting down characters from a series of books i enjoy by Diana Galbaldon..
The Higlander series a historical collection for Scotland in the 17 and 1800's and then embarking on settling in America in the mountains of NC.



Bree (daughter to Jamie and Claire)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wildlife in Platte SD

 Went photo hunting today came back with some wildlife...
The goose family  see the baby up by momma
the dad is HUGE but he has ducked down

In the middle picture is dad and mom baby dove

and in the third shot is a stalking white crane
If  you haven't checked out the page set up for the new gallery please won't hurt my feelings to 'like" the page...:D and stay current to what is going on there..

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pheasant Series of 3

I worked up a series depicting Pheasant behaviour on the prairie during the spring.  The work is mixed-media...using a method for transferring images similar to developing film.  The chemicals involved and techniques are from Dass...and the results are amazing.  I use Arches 88 paper for the photography...and then I enhance the whole picture using Golden acrylic products.
The first in the series is "The Stand-off"
The second is the dance "Cock-fight"
The third is "Stands Alone"

The colors for their feathers is amazing this time of year.

I have them offered on Etsy.

They would make an awesome addition to any Hunting Lodge...or any decor for that matter..or be perfect for Fathers day.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Window Display

I have 3 windows (right now) for displaying in.  One is an old entry from when this building was originally build as the Chevy Dealership I think (but need to learn) in the early 1900's.
I hung "Wild Angel"  and placed a displaying table in front of her, hanging from the ceiling are blown glass orbs.

I listed on Etsy today "The Standoff"  two pheasants sizing each other up getting ready to fight.  It is 1 of 3 for a series.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I have been just terrible about posting these days...or visiting all my friends on the blogroll.
I have missed visiting everyone!

I am beginning to gain (just a little ) in the time department. I opened the store I talked about earlier in the year and there is a LOT to this!...
I am going to begin posting new work as it arrives...explaining the artist and letting everyone see their pieces..they are ALL for sale...just saying... :D
The store will be part of the town museum and updates for their progress will come to the blog pages as well...I sure hope y'all remain interested in what is happening...
Thank you and now to begin catching up seeing what is happening with YOU!
Here is my Logo...we will begin with that...I found a picture of an old stagecoach and sketched it out...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Images of TX

I have been snapping pictures of just about everything I find down here in Texas
there is still a lot of critters indicative to both SD and TX...that being the case a lot of what I am getting pictures of will find their way into future artwork.

Some for paintings be it either canvas or glass and I have a few murals planned for the new store. Here is a shy longhorn calf peeking around momma.

And I KNOW these are bad critters when they grow up
wild pigs get to be 600 and upwards of over 1000 pounds as an adult
and they are destructive and MEAN they WILL kill you
but aren't they cutest little critters as babies.

they stood by the road for the longest time
well until i got the camera ready then they toooook off
and they are FAST too!

I do not know where momma was but i guarantee if i had gotten out of the truck she would have made her presence known!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The BIG Lamp Reveal

Here are the final results of the lampshade and the story I hope to portray.
As you saw in the last post the paint is fired onto the lamp from the inside. This means there is NOTHING painted on the outside of the lamp. You gaze at the image when the lamp is lit. Unlit it just appears as shadows. Lamps are incredibly hard to photograph...and then I went through a gazillion images until I decided on these.
The first image shows life on the trail for the homesteader pioneering west to their piece of land...indicated with a Homestead Ticket..which is shown in the next image.

Along the way many didn't make it...indicated with the memory of a grave marker. Other places on the lamp are snippets of journals, as many pioneers documented their journey.
The grass was tall in these times usually 6 ft!

If you look at the left portion of this image and the right portion of the next image you get a sense of the 4th side..."the sod family" which is being featured in a guest post with Anne Gaal. Until then I promised to show that side (in its entirety)

In the meantime here is side 3 the journey made with the wagon, that often was home a bit longer after they made their destination.

Life as a pioneer was extreme.
Extreme bouts of weather
Extreme losses
Extreme dangers

I live in relative comfort in SD and I can admit I would not have fared well as "pioneer stock"
I probably would have made it some how...but I would have complained a LOT!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Reverse Shade Continued

okay well it has been so long!! I reversed the top and bottom image
the line image is the shade after it has been fired from the matte step and I am now ready to begin adding color

i know it has been forever!
getting to know the new camera has been a challenge for me
that coupled with the Internet issues here in Texas
i have suffered quite the patience curve
we bought a booster antenna and that has helped

the color palette is fairly limited that i work with
these low firing paints are extremely expensive
so i chose colors that could be mixed and thus i have a fair palette to work with....

these were the colors i used
the green, pink, orange, white, red and blue
all mix well with squeegee oil that makes a paint like elixir
fired onto the crystal

and you get the top picture
not this one
the painted side fired and ready to look at through the other side!

well I have since finished the lamp
so look for that blog post

i learned that with a slow connection
a person MUST change the size on their pictures

i am spoiled, apparently, in SD to high speed internet
I didn't know

but I have missed y'all and hope you have a good new beginning to another year