Friday, October 17, 2008


Ever think about symbols, marks on the page and how a page winds around and ends.

I started my black white doodle page in kind of a grumpy mood. I had delivered my pieces to the pheasants forever chapter for the banquet tomorrow night. the next morning one of the members of the board arrived at the Creamery practically when i unlocked the door, but in actuality she waited maybe 3 minutes as I walked around the counter.

For anyone that isn't familiar with me I work with glass. The pieces ordered were for glass projects.
One project was a dog retrieving a pheasant.
Pheasants have long tails, so of course following the design as anatomically correct as possible the piece had a long glass tail. A feather, of the tail...meaning 1 piece long hanging from a HUGE area of glass the head of a dog...hence head end huge mass of glass feather end small.

Someone actually picked up this piece by the tail! Of course it broke.
She wanted to know...
what kind of glue I recommend to repair the glass.....GLUE!!!

NOT on a piece I signed...glue!

I fixed it and delivered it yesterday which is when I started my journal

It started out about the above story about how i am not pleased ...blah blah...then I doodled some...and as I colored in some of the lace I decided to think of a positive thought as each little piece is colored to get myself away from being miffed..
and i gained some ground in reversing the negative charge ( - )

I kept pushing positive (+ ) through my I wrapped the core message around the page "putting positive thoughts out into the universe and will only bring karma back that is...positive
It fit perfectly...'back' is the last word and 'positive' was the first word but the last word of that sentence for the message...did I loose you?
The symbol + means addition to... also represents the sign of the cross...a symbol for positive messaging universal in signals so strong that the message shines through for think positive thoughts...they can only lead to lots and lots (that addition thing) of good


Altered Route said...

Great doodle page...I haven't tried my hand at it yet!

Anne said...

Hi, Mar! I love this doodle page. I think working on a journal page or a crafty project is a great way for me to adjust my attitude and get centered and grounded again. Glad it worked for you, too!

morningDove said...

I love how down-to-earth this doodle page became. How sad someone doesn't know how to handle a fine piece of art. I would have been very sad myself if someone had ruined a piece it took you so long to complete.

Linda said...

Sounds like the page was good therapy for you - and it looks effective too! I must get back to my Soul Journal....
Love Linda xx

Dianne said...

OMG Mary so sorry to hear about your beautiful glass work, shame it was.. Funny how this taught you a lesson though. Echart Tolie says we must acceppt what happens in the monment then go on in a positive way. Which is exactly what you did and look at that it works love it...