Monday, December 29, 2008

Starting Early...

I am beginning a couple of days early for the CEDC (Creative Every Day Challenge) 2009. Being 'creative' does not need to be paper, pencil, glue and paint. Arting might be taking a cup of tea break a little further...laying the napkin, cookie ON a plate..seated at a table..working in the garden..write a letter! My point here is the art of being creative is everywhere...and anyone can be creative. Read more about the notion on the challenge button there to the right...

So, my 'creative' today is making a seat cover mend for Craig's truck seat cover. The side had worn and frayed you can see I took the extra steps to make the repair barely noticeable..I am impressed how it turned out.
It DID help I happened to have some material that was the same...not faded but the same
I finished off the seams and followed along the edge seam so it would flow nice when he places it back on the seat...I even sewed straight...not that I can't but, trust me I am plenty lazy where it comes to sewing anymore.

Then I baked a cake from scratch! I baked 4 last week and I thought he had this out of his system, unfortunately he didn't and wanted another one...unfortunate because I eat it too!
I do not NEED any more decoration on me!
It is an old family recipe and it actually turned out to be one of the best ones I have ever made...and I have been making this recipe for many..many years!
We ice each layer that way it seems like more cakes...each layer has the top frosting too..yummy!


Linda said...

oooh cake, yummy. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

~Barb~ said...

I'm so glad to see you saying that creativity doesn't have to be paint, pencils, paper, or any of the expected creative endeavors we often expect. I love your I'm so wanting cake!
Peace & Love,

Zom said...

Hey Mar, thanks for visiting my blog. I am a member of Creative Everyday 2009 too. See you there, and here ...and at my blog I hope.
Happy New Year!

Anne said...

Step away from the cake! I'm telling you, you're about to make me go mix one up! I'm impressed, though, that you made it from scratch. I'm a from-the-box kinda gal!