Thursday, December 4, 2008

An ART Day!

I was scheduled for NO jobs outside the studio today. Last night as I was getting home from 1 job.. Chelsey calls from the other job asking me to work!... :( I said I would. She was trying to recruit Kayla for the shift, so it was still a hope in the air that I wouldn't have to go in. YAY Kayla!!!! /\/\ She will.
So I don't have to stop activity in the studio to get ready to go into job 2.
I spent the day happily arting

I soldered side 2 of panel 2 today so I am almost finished the cabinet doors with the unheard of rounded corners!...except for the round corners a fairly basic cabinet door job.

I did a journal spread to reflect what I am gaining from the 3 week challenge. Doing the exercises in the book The Artist Way, by Julia Cameron. This is an excellent tool. Help anyone in any media to get themselves going onto some kind of path.

My spread is digging into the cobwebs of my mind and digging for the path that I might like to see taken. A seed is planted and as it mulls and grows there comes the 'time' when it might be right to see it to the my mind I see the potential for a art learning center. It is still in the growing stage...which is why spiders are hanging around. If it happens I see it will be a magical place
where people will come and learn artworks for their joy.
I am adding a post script
Linda asks if I am just going to teach glass at this center?
I am hoping to lure a local potter to instruct, and a local pastelest.
Between the three of us we can encourage a broad range of mediums.
Paper, canvas, metal, clay, glass. Oil. arcylic, pastel, pencil, watercolor and a mix of the range.
The learning center will maybe be located in town, as opposed to any one persons studio. Making it a more neutral location.
In my opinion, I think this might make a more desirable work space.
Teaching in respective studio areas is an option for private lessons, or small groups. I think with a learning center the teachers will have a better chance to let the public know they are willing to teach.
Giving the public a central place to go searching for their desired lessons.

Linda asked to see the piece large...i don't know what I am doing wrong to not make the page enlarge...until I figure such an equation out this is it.
I haven't even figured out how to place my newest awards, which I AM thankful to receive, up on the blog...I have a lot yet to learn about this electronic phenomenon...but, I am having fun doing it!
Thanks for looking.


Linda said...

Page looks great but I wish I could see a larger image of it. I'm curious about your learning center will this be a stained glass learning center or something related to your mixed media art? Or is it too early to say?

Anne said...

Hi, Mary! I clicked on the pictures you included and that makes them show up a little bit bigger. I really like your layout! So many images and details! :-)

Hope you post it over at the 3 week challenge, too!

Anonymous said...

The studio/center sounds lovely! You'll definitely have to let us know when it goes live so I can visit.

By the way, I like this piece, just wish I could see more of it. The photo is so small.

Dianne said...

Wow Mary this is really beautiful, a wonderful mix of pics colors word just perfect. The worksops sound grrrrreat have fun doing them.Hope you ave a great weekend..

MizKatie said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for the comment on my blog. It is an altered book that I'm using as an art journal. It doesn't really have a theme, like altered books usually do, so I call it an art journal. You can see more of it here

I need to update those pictures because I've done more in the book than what I have pictured, but it should give you an idea.