Thursday, September 25, 2008

Healing Love Page

I confess, when I first read our assignment this week, I piece of cake. I was stumped though. Really had to think and examine just how I was going to go about this page. Once I had named it, it became special, which is the point of searching our souls.

I decided to use the DelMonte symbol tag. It looks kind of like a heart badge. This lent to little badges along the edge which became symbols for badges of courage.
1. To face the past and leave it as a memory and accept it as history.
2. To seek out remedies that might not be found only as a little pill...holistic.
3. To take the excessive energy and turn it into productivity and not destruction.
4. To recognize that rest is needed not just when heal.
5. To accept the help and guidance of others but especially of those who love you.

I send Healing Love:
this message of healing love to every mind trapped in illness and depression
These are hard symptoms to acknowledge and find a remedy to alleviate the conditions and how they make you feel. Power comes from within and is met gradually (if at all) Each condition and the symptom is individual as is the treatment so, patience becomes necessary while Dr's. prod and experiment.
Usually there is not a 'cure' so the symptoms are treated while you wonder
will anything ever really help

The only image in the magazine I could find with outstretched arms was a that is my stencil image..

The shackles represent the disease
breaking the links represent the courage to explore the symptoms and receive each badge.
And to receive the love that is sent.

The hearts are the spillage of love going forth to help the illness plagued to struggle with their inner complexities and to become whole again.
I give forth the energy of healing love.


Linda said...

Wow Mary, you have a great way with words - wish I was as eloquent.
Good idea to use the Del Monte tag - I haven't been able to find anything yet.
Thanks for commenting on the shrines.
Love Linda

Anonymous said...

wow.. your soul journal has blossommed.

LaY hOoN said...

I love your page and like to read what you written in your blog. You're so knowledgeable in deal / handle with all this.
I send you and your husband the healing love.

Thank you so much for your encouragement.

Anonymous said...

As one who has suffered from depression, I appreciate your loving words and thoughts. And thanks for adding me to your brogroll!! ~HUGZ~
Joy >i<

Anne said...

What a beautiful page. And such lovely sentiments. I really like the badges of courage you made to send out with your healing love.

Dianne said...

Brilliant work Mary,I can tell you whole heart went into this page, well done....
Healing wishes right back at ya, Namesta....

morningDove said...

shackled bullfighter image is very powerful symbol. All I could think looking at it was "wow".
Powerful expression of words too.

Marilyn said...

Wow, Mary, pretty thought provoking. Love it.

Megan Warren said...

As a fellow sufferer, I am very taken with this healing page that you have created, what a wonderful gift. I have yet to tackle this prompt.