Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dachotah Prairie Museum Booked

I am very excited to announce, I have been invited to return to the Dachotah Prairie Museum in Aberdeen, SD to present my work.

This invitation will include all mediums, not just glass. She wants 4 new panels to represent the glass venue. No theme. We are keeping it eclectic, with maybe small themes within the display.

This is an honor for any artist.
Being invited to show at a museum is a thrill in itself.
Being invited back is a staggering accomplishment.

I am extremely honored to be presented with this gift of acknowledgment.

If anyone reading my blog does happen to travel through Aberdeen in August of 2008, please stop in and have a look.


redhead7-Glenda said...

Congratulations!!!! How exciting on the gallery booking. Your work is beautiful.

Mary S Hunt said...

Thank you.

I appreciate that you stopped by.