Thursday, November 6, 2008

Running On Empty

Yesterday was the first day in over 2 weeks I didn't have to report to either job.
I desperately need to be in the studio working on finishing commissions as well as put together the prospectus for the NEW commission.
Yesterday I slept all day and all night. I probably would have slept this morning too except I worked at the creamery.
What a slug!!

It just so happens we have impending horrible weather...BLIZZARD warnings up. The winds began to really howl around 1:00 pm.
(I don't think we are going to get but the side view of this storm maybe 4 or 5 inches NOT the feet everyone else is getting)

Since I only had 1 customer stroll through and it was cold as heck in there, I closed the store at 1.
My plan to attack the studio or at least cook something for us to snack on while the weather was icky. I fell asleep AGAIN...I think I have sleeping sickness.

After my "nap" I did manage to run the dogs, feed them, and I just made a stew for tomorrow.
So, I don't have to cook tomorrow except maybe pop a pan of biscuits in...
but it is a STUDIO day!

I must get my soul journal sisters bookmarks out! they are just about ready so, tomorrow I should finish them, and mail off when I go to work.

Work on the cabinet doors for a ladies kitchen...
then tomorrow night I work at Fergies. Guaranteed to be busy...
so we shall let the games begin again.

Next visit I hope to have some finished pictures to show and tell...including our this weeks prompt from soul journaling...
everyone who has finished theirs looks fabulous!!!!

Onward Journey HO!


morningDove said...

wow you are a busy lady. looking forward to the latest prompt idea you have. Quite honestly it is hard for me. Oh and the stew-I can taste it right now; even though I am having chili.

Anne said...

Hi, Mar! You deserve a break every now and then!

I just took the quiz to figure out which Tarot Card I am. I am "The Star". You can see it at:

Dianne said...

OMG you are such a busy Lady, well you must have needed the sleep:)
Just make sure you make time for yourself, we all need to do that or we're no good for anyone. Take care my friend...