Saturday, December 27, 2008

Your horoscope for December 27, 2008


"Dive deep into yourself today, Mary. Bring more of your own spirit into your physical. Take small sips from each flower you land on. Realize however that if you stay focused on one flower for just a little bit longer, you can extract an even juicier gulp from that bud. Go deeper today, instead of just floating about on the surface. You will be richly rewarded by what you discover. A slight off-the-cuff comment can lead to an amazing conversation. "

I find horoscopes amazingly on target sometimes.
Let me tell you what is happening with Mary these days.
I am reading "The Artists Way" by Julia Cameron (GET this book!!)

She has exercises to help a person get into themselves and learn what direction they might want to explore. Excellent book...and it is helping me a lot.
Leading me to having conversations with the owner's of The Creamery, the gallery in town where I work, about initiating an art learning center within the Creamery for teaching art.
This could be a nice addition to town!
Last night at Fergie's (the other establishment I work as waitress) a conversation I had with a daughter of an artist in town, who I plan to try to entice to come and teach with the art center...indicates that the artist in question is excited about the the persuasion might be an easy conquest. :)

The other book I am studying is "Energy Medicine for Women" this book gives exercises that are massages for where acupuncture needles would go and in a sequence that aligns the energy of the body so the body runs smoother.
(Aides in pain management, injury healing, disease)
I am still just getting into this book but, I think it is amazing too.
Bringing my physical into my spiritual!

The horoscope gives me the message that in my wanting to get a deeper sense of myself and figure out where to go next...I am making the effort at the right time and the discoveries might come for me and be clearer..since the alignment of the planets are sending me this message.

One can only hope!

I think things are shaping up for some changes though both physical, spiritual...and personal (career).

I am a BIG believer in Horoscope, Faeries, Ghosts or Spirits...Supernatural ...the unexplained...that can be explained if you just open your mind...

Do you believe?


~Barb~ said...

Do I Believe? Let's just say I'm open to believing...I used to be religious (in the christian sense) but, after MUCH study, found just how ludicrous it really was. As for the "supernatural," I've had too many things happen to me not to have a modicum of belief in some things.

Peace & Love,

femminismo said...

I think we must both be Taurus. I find the horoscopes interesting too and especially this one because I "flit" too much sometimes and don't stay long enough on each "flower." I also volunteer in an art gallery, a nonprofit. SoulJournal sister, til we meet again. jeanne

Anne said...

It's soooooo great to hear that you are receiving all kinds of support for your art center idea! Wooo-hooo!