Saturday, October 4, 2008


Collage Diva Kathryn Ayntyr
tagged me in a blog tag game. I have seen this but this is my first go.

6 random things about me:I..

1. live in a barn...yep a barn.
2. miss living on the water.
3. help my husband train dogs.
4. can cook...really really well
5. am obsessed reading anything about vampires... favorite time of year is now...

then the rules get listed
link to person who tagged you...already am
list the 6 things random about yourself
tag 6 new people
let each person know by leaving a comment
let tagger know entry is up

Anne Gaal
I think I have covered everything.


grrl+dog said...

vampires?? OOh! Then you must love Anne Rice.. I went devoured all her books. Isn't this game fun?

grrl+dog said...

Hey I completely missed seeing my name there on your tagged post... Yes I got tagged a week or so ago, by two people at the same time, so, in true style, I listed 12 quirky things...

Thanks for thinking of me, but I won"t list 6 more things, I think I have stuck my neck out as far as it will go this week, what with the "vintage photo with wing" debate and I'll just sit her with my cupcakes and shut the hell up.

Oh, I might do the hounds quirky things...yeah...

he he!


Anne said...

Hi, Mar! Thanks for sharing your 6 random things. So, you're a dog-training cook that loves autumn and misses the water and you're obsessed with reading about vampires! Who knew?

By the way, I've officially posted my 6 random things and tagged 6 more people! :-)